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The 30-Day
Health Challenge

Become healthier on the inside, sexier on the outside, stronger and more energetic overall than ever before in a single month following a proven 30-day program built by world-renowned health experts…

…faster and easier than most people could in a full year (or more)…

…Regardless of your age, current fitness level, or dietary needs

In just 30 days, you will:

Discover exactly what to eat (and not eat) and how much to eat every single day to balance your hormones, nourish your organs, build functional muscle, and maintain an ideal weight

Know what food to buy from the grocery store, what food to avoid,

Join a community of driven individuals motivating you to overcome obstacles, push past excuses, and make huge strides toward your health and fitness goals without giving up

Form new habits of diet, exercise,

Know exactly what exercises you can do and should do to get into the

To finally get the motivation, direction, and proven plan to follow through to transform your body and health

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This is your chance to transform your health and body in 30 days following a proven natural program alongside dozens of others just like you in an exciting LIVE group training experience to kick off 2024 with a bang

The 30-Day Health Challenge is a complete 30-Day program to help everyone get into the best shape possible in a 30-day time period

The 30-Day Health Challenge is a LIVE, group fitness program to keep you accountable, help you set and reach your health and fitness goals,

Ryan Minniti, the host of The Exit and Build Health Summit will run the program

Tailored to your individual health and fitness goals

Give the big picture, practical overview of the program 

Goes LIVE January 4th

It includes

Everything you learn in the 30-Day Health Challenge is grounded in the research, strategies, and proven programs from a variety of the speakers at The Exit and Build Health Summit

You could watch the entire Exit and Build Health Summit and try to design your own program, and there are plenty of things in the summit that won’t be covered in this challenge, but it’s a lot of effort to design your own routine

We’re doing all of that for you

And we’re using the top fitness and diet and lifestyle changing advice from some of the best experts in the world

Compiled into a ready to go program you can just jump into

Who should take this program, this program is designed for everyone, uniquely tailored

We cover exercises, diet recommendations, and lifestyle changes that apply to everyone. 

But we provide variations on all of it to match your individual age, fitness level, and health goals. 

Beginner or advanced, young or old, overweight or skinny, and everyone in between.

This program is good for you if…

  • you’re overweight, you’re going to likely lose weight and build muscle
  • you’re skinny, you’re going to likely gain weight and build muscles
  • you deal with chronic health issues related to diet, nutrition, energy, and physical weakness, then you’re likely to get stronger, gain vitality, balance hormones, and nourish your body with the exact nutrients it requires to work optimally
  • you’re fit but find yourself procrastinating on your fitness goals, this is 
  • you’re older and too weak to play with grandkids. 
  • You want to look and feel sexier and more attractive

To those who are in poor health/bad shape: you’ve put it off this long, now let’s start a lifestyle together. Join me and this 30-day challenge to drastically change your life by applying the tools I’ve learned after interviewing all of these experts.

To those already in good health: You have another level you can reach. During the health challenge you’ll become even healthier by applying the tips and tools we learned throughout the challenge. Are you sunbathing early in the morning, getting adequate sunlight exposure throughout the day, getting 7,000+ steps a day, eating in order to advance your goals, drinking structured water, and so on? Join the challenge to see how you can incorporate all of these tools to your daily routine.

The 30-Day Health Challenge is NOT a quick fix and it’s not going to solve all of your health problems But it will improve your overall health and impact your body in visible and invisible ways that will dramatically change your life for the better

The 30 day challenge will absolutely change the way your body looks and feels. The way it works. The way your metabolism burns. The function of your hormones. The way you feel about yourself. The way others look at you. 

There will be a noticeable difference in the way you carry yourself

In your energy levels. In your mental clairty. 

You’ll feel stronger. More powerful. 

You’re almost certainly be physically stronger and be able to do more physically than before’


The promise is to get healthier, fitter, and on the path to greater wellness in 30 days


But by far the biggest change will be that you will cement new habits and a new lifestyle

Ultimately, the 30-Day Health Challenge will hold you accountable and give you the support, motivation, and easy-to-follow instruction to get genuinely healthy, shape your body the way you want it to look, and create a lifestyle of wellness to last for years to come