Want to help your audience overcome the threat of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs)?

Become an affiliate for the first and only CBDC Opt Out Challenge

A free 5-day series of trainings leading to an even larger series of workshops led by John Bush teaching your audience step-by-step how to trade, do business, build community, and financially survive and thrive outside of the CBDC control grid

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Why is the CBDC Opt Out Challenge needed NOW more than ever before? Because CBDCs are the greatest threat to freedom we face today

Governments and central banks are working overtime to roll out CBDCs.

Even the New York Federal Reserve admitted in December 2022 that they’re hard at work on a CBDC and have completed “stage one” of testing.

And CBDCs will be used to:

  • Restrict what you can and cannot purchase by programming your money
  • Freeze your bank account or delete all of your funds in it
  • Directly track all of your economic activity
  • Deduct money from your account for a bad social credit score
  • Reward you with funds for snitching on your neighbors
  • Remove you from the economic system completely

And so much more.

The CBDC Opt Out Challenge is designed to give your audience actionable steps to immediately create financial independence from the central banking system

The CBDC Opt Out Challenge is a 5-day immersive challenge showing ANYONE a proven framework to buy and sell goods and services using multiple uncensorable currencies at underground markets online and offline and become a member of a powerful community of fellow freedom-lovers.

It’s made to help your audience build a real, tangible, actionable foundation for liberating themselves from the CBDC control grid. 

John Bush is condensing his 20 years of activism and entrepreneurship for truth and liberty into a simple, easy-to-follow series of trainings that not only prepares people for what’s to come, but gives them the tools, resources, and strategies that actually work to protect their freedom. 

We chose the challenge model for several reasons:

  • It’s uniquely designed to keep people more engaged over longer periods of time vs. a webinar…
  • It delivers MORE value in a fresh and exciting way…
  • It helps ensure more people USE what they learn…
  • And It gives participants a solid win. They’ll walk away with real skills, knowledge, communities, and tools at the end of the 5 days.

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During and after The CBDC Opt Out Challenge, participants will be offered three paid opportunities

The VIP Upsell for the Challenge ($97)

The moment after a member of your audience signs up to the challenge using your unique link they’ll be offered the chance to join the VIP level of the Challenge. 

This grants them extra access to John Bush and his guests on the Challenge, additional resources, unlimited access to the recordings of the Challenge, a special VIP-only Q&A session, and much more. 

Affiliates earn 50% commission on each VIP spot sold.

The CBDC Workshop Series ($397)

During the Challenge and for a week after, all participants will be offered the chance to secure a spot for a massive bundle of 3 workshops John Bush will be teaching over 3 months (Feb-April). 

This series will cover virtually everything they need to know to acquire and use privacy-based cryptocurrencies, generate sustainable income outside of the traditional financial system, invest and store their money for protection from economic fallout, how to exit cities and build a self-reliant life in the country, join underground counter-economies, and much more. 

Affiliates earn 50% commission on each Bundle of Workshops sold.

The CBDC Workshop Series Upgrade ($997)

This offer expands on the Workshops and gives participants 6 additional unique and in-depth content sessions covering even more aspects of opting out of CBDCs, building parallel economies, and living free. 

It also includes an extra session for each workshop focused on integrating everything learned in the workshop, exclusive Q&A sessions with John Bush, additional bonus courses, and more. 

Affiliates earn 50% commission on each Workshop Upgrade sold.

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How the CBDC Opt Out Challenge works (everything you need to know as an affiliate)

  • You will receive a unique affiliate link which will track the clicks and conversions of your individual audience members (we can email you this link or you can generate below once you register to become an affiliate)
  • You will also receive “swipe assets” including banner ads, emails (CLICK HERE FOR FIRST SWIPE EMAIL and CLICK HERE FOR WEB BANNERS), and more in your affiliate account after you become an affiliate
  • You will use your link to promote the FREE 5-Day CBDC Opt Out Challenge to your audience – this is the ONLY thing you have to promote
  • Those that sign up for the Challenge using your affiliate link will be logged into our affiliate system – your unique affiliate tracking link will last for 60 days
  • If anyone from your audience tagged with your unique affiliate code purchases the VIP upgrade, Series of Workshops, or the Workshops Upgrade, you’ll earn a 50% commission

Live Free Academy’s team of marketers and copywriters have engineered a sophisticated marketing system to persuade and influence a large portion of participants to get one of the paid offers.

The more you promote the webinar (sending more emails or texts, sharing it on social media, putting ads on your website, etc.) the more people will sign up for the Challenge, and the more money you’re likely to make.

Plus, you’ll be making an even larger positive impact in your audience’s lives.

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The commission structure for affiliates

We deeply appreciate you sharing this promotion with your audience and helping us help more people confidently prepare for an uncertain future while creating more abundance and freedom in their lives.

Because of this, affiliates earn a 50% commission on EVERY sale generated.

We’ve run several promotions with affiliates for past workshops, summits, and other trainings. Our affiliates routinely net thousands of dollars in commissions, with some easily surpassing $10,000 in earnings from a single promotion.

Our philosophy is:

We create powerful, life-changing content so that you can empower your audience and grow your business at the same time. Because the more people we help change their lives and increase their wealth and liberty, the freer and better off the world will be.

  • The VIP Upsell for the Challenge ($97) – 50% Commission
  • The CBDC Workshop Series ($397) – 50% Commission
  • The CBDC Workshop Series Upgrade ($997) – 50% Commission

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The launch calendar for a successful promotion

Your Affiliate Director is Ryan Minitti at ryan [at] livefree.academy

Below is a simple overview of what to promote and when to promote it to your audience for the best results (ie highest conversions and sales).

Jan. 23rd – Feb. 5th: HEAVY promo encouraging your community to sign up early to get the most of the experience.

Feb. 6th – Feb. 10th: The Challenge is LIVE this week so continue to connect with your community about joining live. If they miss the live challenge we will have the replay up for a limited window. 

We will launch our offer during the challenge. Once its launch we would like you to send out a direct email about the offer. 

Feb 11th – 17th: The challenge is over but your audience can still catch the replay. Contact them about watching the replay AND most definitely encourage them to pick up a ticket for the CBDC Opt Out Workshop series. 


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