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BUT DOES NOT INCLUDE the second half of the event, the replays, or any additional bonuses…


2. Get a VIRTUAL IMMERSION PASS and watch and participate in the entire event from the comfort of your home with lifetime access to the replays (and receive some powerful FREE bonuses worth over $900)

3. Get an IN PERSON “Exiter” or “VIP Builder” Pass (at a sweet discount until May 1st) for the best possible experience right here in Bastrop, Texas and receive a bundle of amazing perks and FREE bonus gifts worth over $3,000

4. Get a Single-Day Pass to ONLY attend on either May 17th, 18th, or 19th … PLUS get lifetime access to the prestigious Exit and Build Land Summit Community Group on Telegram ($497 value) AND lifetime access to the replays (but no other bonuses)

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The Virtual Immersion Pass

gives you a “front row seat” to The Exit and Build Land Summit 4 from the comfort of your home

For the past several years, we’ve become experts at hosting “hybrid” events – in person and virtual mixed together.

We’re as close to mastering this as possible.

Which means the Virtual Immersion Pass will almost make you feel like you’re actually there with us.

You’ll get to ask questions of speakers during Q&A sessions, view all 3 days of presentations, watch the exclusive small room workshops, and plenty more.

Plus, you’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS to the replays of the event.

On top of that…

You’ll also get to virtually participate in the exclusive Intentional Community Matchmaking Session. You’ll be broken up into virtual rooms based on your interests, geographical location, and other factors while our online coordinators will facilitate fruitful discussions and action plans between everyone who shows up LIVE.

But that’s not all…

Here are the BONUSES that come along with the Virtual Immersion Pass:

Virtual BONUS #1: The Land Summit POWER Pack

We’ve carefully selected a collection of 3 hard-hitting presentations, one from each of the last 3 Land Summit events, providing you with a powerful foundation for acquiring land, building or joining intentional community, and growing food on your homestead of any size.

Cynthia Tina is known by thousands as “The Community Matchmaker.” 

She’s the founder of CommunityFinders – an organization dedicated to connecting community seekers with intentional communities looking for new members. She’s connected hundreds of people to amazing communities around the world. And she lives in a thriving intentional community in Virginia. 

Cynthia will share inspiring and insightful stories from her journey visiting 100+ communities over the past decade, as well as tips for how you can go about exploring intentional communities.

You’ll walk away with useful resources, practical advice, and the inspiration to get out there and start or join the right intentional community for you.

Marjory Wildcraft is one of the leading experts in sustainable living, gardening, and food production systems that yield HUGE bounties year after year. 

Marjory is going to teach you her exclusive system designed specifically for people who are looking for an easy-to-follow plan to grow half of your own food in your backyard in about the space of 3 parking spots. 

You’ll see how to instantly make this system work even if you’ve never gardened before. Marjory has taken all the guesswork out of the equation. No trial and error. Just do what she tells you and start eating pounds and pounds of your own freshly grown food THIS YEAR.

Curtis Stone was known as the Urban Farmer because he successfully built a $100k/year farming business on just ¼ acre of rented land growing and selling purely organic vegetables. 

He wrote a best-selling book by the same name.

And he created From The Field TV, which is basically Netflix for farmers complete with original tutorials, series, and documentaries all about growing food, homesteading, and self-sufficiency.

He’ll lay out his complete framework for finding the perfect homestead property for you based on nearly 10 years of helping hundreds of clients find just the right land in just the right area at just the price.

He’ll show you how to evaluate potential land before you make the investment, break down the best models for success, help you to “read” the geography of a property to ensure it’s worth buying, cover the major risks to watch out for and reasons homestead purchases succeed or fail, plus so much more.

Virtual BONUS #2: Diane Leafe Christian | Decision Making & Legal Structures for Building Community


Diana Leafe Christian is a renowned expert with decades of experience teaching communities how to grow and thrive and is the author of multiple books about building and sustaining strong communities. 

She literally wrote the book on building long-lasting ecovillages and intentional communities.

And what she found is that the #1 reason communities fail is poor interpersonal communication and community structures. 

Reason #2 is failing to properly establish your community within a legal framework that will protect your community and ensure it can last for decades or longer. 

Diana will share one strategy and tactic after another to ensure your community SUCCEEDS where most others have failed. 

You’ll discover:

Plus a ridiculous amount of additional gold.

Virtual BONUS #3: Lifetime access to the prestigious Exit and Build Land Summit Community Group on Telegram

The Exit and Build Land Summit Group on Telegram is one of the most valuable bonuses on this list and could mean the difference between finally achieving your goals or not. 

It’s filled with awesome folks just like you who are committed to living as free as possible.

It has well over 2,000 members already, and everyone in there is either searching for more ways to get out to the country, expand a homestead, join or build an intentional community … or they’ve already done it and are now helping others make it happen, too. 

I’m active in this group as are other members of Live Free Academy and the Freedom Cell Network. 

You will be welcomed in with open arms and helped out with whatever you need to live free now.


gives you everything you’re expecting from The Exit and Build Land Summit PLUS 3 EXCLUSIVE BONUSES

You’re going to hear all the brilliant presentations, participate in all the skill-building workshops, and get tons of time for networking and relationship-building. Plus lunches, the chance to take off-site farm tours, LIFETIME ACCESS to the replays of the event. Not to mention participation in the one-of-a-kind “Intentional Community Matchmaking Session.”

This experience is easily valued at $497.

But you also receive 3 EXTRA BONUSES.

Exiter BONUS #1: ALL replays of The Exit and Build Land Summit 1, 2, and 3

You’ll discover:

And many more hours of practical, actionable advice!

Exiter BONUS #2: Joel Salatin on Regenerative Agriculture: Freedom and Sovereignty

John Bush sat down with the legendary Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms for a special Live Free Academy members-only interview-style training about how regenerative agriculture is the ULTIMATE path to food security, personal freedom, land stewardship, and individual sovereignty.

You’ll discover:

Plus tons of inspiring and useful insights into food security, business development, the future, and more!

Exiter BONUS #3: Geoff Lawton - Answers to your permaculture questions

John Bush sat down with the greatest living permaculturist, Geoff Lawton, for an extended Meet The Experts session exclusively for Live Free Academy members. 

Geoff was incredibly generous with his time and knowledge, spending just under two and a half hours answering one specific permaculture question after another, giving a masterclass in how to redesign your property and food production systems for maximum output. 

Here’s what you’ll discover:

Plus much, much more!


gives you everything in the EXITER Pass PLUS intimate gatherings with speakers and other VIPs, exclusive dinners, reserved special seating, a private lounge, and 4 ADDITIONAL BONUSES

The VIP Builder Pass gives you the ultimate experience of the Exit and Build Land Summit. 

You’ll have your pick of all the front row seats reserved especially for you close to the stage. You’ll be invited to join John Bush for exclusive dinners and night-time gatherings. You’ll gain entry into the private VIP lounge at the Land Summit conference, plus plenty more. 

Entry into the private VIP lounge

The VIP lounge is located inside the Bastrop Convention Center and is furnished with couches and chairs for Land Summit speakers and VIP Builders to relax and mingle together. You’ll receive daily refreshments such as coffee and soda, along with extra special supplements (last year we had a killer mushroom mix for a burst of energy and focus). Plus, you’ll receive some extra swag along with a few other perks you’ll have to experience for yourself. 

Reserved front row seating

ALL of the front row seats are exclusively reserved for VIP Builders to give you the best viewing and listening experience for all the presentations.

Exclusive VIP Builder Dinner

On Saturday, May 18th after the Land Summit presentations are done for the day, all the speakers and VIP Builders will be invited to attend an exclusive dinner together. 

Last year, it was a celebration of freedom with loads of food, drinks, live music, lively conversation, and partying all night long. It was also one of the best ways to network with fellow attendees and speakers. Plus it was crazy fun. 

You’ll be one of the elite guests at the VIP Builder dinner party.

VIP BUILDER BONUS #1: Free pass to the 2024 Intentional Community Networking VIRTUAL Event

This is the ONLY virtual event in the world bringing together hundreds of people who share the values found in libertarian, conservative, truth, and liberty circles to meet, connect, and work together toward co-creating community and working together on their exit and build goals. 

If you want to meet like-minded people:

Then the Community Matchmaking Virtual Event is for you.

It normally costs $97 to join but you get one ticket to join FOR FREE with the VIP Builder Pass.

VIP BUILDER BONUS #1: How to 10x Your Exit and Build Goals

John Bush reveals the keys behind his success as a serial entrepreneur running multiple businesses and the specific methods, tools, and mindsets he’s used to skyrocket his personal wealth, social influence, and economic and political freedom all by radically transforming his daily actions and habits. 

You’ll discover the 4-part Live Free Academy Framework for getting everything you want in life, how to “hack your brain” and become unstoppable, How to use the world-famous “habit loop” method to permanently BREAK bad habits and INSTALL new, positive habits plus so much more!

This training normally costs $97 but is yours FREE with the VIP Builder Pass

VIP BUILDER BONUS #2: 3 MONTHS of Live Free Academy's NEW Membership Program

John is launching a NEW and IMPROVED membership experience Q1 of 2024. 

This redesign will ensure every Live Free Academy member ACCELERATES toward their exit and build goals faster than before without being overwhelmed. 

We’re going to walk you step-by-step through the exact path you need to take to achieve your goals whether they have to do with cryptocurrency, homesteading, community, skill development, and more. 

You’re going to get hands-on guidance, reliable accountability, and a new community of peers that won’t let you fail in addition to the exact trainings you need in the exact order you need them to gain more liberty and prosperity in 12 months than you’ve been able to achieve in the past 12 years. 

The FREE 3-month membership will begin sometime around the start of the Land Summit. More details to come for everyone that signs up for this offer now before the official relaunch of the Live Free Academy membership.

PLUS – you MUST be an active Live Free Academy member to participate in the private dinner with Joel Salatin – which is the bonus listed below. And you must ACTIVATE your Live Free Academy membership once you receive notice that it’s ready to begin. But don’t worry, more details will come your way. For now, here’s what else you get as a VIP Builder…

VIP BUILDER BONUS #3: Private Dinner with Joel Salatin

On Sunday night, May 19th, after The Exit and Build Land Summit conference is over, you’ll be invited to sit down with the “Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer” himself – Joel Salatin – for a night you’ll never forget. 


That’s why we’re giving you a free 3-month membership as part of this package. 

You’ll get to sit amongst an elite group to break bread, share drinks, and engage in hours of fun and thought-provoking conversation with Joel and everyone else.

This is an intimate dining experience with one of the foremost leaders in regenerative agriculture, farming, and food freedom. 

One-on-one consulting with Joel costs thousands. 

But a seat at this dining table will cost you nothing and could end up becoming priceless if you make the most of the opportunity.

Let us reiterate: ONLY Live Free Academy members will be invited to this exclusive dinner. 



The Fast-track Framework for Finding and Funding Your Homestead ($97 value)

John and Rebecca Bush developed a PROVEN step-by-step methodology for getting your dream homestead at the right price in the right area as fast as possible using a unique 4-part empowerment framework that can work for you no matter your goals, budget, or location. 

They’ve used this exact framework to get their own 10-acre property during the height of the Plandemic. 

And they’ve used it to help hundreds of clients move to the country quickly and easily and start living the homestead life (many of whom had never done anything like this before using John and Rebecca’s methods).  

During the Fast-Track Framework training, you’ll discover:

Plus much, much more!




The Buy Land Build Community Bootcamp III ($397 value)

John Bush and Rebecca Powers have their own 10-acre homestead and intentional community (with several members) in the heart of Central Texas. And they’ve helped literally HUNDREDS of people move to the country to live free and prosper.

This Bootcamp is a systematic breakdown of everything you need to know to live free and self-sufficiently in the country on your own land, walking you step-by-step through the exact things you need to do in the order you need to do them, with tons of flexibility to suit your particular preferences, budget, location, and more.

You’ll discover:

Plus so much more!

Get an Exiter or VIP Builder Pass below by February 15th at midnight to get this free bonus gift.




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But you’re not going to pay $3,600

You can get the Exiter Pass for…

Here’s a recap of everything you get with the IN PERSON


The TOTAL value of the VIP Builder Pass = $7,142

But you’re not going to pay $7,142.

You can get the VIP Builder Pass for…

Plus, get an Exiter or VIP Builder Pass by Thursday, March 8th and get the Early Bird PREMIUM BONUS: Fast-track Framework for Finding and Funding Your Homestead ($97 value)

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