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Join us remotely on November 6th and 7th for two days of talks, panels, workshops and a speech from the legendary Joel Salatin.

$127 - In-Person Pass

!!SOLD OUT!! Join us in-person on November 6th and 7th in La Grange, TX for the Saturday Summit and Sunday Immersive Roundtable for two days of talks, panels, workshops, and local tours hosted the Fayette County Freedom Cell Group. !!SOLD OUT!!

PLUS..... Receive these incredible top ten reports as a free bonus when you purchase the integration package!!!

The Top 10 Strategic Locations for Buying Land And Building Community for Freedom

It’s a golden rule in finding and buying top-notch real estate: location, location, location. Get it right, and you can build a thriving homestead and community. Get it wrong, and you won’t even break ground. We compiled this report of the best locations we know of for building a homestead and community, along with everything you need to consider and understand before pulling the trigger on the land you call home. 

Inside you’ll discover:

    • The hottest strategic locations in America and across the globe to lay down your roots, grow your family and community, and yield the fruits of liberty. 
    • Why climate should be at the top of your list of considerations for location, what factors to weigh when judging warmer or colder climates, and how to determine the type of climate that matches your food production goals.
    • How to identify excellent water sources in your area, including rainfall characteristics, the “behavior” of water on your land, the difference between reliable and unreliable water sources, the amount of water needed for your garden or livestock, and so much more (this is an often overlooked aspect of homesteading that will bring trouble down the road if you don’t get it right from the beginning). 
    • The specific laws and history of governance in a given area to look for which provide the best chance at building a free homestead and community without government thugs harassing you.
    • How to determine the potential for renewable energy production, whether your homestead and community will be “off-grid,” connected, or some kind of hybrid model (and what elements you’ll need to successfully install solar panels, wind turbines, battery systems, or other methods for generating self-sustaining energy). 
    • How to factor in common natural disasters in your chosen area into your homestead and community planning for maximum safety. 
    • And much more. 

The Top 10 Types of Homesteads And Housing Options For Your Intentional Community

Once you’ve figured out where you want to establish your community, you have to decide on the type of housing to build. There are MANY options ranging from single-family houses to multi-family complexes. The type you choose will depend on your community arrangement, building budget, size of land, and more. This report will guide you toward choosing the perfect housing for your unique homestead and community.

Inside you’ll discover:

    • Why RVs are perfect substitutes for houses, even when being used as stationary homes in a rural community (plus, the essential things every RV needs to provide fresh water, electricity, and waste disposal).
    • How to design a “tiny home” for maximum space, light, functionality, storage, and “enjoyability.”
    • How to choose the right site on your land to build your home – taking full advantage of the land’s natural topography, climate, and sun exposure.
    • The most incredible and versatile “earth homes” constructed from natural materials you can build directly into hills, mountains, or the ground itself.
    • Why a simple “farmhouse” might be your best option for a house that suits your homesteading needs, including the must-have structures built into it and around it.
    • Plus much more.

There are too many risks in life, this doesn’t have to be one of them! If you pay for a virtual immersion ticket and you don’t feel it absolutely blows you away with valuable content, shoot us an email and we will refund your ticket 100%. We believe so strongly in the event we are putting together we are giving you a 100% money back guarantee. You can’t lose!!!

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