How to live free NOW (no mandates, mass surveillance, or social credit systems) by designing every area of your life around liberty

The Exit and Build Life Design Workshop shows you how to systematically maximize your liberty and prosperity in the most important areas of your life to liberate yourself from systems of control and put your life (and future) squarely in your own hands.

I’m freer NOW than I’ve been in my entire life despite living in the most authoritarian time in American history. 


By choosing to take full ownership and control over every aspect of my life and designing my entire existence around personal liberty and autonomy. 

I’m not afraid of jab mandates because I control all the sources of my income. 

I’m not concerned with supply chain shortages because I have access to locally sourced food and resources. 

I’m not worried about the cost of health insurance because I control the source of my healthcare and medicine. 

I’m not frightened by the mass surveillance State, or civil unrest, or any number of things people trapped in “the system” should fear. 

Now, I’m going to show YOU how to OWN your life and take control of everything you can to live a peaceful, prosperous, fulfilling, and deeply FREE life on your own terms no matter how tyrannical or broken the world “out there” becomes. 

The Life Design Workshop is a two-day virtual event broken into several modules. 

Each module dives deep into a core area of your life and gives you proven strategies, methods, tools, resources, and action steps you can use immediately to opt out of systems stealing your power and build systems of liberty under your control. 

Honestly, every module could be its own course, but I decided to make this as comprehensive as possible to give you the best shot at liberating your entire life from the New World Order schemes seeking to dominate you. 

Scroll down to see the incredible value packed into the Life Design Workshop…

John Bush


Here’s EVERYTHING you get inside the Life Design Workshop

Mastering Your Mindset and Restoring Natural Health

  • Why mindset is the starting (and ending point) of ALL liberty (and how to harness its power for your own freedom)
  • How to defeat the deadly “victim mentality” hiding within you and replace it with a permanent empowerment mentality
  • The deadly dangers of stress and how to reduce it to extend your lifespan and the quality of your life
  • “You are what you eat” and other health truths you must accept and follow for lifelong vitality
  • Alternative methods of healing ailments and disease most doctors don’t even know about (and wouldn’t want to tell you if they did)
  • The importance or regular exercise and how to make it a habit
  • How to find happiness by intentionally carving out the time to do what lights your heart on fire
  • The secrets to effortlessly living a stress-free life

Finding Financial Freedom and a Fulfilling Career

  • How to adopt an unbreakable abundance mindset to attract wealth and prosperity in your life and career
  • The extreme risks of working for an employer (or, the myth of a “steady, secure job”)
  • Powerful methods for raising your income or salary by going above and beyond in your role
  • Why, if you want to earn substantially more working for someone else, you should switch to a commission-based position
  • Why entrepreneurship is the BEST way to gain ultimate financial freedom (and the simple secret for being successful working for yourself that I’m using on you right this very second)
  • Why side hustles are a fantastic starting point for entrepreneurs
  • The step-by-step process of starting a new business, from idea to profits
  • How to scale any business to new heights
  • Why your “why” will make or break your entrepreneurial journey

Healing Relationships and Forging Unbreakable Bonds and Families

  • “The Great Fracturing” taking place in society, destroying families and friendships, and how to navigate this dark time in our culture to reconnect with those you love
  • The secret “test” you can use to determine the friends that lift you up or pull you down
  • Why “finding your tribe” is perhaps the most important thing you can do to live a free, happy, and prosperous life
  • Why raising free, independent, sovereign children is the golden key to creating a free society in the future
  • Why you MUST pull your kids out of government schools at all costs if you care about their education and personal well-being
  • The top alternatives to government schooling, their pros and cons, and how to get started with each (unschooling, homeschooling, and private school)

Protecting Your Privacy and Using “Liberated” Technology

  • The sneaky and pervasive ways Windows and Mac operating systems track what you do, the sites you visit, and much more even if you “turn off” some of these features
  • Why EVERYONE should consider switching to Linux as a viable privacy-focused alternative to other computing systems
  • How iPhones and Androids have built-in surveillance tech, transforming your mobile device into the most powerful personal surveillance tool ever invented (and what you can do to take back your privacy)
  • The “de-googled,” privacy-first phone you should buy immediately (made by freedom-loving entrepreneurs who hate the State)
  • The best email services to use to avoid having your email communications monitored and recorded (which is exactly what Gmail, Yahoo, and others do)
  • The top strategies for protecting your online privacy from government agents, hackers, and even your own ISP

Starting a Homestead and Food Production Systems

  • Why “voting with your feet” is more effective for lasting change and liberty than any ballot you’ll ever cast in your lifetime
  • How to establish and grow a thriving homestead
  • How to set up food production systems to produce nutrient-dense food year-round
  • Gardening 101: a masterclass in growing and harvesting fruits, vegetables, and herbs for beginners
  • How to locate local farms in your area to buy meat and other foodstuffs direct (the healthiest and most sustainable way to eat, and a proven method for protecting your family from supply chain shortages)
  • The incredible power of community supported agriculture programs (CSAs) for feeding your family organic food and building a vibrant local economy
  • How to join a food coop or meat share program to maintain a smooth supply of high-quality protein sources
  • How to cut your dependence on utility companies and supply 50-100% of your own energy
  • Why you absolutely should be using solar power (and the best systems to install for harvesting the energy of the sun)
  • The different types of power generators you must have for emergencies, off-grid living, and an unbreakable supply of electricity
  • How to harvest and purify fresh water

Building Intentional Community and Parallel Systems of Freedom

  • The #1 radical freedom community you can join right now for free created by John Bush and Derrick Broze to connect with others who “get it” and are actively working on creating total self-government
  • How to safely practice real-world agorism and counter-economics for buying, selling, and trading in secure, underground markets
  • Why you don’t need health insurance to afford excellent healthcare (this program will revolutionize the way you save and pay for medicine and medical procedures – typically lowering your overall costs while helping others in your community do the same)
  • The most vital and powerful form of community to live peacefully and harmoniously in the country that you can start or join immediately, how to find or build it, and examples of different community structures to meet your preferences
  • A secret society of communities you’re invited to join to opt-out of governmental systems 100% to live by our own laws and regulations

PLUS, You Also Get:

Exit and Build Self-assessment

If you want more liberty in your life, you first have to determine how much you currently have. The Exit and Build Self-assessment helps you analyze the key areas in your life to see exactly how entrenched in “the system” you are and what you need to do to liberate yourself.

The Life Design Workbook

The Life Design Workbook will help you keep track of your progress during and long after the workshop as you gradually build liberty into every area of your life. 

It includes worksheets for making your goals real and actionable, helpful images to understand concepts and systems, and tons of extra info to help you fully integrate everything you learn into your life

And these incredible BONUSES:

!!!BONUS!!! Exit and Build Land Summit Immersion Package

The Land Summit Immersion Package was ONLY available to attendees of the 2021 Exit and Build Land Acquisition And Community Development Summit. 

But I’m exclusively making it available to you today because it reveals dozens of secrets about buying land and building a thriving homestead (the foundation of liberty in my opinion) from some of the world’s leading experts. 

Inside this incredible event you’ll discover:

    • A keynote speech and EPIC Q&A from the legendary Joel Salatin – founder of the world-famous Polyface farms, author of 12 books, star of the documentary Food Inc., and fierce defender of real food and freedom.
    • How to “monetize your homestead”, break into the “cottage industry,” and use entrepreneurship to build an abundant (and profitable) community
    • The exact step-by-step process you can use to go from idea and desire for an intentional community to purchasing the land, signing on the dotted line, and breaking ground revealed by realtors and brokers who have helped hundreds of people do exactly that
    • Tried-and-true land purchasing tips, including essential “do’s and don’ts” to avoid costly mistakes
    • How to balance private, personal spaces and communal spaces when living in the same home or community (this can make or break intentional communities)
    • The keys to selecting ideal ranch properties that match your goals, budget, and size of the community
    • How to collectively buy land with others to get more land at one time, fund essential construction, and immediately begin building community from the ground up

!!!BONUS REPORT!!! Top 8 Locations for Buying Land and Building Community

Where you choose to build your community is just as important as who you choose to build it with. After surveying the United States of America and other countries, we’ve determined a few key areas ripe for building intentional communities.

We analyzed the laws, culture, climate, cost, and existing communities in these places to give you a broad overview of what you can expect if you choose to build your community there.

We’re confident at least one of these areas can give you the space and freedom to build liberty in the country.

!!!BONUS REPORT!!! Top 8 Housing Options for Your Intentional Community

If you’re going to choose the community you wish to live in, then you should also be intentional about the type of home you live in. 

Different housing structures are best suited for different environments, climates, goals, and personalities. There are many traditional and unique styles of homes to choose from, and we’ve picked out over half a dozen types of houses to suit your needs.

They range from ancient dwellings to modern creations, and one of them will be just right for you.

If we add it all up…

  • Mastering Your Mindset and Restoring Natural Health  – $247 value
  • Finding Financial Freedom and a Fulfilling Career – $297 value
  • Healing Relationships and Forging Unbreakable Bonds – $247 value
  • Protecting Your Privacy and Using “Liberated” Technology – $237 value
  • Starting a Homestead and Food Production Systems – $237 value
  • Building Intentional Community and Parallel Systems of Freedom – $237 value
  • Exit and Build Self-assessment – $57 value
  • The Life Design Workbook – $97 value
  • Land Summit Immersion Package – $227 value
  • Exit and Build Top 8 Locations for Buying Land and Building Community – $57 value
  • Top 8 Housing Options for Your Intentional Community – $57 value
The Total Value of the Life Design Workshop is $1997
But right now, for a limited time release, you get the entire workshop and all the bonuses – over 40 hours of actionable content to liberate every major area of your life – for just $197!


Your Order Is Protected By
My “Mind Blowing” Guarantee

If you purchase the Life Design Workshop and you don’t feel as if it absolutely blows you away with the immense value packed into it, then shoot us an email and we’ll issue a 100% refund.

That’s how confident I am that you’re going to be FLOORED by what you learn inside this workshop. 

Of course, that’s assuming you actually watch, participate, and USE what I teach you. 

If you’re one of those people who impulsively buys things because it looks fantastic but never actually consumes the content or puts it into action, then please…

Be on your way.

You’re not the kind of client I want. 

And I don’t want you wasting your time or coming to complain to me for your money back when you didn’t even try to experience what we’re offering here. 

Let someone else take your spot instead. 


If you’re the type of person who is eager and ready to immerse yourself in the exciting journey to take back control over every major area in your life and “insulate” yourself from The Great Reset, Agenda 2030, and all the other global schemes attempting to dominate you…

Then join the Life Design Workshop today!

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