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How to safely pressure-can beef in two hours or less even if you've never canned a thing in your life

Live Free Academy is teaming up with Nicole Sauce of Living Free in Tennessee to deliver a timely workshop on a critical preparedness skill – canning meat.

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Beef prices are poised to DROP this fall because of a major drought in Texas.

That’s good, right?

Well…not if you look at the long term.


Because Texas farmers are liquidating their cattle at record rates and while prices are expected to drop in the short term…

You can expect beef prices to surge back up once the cattle supply has dwindled.

As someone who is well aware of the coming food shortages and supply chain disruptions we are facing, this presents a prime (pun intended) opportunity for you to get prepared.

Here’s what you can do to capitalize on this opportunity:

Purchase beef when the price drops and have it on hand during the price surge that is surely to follow.

But there’s a few problems…

Pouring money into freezers and electricity could negate the benefit of this opportunity. Plus, not all of us have the space for a large deep freezer. Not to mention the risk of power outages and rising cost of fuel to run a generator to keep that meat frozen.

So how do you keep raw meat fresh, clean, and safe-to-eat WITHOUT freezing it?

Simple…you pressure-can it.

That’s right, you CAN can meat. It’s safe, healthy, and super easy once you know how to do it, just like canning vegetables. 

And don’t worry!

Even if you don’t know the first thing about canning…

Nicole Sauce will teach you step-by-step how to pressure-can beef in this essential workshop for anyone looking for proven food security in a time of severe food insecurity

Nicole Sauce has been growing, raising, and living off of her own food for the past 15 years and has just as many years of experience in effective home preservation practices.

In this workshop, she will show you how to properly pressure-can beef while avoiding food-borne pathogens so you can safely store your beef bounty and weather the impending food shortages.

Nicole is also a master presenter and teacher.

She will take you from a complete beginner with ZERO experience in canning…to being able to can your own beef in 2 hours or less with ease and use your delicious canned meat to feed your family MONTHS later while your neighbors are paying 3x as much for the same amount of meat you will be enjoying at the dinner table.

In this workshop you will discover:

Plus get these incredible FREE Bonuses:

VIDEO: Canning 101 - Nicole Sauce’s beginner breakdown of the basics of the art and science of canning

Inside this intimate training filmed in Nicole’s own kitchen, you’ll see:

PDF: Nicole Sauce's Canning Quick Guide

Nicole has taken the most important pieces of the canning process and condensed them into one critical page which you can print and hang near your workspace. 

The Canning Guide has all the exact times and procedures you need to be a canning pro. 

No more messy hands thumbing through books and typing on the phone. 

We want to give this Canning Quick Guide to you absolutely FREE as a bonus! 

Who is Nicole Sauce?

In 2016, Nicole Sauce founded the Living Free in Tennessee podcast, which blossomed into a strong community of independent individuals who provide mutual support. Often, the community joins forces to jumpstart labor-intensive projects for one another. These shared experiences have served as a foundation for trust and goodwill that permeates the community’s culture. The community of doers spans 50 states and 10 countries, working together to “lift all boats.”

Nicole has always been keenly involved in food independence. She founded a coffee roasting company, Holler Roast, starting with a cast-iron skillet and growing to a commercial operation. She also helps people learn hands-on skills such as animal processing, cheese-making, canning, and gardening.

Nicole founded the Self Reliance Festival, an event in Camden Tennessee, dedicated to helping people connect, learn essential skills, and support each other.

Here’s everything you get with Nicole's beef canning workshop:

  • DOZENS of the most vital canning tips and secrets to ensure you have the knowledge needed to safely and effectively store protein dense meat. 
  • All the mistakes Nicole has made over the years straight from her experience so you don’t have to learn the hard way
  • A step-by-step guide on how to safely and successfully can enough enough beef to ensure you and your family do not go hungry as the food supply becomes more and more scarce
  • BONUS VIDEO: Canning 101 – all the basic information you need to know to can all the vegetables you have and store them safely for the future
  • BONUS GUIDE: Nicole’s Canning Quick Guide – all the info you need to can like the pros condensed down to one page you can tape to your cabinet above your workspace.

Personal Message from John Bush

I want to sincerely thank you for doing business with Live Free Academy. I am confident that Nicole’s workshop will leave you feeling empowered and ready to weather the coming financial storm. This is critical information for those ready to become self-reliant and protect their family no matter what happens in the world. You got this!

John Bush

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