For anyone running a business, intentional community, healing center, farm, or other organization in service to others who desire freedom from government controls, then you’re ready for…

The Trinity Law Method Masterclass

Revealing the 3 most powerful and proven lawful ways to be exempted from numerous federal taxes and state regulations…

…while restoring your God-given rights, protecting your wealth and well-being for generations to come, and living in alignment with Natural Law (not man’s law)

This is the FIRST and ONLY publicly available training on the Trinity Law Method in the world. You’ll discover:

And how to do it all whether you live in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the UK or elsewhere.

Here’s EVERYTHING you get with the Trinity Law Method Masterclass today:

Total value = $4,988

But you are NOT going to pay $4,988

We want as many people as possible to know how to EXIT the “Public Realm” and BUILD the freest and most prosperous lives possible in the “Private Realm”…

Which is why you can get everything in the Trinity Law Method Masterclass for…

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Here's what Jonathan England - the founder of Earthwaking Village - has said about working with Bradley Logan and the Trinity Law Method for his intentional community

(This was taken from an exclusive webinar between John Bush and Bradley Logan)

Here's what Jonathan England - the founder of Earthwaking Village - has said about working with Bradley Logan and the Trinity Law Method for his intentional community

(This was taken from an exclusive webinar between John Bush and Bradley Logan)

“…so inspiring and helps to keep me going…”

– April F.

“…grateful to have such a valuable resource…”

My partner, Melissa, and I have taken several webinars/courses through Live Free Academy. They are extremely informative and we are grateful to have such a valuable resource available.


John Bush - I’ve been trying to opt out of the matrix for 22 years using every strategy I could find but I thought common law sovereign stuff was total BS

John Bush is the founder of Live Free Academy, the premier training center for educating and empowering tens of thousands of people globally to exit corrupt systems, live a self-reliant lifestyle on their own property, build successful businesses, and be the change for freedom they wish to see in the world.

Bradley Logan - the renegade commercial real estate attorney who escaped the matrix after discovering the secret of the Trinity Law Method (and has helped hundreds of others enter the “Private Realm” using the Trinity for the past 8 years)

Bradley Logan is the founder of Prosperous Legacy Advisers. He’s a licensed attorney who went from successfully practicing commercial real estate law for decades to helping freedom-loving folks leverage his unique “Trinity Framework” to establish their organization outside of the legal matrix and lawfully opt out of unwanted rules, regulations, and taxes. 

Escaping the Public Realm to enter the Private Realm is like playing a grand game of legal chess against the government (and you’ve never been taught the rules of the game or the best strategies to win)

First you have to awaken to the reality that you’re playing a game. 

Most people are totally asleep. 

But once you realize it’s a game, you need to know how to play it and how to win. 

Other strategies like LLCs, S-Corps, C-corps, and certain non-profits are all strategies you can use in this chess game to try and gain a little more freedom, but NONE of them actually allow you to break free from the legal matrix. 

But with the right strategy…

You can make the right moves in the right order…

And secure more freedom, prosperity, and spiritual alignment than you ever thought possible. 

But there are NO guarantees with any strategy. 

The government may try to make a counter-move and try to prevent you from moving under Natural Law. 

But with the right principles in place, you’ll know how to make your next move. 

And so on. 

It’s all about playing the game. 

Because if you don’t play the game, then you’ll for sure be trapped in the legal matrix. 

But at least when you step up to play, and play to win by following proven principles and strategies, you have an outstanding opportunity to move your life and livelihood under Natural Law. 

That’s exactly what Bradley and I are going to show you how to do. 


The Trinity Law Method Masterclass

The Masterclass goes LIVE June 29th from 12 to 5pm Central.

If you can’t make it live, don’t worry, you get LIFETIME ACCESS to the replay. 

The masterclass is broken into 3 parts

The “Public Realm” is the legal matrix meant to keep you and your organization trapped in a cage that allows the State to squeeze as many resources out of you through taxes while maintaining total control over how you serve your clients and customers through regulations. 

But you’re not actually in a cage. You’re a free, sovereign human being. 

You’re actually playing a game. A game of chess. Against the most powerful opponent: the government. 

The Trinity Law Method is the ultimate winning strategy when facing this opponent. 

It gives you a path to put the IRS and regulatory agencies in “check.”

And it’s up to you how far you want to push this strategy to “checkmate” your opponent. 

What you’re getting here is the most powerful foundation for lawful freedom we know of. 

And you’re getting everything you need to get started with it. 

What you’ll build on top of this foundation is up to you.

Part 1 - The principles of operating in the Private Realm

Part 1 of the Trinity Law Method Masterclass dives deep into the philosophy, principles, and practices of operating in the Private Realm vs the Public Realm. Before you learn about strategies and tactics, you need to understand the ins and outs of this new “game” you’re playing and how to win. 

You’ll discover:

$1,597 value

Part 2 - The complete strategy behind the Trinity Law Method and how it works to liberate you from the legal matrix

Part 2 of this masterclass breaks down the 3 parts of the Trinity Law Method, how they work individually to lawfully liberate you and your organization in a variety of ways, and then, how they interoperate together to form the ultimate bridge from the Public Realm to the Private Realm.

How the 508c1a ministry gives you tax exemptions that you never thought were possible

The 508c1a ministry or foundation is the crown of the Trinity. It’s at the very top for a reason.

The entire Trinity Law Method hinges on it. 

Here’s what it means:

Your organization or service offering MUST be guided by a spiritual faith-based purpose. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a church, intentional community, private farm, retreat center, medical practice, product-based or service-based business, fitness center, or any other organization that’s in service to others. 

You must make a declaration that you’re doing the work you’re doing because you’re on a mission from your creator. 

Why does this matter?

For two reasons:

  1. Because the Trinity Law Method is NOT a simple “avoid taxes” scheme – this is about truly aligning your work with your highest values and heart set on doing good work for a higher purpose in the world 
  2. You can’t experience the benefits of tax exemption status without being on a mission from God (whomever you believe that is)

The First Amendment in America states that you can define religion as whatever and the IRS can’t nitpick the nature of its worship.

You can be a Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, new age mystic, or follow any other spiritual tradition. 

But in order to secure the 508c1A designation by the Internal Revenue Code, you must meet the attributes of a “church.” 

In this module, we’ll break down the 14 legal requirements you must meet to be considered a church or ministry and gain the 508c1a status.

You’ll see the defining documents you have to prepare to meet the requirements and the places you must establish as a church or ministry.

You’ll understand the types of services you must run to maintain your 508c1a status. 

And you’ll be shown how to run your organization on a faith-based mission while opting out of numerous filing requirements and federal taxes

Plus much more!

How the Private Membership Association (PMA) provides more freedom to do business with your customers and clients unlike any other legal designation

The Private Membership Association (PMA) is the most well-known strategy of the entire Trinity Law Method and is used by thousands of people to serve others outside of the legal matrix. 

This is the second most important part of the Trinity. 

While the 508c1a puts the tax authorities in “check”…

The PMA puts the regulatory agencies in check. 

It changes the relationship you’re legally allowed to have with your clients and customers – that is, how they pay you for your products and services and how you provide them in exchange. 

It also changes your relationship with the government and the court system. 

See, an LLC or S-corp or C-corp legally binds you to all sorts of restrictions and rules. 

The PMA structure frees you from it all. 

PMAs have been used by:

  • Alternative medicine and health practitioners offering special care and services to members without regulatory oversight or burdensome licensure fees
  • Farmers selling raw milk to members in places where raw milk is prohibited for sale to the general public
  • Private clubs allowing smoking indoors for members despite regulations forbidding smoking to the public
  • Law practices (such as Bradley Logan’s Prosperous Legacy Advisers) to offer guidance and advice that traditional lawyers can’t
  • Intentional communities providing experiences, shelters, products, services, and more that wouldn’t be possible under other legal vehicles such as a Home Owners Association

And the list goes on. 

We’ll break down exactly what a PMA is and how it’s completely different from other business or organizational legal structures. 

You’ll understand the numerous benefits of a PMA compared with some of the drawbacks so you’re completely informed. 

You’ll see the many court precedents that have been set in the last 60+ years recognizing PMAs as legitimate and allowing those who operate a PMA to be in service to others outside of the jurisdiction of many regulations. 

Plus much more!

How the Common Law Trust puts your assets, wealth, and capital under lock and key for superior protection from legal threats

The Common Law Trust is the final, pivotal piece that makes the Trinity Law Method so powerful. 

Traditionally, a “trust” is something only very high-income individuals and families would set up to protect their wealth and pass it on to their heirs. 

But a Common Law Trust is suited for ALL people regardless of their income or current assets. As you grow wealthier, the Common Law Trust is there for you to protect your fortune. 

It’s NOT subject to state laws, either. 

Common-law trusts are based on private contracts, which are linked to Article 1 Section 10 of the Constitution – making them the original form of a trust (and in our opinion, the best kind of trust). 

Virtually nothing can come in the way of you and the private contract you create with your Common Law Trust. 

It enhances your privacy and security because they’re not required to be registered with the state, which means they’re not part of the public record. 

The Common Law Trust keeps your financial affairs totally confidential. 

They also have different tax rates and other legal consequences that can be extremely beneficial when used properly. 

And they’re an ideal vehicle for passing your wealth through to your children, grandchildren, and others. 

In this module, you’ll discover the full nature of a trust and how to set one up. 

You’ll see the various roles and responsibilities of managing a trust and acting as a trustee.

You’ll gain a deep understanding of the difference between the different types of trust and why the Common Law Trust is ideal. 

You’ll be given guidance on how to establish a trust to best protect your assets and properly steward them for maximum prosperity long into the future. 

Plus much more!

How the 508c1a + PMA + Trust creates the ULTIMATE Trinity for lawfully exempting yourself and your organization from numerous taxes and regulations while increasing the quality of your life, organization, and future

Each of the above 3 parts of the Trinity Law Method has been used individually by hundreds of thousands of people to increase their well-being, freedom, and peace of mind. 

But only some have successfully combined all 3 into one complete model for maximizing your sovereignty, escaping the Public Realm legal matrix, and aligning themselves with Natural Law to serve their customers and clients at the highest level while staying true to their highest values. 

The Trinity Law Method Masterclass is the ONLY publicly available training today that reveals the secrets of combining all 3 of these proven-to-work legal vehicles into a singular strategy for lawful liberation. 

In this module, you’ll see why the sum of all 3 is more powerful than any individual part, how to establish all 3 for one organization, and why you should do everything in your power to transition from the Public Realm to the Private Realm using the Trinity Law Method as as fast as possible. 

$1,597 value

Part 3 - The proven Trinity tactics to prosper in the private realm

Part 3 of the Trinity Law Method Masterclass brings everything you’ve learned up to this point down to street level and shows you the specific, actionable steps you can and should take to make the best use of this model. This is the nitty-gritty nuts and bolts of using the Trinity to establish a legitimate, lawful, and sovereign organization in the Private Realm.

Part 3 shows you how to:

Plus much more!

$1,597 value

The Trinity Law Method Masterclass also comes with…

The Trinity Law Decoder

6 simple guides to demystify each part of the Trinity to easily understand and apply them for greater freedom and prosperity

Weiss's Concise Trustee Handbook

99 pages breaking down virtually everything you need to know about Common Law Trusts including the essential basics, the different aspects of this type of trust, what’s possible for you as a “trustee,” transferring assets, winning in legal battles, and so much more. Plus, it’s written for the layman to understand, so you don’t have to be a lawyer to read and apply it.

PMA Agreement Example

This is a sample PMA Agreement that you can model for your own when accepting new members into your Private Membership Association.

The 508c1a Strategy Guide

A comprehensive guide on the power and benefits of a 508c1a with an emphasis on how the IRS views this legal designation. By understanding how they see a 508c1a, you can better use it to your advantage to be exempted from certain federal taxes while acting lawfully.

Glossary of Private Realm terms for sovereignty

A simple and easy-to-understand breakdown of over 24 essential Private Realm terms. Use it as a handy reference as you apply the Trinity Law Method.

Trinity Law Method FAQ sheet

A collection of the most commonly asked questions about PMAs, Common Law Trusts, and 508c1a designations with straightforward, uncomplicated answers for maximum clarity without leaving you confused or overwhelmed.

508c1a Comparison-Info Chart

How an LLC or a traditional 501c3 non-profit compares to the superior 508c1a designation. You’ll be shown the key differences between each in the areas of government jurisdictions, benefits, privileges, and immunities.

$1,297 value

BONUS #1: Aligning with Your Divine Purpose and Choosing Faith over Fear

A 45-minute deep-dive conversation between Bradley Logan and I discussing the transcendental foundations of the Trinity Law Method and the inner work you MUST do to get the full protection and benefits (materially and spiritually) from this method.

Plus so much more!

$197 value

BONUS #2: A Manual for Freedom: The Peaceful Sovereign's Path by Morgan Langan

This is Morgan Langan’s manifesto about waking up to discover the horrific nightmare behind the shattered American Dream. 

He lived an idyllic life enjoying the fruits of multiple successful businesses, hundreds of acres of land, multiple homes and more. 

Then it was all stolen from him when a bank using fraudulent paperwork invoked non-judicial foreclosure to evict his family from their home.

But Morgan eventually prevailed, defending himself at every level of the Arizona and Federal court system, reclaiming his land and home, and securing protection from creditors, litigators, and government administrators. 

This explosive book condenses thousands of hours of research into a practical process and lays bare Morgan’s journey, the truth about the legal system, and the many proven-to-work strategies and tactics he successfully used to restore his broken dream. 

You’ll discover:

Plus much, much more!

$297 value

10% off coupon for Bradley's Prosperous Legacy Advisers Trinity Membership


$997 value

The 3 requirements you MUST have to break free from the government’s legal matrix (ZERO EXCEPTIONS)

Requirement #1

You must be running a community, ministry, business, or some other organization that’s in service to others

Requirement #2

 You must be in service to others as part of a religious faith

Requirement #3

The willingness to operate outside of the existing system (and trying new methods to make it work)

You can’t receive the full protection and benefits of fo the Trinity Method if you don’t come from the space of doing God’s work

The core of this is doing God’s work 

You can’t have this without that

Highlight 3 case studies of this method in action, working in the real world

Case Study 1: Earthwaking Village 

Jonathan Englage was already operating a 508c1a church but Bradley helped him establish a Private Membership Association and now Jonathan is running with this model and is even teaching a version of the Trinity to his own inner circle. 

Case Study 2: Grace Grove Retreat Center

Morgan Langan co-founded Grace Grove Retreat Center Just outside of Sedona, Arizona co-founded Grace Grove Retreat Center Just outside of Sedona, Arizona

Here’s EVERYTHING you get with the Trinity Law Method Masterclass today

Total value = $4,988

But you are NOT going to pay $4,988

We want as many people as possible to know how to EXIT the “Public Realm” and BUILD the freest and most prosperous lives possible in the “Private Realm”…

Which is why you can get everything in the Trinity Law Method Masterclass for…

(Or 3 payments of $197)