Freeing children from government schools leads to a freer future for us all…

Let’s unite in helping parents become rockstar homeschoolers and show them how to raise smart, happy, and free kids without the government

Live Free Academy is hosting a BRAND NEW training…

The Homeschool READY Summit and Workshop

The Summit is a one-day, 100% FREE virtual event showing parents how government schools are purposefully designed to dumb down their kids and why homeschooling is their best chance to restore their child’s natural curiosity, intelligence, and freedom.

The Workshop is a 3-day VIRTUAL and IN-PERSON event revealing a proven, flexible homeschooling system parents can use to give their kids a world-class education outside of government schools… no matter how many kids they have, how busy their life is, or how scary homeschooling might seem to them now.

The Workshop will be taught by Bluebird Solorzano – a homeschooling mother of 4 and professional teacher of over 25 years who’s worked in government schools, private education centers, and homeschooling coops – while also featuring a variety of expert educators and homeschooling parents.

The Homeschool READY Summit and Workshop are designed for ALL parents no matter where they’re at in their homeschooling journey.

Our mission is to help thousands more parents and caregivers provide children with the best education possible at home and in their local community rather than sending them into toxic, dangerous, and deadly government schools.

Government schools are harmful to children because they:

  • Actively turn curious kids into obedient drones
  • Institute policies such as mask mandates that make children’s lives miserable
  • Force gender ideology and radical political activism onto kids as young as 5
  • Are the targets for mass shooters and go unprotected by police (as seen in Uvalde and Parkland)
  • Don’t allow parents to have a say in their child’s education (and in some cases will even label concerned parents as “domestic terrorists”)

Plus so much more.

Homeschooling is fulfilling, fun, and effective for children because it:

  • Fosters children’s natural learning capacities (homeschoolers routinely perform academically better than government school kids on the SATs and ACTs)
  • Allows children to develop a healthy mind and emotions (homeschoolers have higher rates of emotional and mental wellbeing)
  • Decreases bullying and peer pressure by putting children into a safe environment away from negative influences
  • Gives parents the ability to teach their children the principles of liberty, the ethics they want them to adopt, and the behaviors they wish for them to model
  • Provides children the opportunity to learn essential life skills such as time management, self-motivation, and self-discipline

And plenty more.

We want YOU to help us give parents the training, motivation, and resources to transition away from government schools to homeschooling, private school, and community-driven education.

More parents home educating leads to more children growing up to be independent, critically-thinking, resilient adults who will continue fighting for liberty and building a free world for generations.

Help us reach more parents with a powerful homeschooling message and liberate more kids from government school by becoming an affiliate for the Homeschool READY Summit and Workshop.

COMMISSIONS for Homeschool READY Affiliates

The Homeschool READY Summit is 100% FREE and serves as the perfect “lead magnet” – warming people up to the idea of homeschooling, giving them reasons to look for alternatives to government schools, and naturally leading them to want the Workshop. 

Registrants to the Summit will be offered the chance to join the Homeschool Ready Workshop after signing up. 

Registrants will also be added to the official Live Free Academy newsletter that will nurture them with fun and engaging daily emails driving them to purchase the Workshop. 

Your cookie (which tracks your link clicks and conversions) will last for 90 days so you will receive credit for any Workshop purchases during that period.

With past promotions, our affiliates routinely net thousands of dollars in commissions, with some easily surpassing $10,000 in earnings from a single promotion. 

You receive a 50% commission for VIRTUAL signups to the Workshop and a 15% commission for IN-PERSON signups.

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how to get your affiliate link

To create an affiliate link for the Free the Children Homeschool Summit, once you are registered and logged in (do so below), copy and paste the URL below into the Page URL section and click Generate URL.

Once you generate the affiliate URL you should get a URL that looks like the one below but have your unique affiliate number art the end….

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After the Summit, we will directly promote the paid workshop taking place the 29th – 31st.

Add your affiliate number to this URL when that time comes…

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email [email protected] and we will help you get square away!

Launch Dates

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Here’s a simple overview of what to promote and when to promote it to your audience for the best results (ie highest conversions and sales).

Our affiliate partners typically make the highest commissions when promoting during the pre-launch period, as well as several times during the LIVE viewing, the replay weekend, and the bonus and cart-close period.

Recommended Promotion Plan

For maximizing income, commission, and impact with your audience:

The campaign will run between now and July 31st. 

Moderate Promo Window:

Jun 14 – Jun 30

Heavy Promo Window (this is THE time to strongly promote, especially virtual):

July 1 – July 13

Event Launch (the summit takes place):

July 14

Homeschool READY Workshop Promo

July 15 – July 28

Workshop Launch and Final Push

July 29 – 31

We have supplied swipe emails and graphics (linked above) and more will be created throughout campaign.


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