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Mastering the Money Game
  • How to cultivate the “money mindset” – what it is, why you need it, and why so many of us preaching “free markets” and “sound money” still don’t have a money mindset of our own
  • How to expand your income while working for an employer
  • How to break out of a job and become an entrepreneur (and the incredible benefits of working for yourself)
  • Proven investment strategies I use myself to grow the wealth I have without trading my time for money
  • Why wealth is necessary for freedom and prosperity and why it should be embraced now more than ever
Why Cryptocurrency is Valuable and How to Use It
  • The simplest and easiest-to-understand definition of exactly what Bitcoin is
  • The history of Bitcoin and how it was created and who created it (and the specific problem Bitcoin solved to create the cryptocurrency revolution)
  • How cryptocurrency wallets work and how to send and receive cryptocurrency
  • Why Bitcoin ensures that NO ONE can ever stop you from sending and receiving “value” to someone else (this is the answer to censorship and financial tyranny)
Four Critical Investments for Any Sovereign Person Looking to Build Wealth and Exit the Matrix
  • The #1 investment you should make every single day (this is the investment above all other investments, without it you’ll never be free or prosperous)
  • The investment that puts your wealth under your own control without anyone being able to stop you from earning the money you deserve
  • The most important investment to make to fully exit the rigged fiat money system and build a decentralized and free alternative economy
  • The investment at the heart of freedom, that which America was built on, that forms the foundation for ALL other forms of wealth for generations
  • How to multiply your income and wealth from these 4 investments
Exit and Build Financial Strategies
  • The top exit and build strategies when it comes to opting out of corrupt economic and financial systems
  • The secrets I’ve used to build the wealth I enjoy today (hint: it’s all about playing the long game, but playing it smart)
  • How to build a thriving counter-economy underground between trusted parties out of sight of regulators
  • How to leverage offline and online networks and privacy-focused technologies to create more financial freedom in your life
Sal the Agorist: NFTs, Tokenization, and the Counter Economy
  • What exactly “crypto tokens” are, how they work, and why they’re extremely valuable in the “crypto ecosystem” 
  • What non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are, why they were created, why they matter, and why you should take them seriously (yes, they’re used for far more than selling ridiculously expensive digital art)
  • How to purchase an NFT step-by-step
  • How NFTs and other crypto tokens have the power to revolutionize the way people hold property titles, access private spaces, and even organize society
  • How to get involved in the NFT market for fun and profit
Paul Puey, founder of Edge Wallet:
  • Why Bitcoin is FAR more than just a vehicle to make money, and its true power and potential to disrupt the central banking system, restore economic freedom, return sound money, and lead to a free society
  • Why getting into cryptocurrency NOW is your best chance to “ride the wave” of the crypto revolution (before you really miss the boat)
  • Why the Edge wallet is an outstanding choice for securely storing cryptocurrency
  • What makes Bitcoin a revolutionary technology (if you’ve been confused about what crypto is, this will make it crystal clear)
  • Best practices for storing, sending, and receiving cryptocurrency safely (including how to avoid common beginner mistakes)
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