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Not interested in learning everything about cryptocurrency?
No problem! How about a simple “crypto quick-start guide” to get an overview of the basics for just $27 (that you can listen to and finish in less time than it takes to watch a football game)?

I created two special trainings on cryptocurrency for my educational membership business, Live Free Academy.

Members have paid hundreds of dollars to access this info and everything else in the Academy.

The first training is: “Why Cryptocurrency is Valuable and How to Use It”

I give you a streamlined breakdown of cryptocurrency, its brief history, its main uses, and more. 

It’s simple, straight to the point, and super short. It’s the perfect entry-level overview for those who simply want to know the basics. 

The second training is: “Setting Up an Exodus Wallet + Crypto Basics”

It walks you step-by-step through setting up your first crypto wallet using the free and easy-to-use Exodus software. You’ll be shown a few of the features, how to use the wallet to safely store crypto, and learn a few additional tips and tricks. 

Nothing advanced. Just the essentials. 

The third and final training is: “How to Setup Your Crypto Wallet in 4 Simple Steps”

This training shows you how to set up a different crypto wallet: Coinomi. It’s a super fast and easy training and gives you one other option for securely storing crypto. 

It will also show you the simple ways to send crypto to other people or businesses.

This is the easiest “crypto quick-start guide” you’ll ever find at this low of a price

You’ll be given the bare-bones basics with none of the fluff or advanced stuff you don’t need to know right now.  If all you want is to dip your toes into crypto to see if it’s right for you, then you just found the perfect “triple combo” to make it happen.  I’VE NEVER MADE THESE TRAININGS AVAILABLE OUTSIDE OF LIVE FREE ACADEMY.  And I probably never will again.

Do you want this ONE-TIME ONLY “crypto quick-start guide” that you’ll never find anywhere else?