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Catherine Austin Fitts is one of the world’s leading experts in the financial industry, the banking industry, and building and using your wealth to live free.

She’s designed and closed over $25 billion of transactions and investments to date and has led portfolio and investment strategy for $300 billion of financial assets and liabilities.

She’s also helped tens of thousands of individuals and families protect themselves and their wealth from evil banks, corrupt governments, and economic disasters.

And she’s one of the top voices sounding the alarm against central bank digital currencies and what she sees as the coming “digital concentration camp” of the new financial system.

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  • The truth about the “secret government” run by psychopaths pulling the strings behind the scenes, operating outside of the law, and attempting to create a slavery system never seen before in history
  • Why the ultimate solution to financial tyranny (and authoritarianism of all kinds) has nothing to do with money and everything to do with THIS (if you don’t have it, then nothing else you do will matter)
  • We will all have to resist financial tyranny directly eventually, but the more
  • The hard-to-swallow truth that eventually we will have to resist tyranny directly (which is why you should concentrate your time on building up the resources recommended outside of the existing financial system to have the best fighting chance at prosperity)
  • The 6 key pillars to building unbreakable wealth (and why they must all be developed and integrated together)
  • A refreshing and stress-free take on investment strategy (you don’t fit into any financial advisor’s mold and you don’t have to – follow this advice for growing wealthy in your unique way)
  • Why you don’t need an investment strategy, you need a WAR STRATEGY, because we’re at war with powerful globalists trying to destroy us (start acting and investing like it)
  • The best risk mitigation strategy (it has nothing to do with your investments or assets and everything to do with the most dangerous force in the world: other people)
  • The only true assets that actually matter (this is the source of “living equity,” everything else is extra)
  • 2 ways wealth is easily destroyed
  • The best possible advice for dealing with true evil in the world
  • Why forming a conspiracy with other people is the key to the globalists’ control over the world (and why it’s also the key to individual and communal sovereignty)
  • The #1 vegetarian community of hundreds of residents living together in a shared community on thousands of acres of land since 1971 that you can join today
  • The three countries where Catherine would put her holdings of precious metals today if she hit the lottery and bought a bunch of bullion
  • Why even a Bitcoin skeptic such as Catherine sees extreme value in Bitcoin (and the #1 best use case for investing in it)
  • The 3 leading causes of death (hint: it’s not obesity, heart disease, or cancer and we all have it and we all have to get rid of it to survive and thrive)
  • Why Catherine Austin Fitts doesn’t have a single dime in IRAs or 401Ks
  • Why you should NEVER invest in numismatic coins
  • Essential advice for anyone investing in real estate to ensure you don’t lose your money (now or in the future)


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