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I put EVERYTHING I know about living a peaceful, prosperous, fulfilling, and deeply FREE life on my own terms in the Life Design Workshop

It’s a two-day virtual event broken into six modules:

  1. Mastering Your Mindset and Restoring Natural Health
  2. Finding Financial Freedom and a Fulfilling Career
  3. Healing Relationships and Forging Unbreakable Bonds and Families
  4. Protecting Your Privacy and Using “Liberated” Technology
  5. Starting a Homestead and Food Production Systems
  6. Building Intentional Community and Parallel Systems of Freedom

Each module dives deep into key areas of your life and gives you proven strategies, methods, tools, resources, and action steps you can use immediately to opt out of systems stealing your power and build systems of liberty under your control.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover inside the Life Design Workshop:

  • Alternative methods of healing ailments and diseases most doctors don’t even know about (and wouldn’t want to tell you if they did)
  • The secrets to effortlessly living a stress-free life
  • How to adopt an unbreakable abundance mindset to attract wealth and prosperity in your life and career
  • Why entrepreneurship is the BEST way to gain ultimate financial freedom (and the simple secret for being successful working for yourself that I’m using on you right this very second)
  • Why “finding your tribe” is perhaps the most important thing you can do to live a free, happy, and prosperous life
  • The top alternatives to government schooling, their pros and cons, and how to get started with each (unschooling, homeschooling, and private school)
  • The “de-googled,” privacy-first phone you should buy immediately (made by freedom-loving entrepreneurs who hate the State)
  • The best email services to use to avoid having your email communications monitored and recorded (which is exactly what Gmail, Yahoo, and others do)
  • The top strategies for protecting your online privacy from government agents, hackers, and even your own ISP
  • Gardening 101: a masterclass in growing and harvesting fruits, vegetables, and herbs for beginners
  • How to locate local farms in your area to buy meat and other foodstuffs direct (the healthiest and most sustainable way to eat, and a proven method for protecting your family from supply chain shortages)
  • How to cut your dependence on utility companies and supply 50-100% of your own energy
  • Why you absolutely should be using solar power (and the best systems to install for harvesting the energy of the sun)
  • The different types of power generators you must have for emergencies, off-grid living, and an unbreakable supply of electricity
  • Building Intentional Community and Parallel Systems of Freedom
  • The #1 radical freedom community you can join right now for free created by John Bush and Derrick Broze to connect with others who “get it” and are actively working on creating total self-government
  • How to safely practice real-world agorism and counter-economics for buying, selling, and trading in secure, underground markets
  • Why you don’t need health insurance to afford excellent healthcare (this program will revolutionize the way you save and pay for medicine and medical procedures – typically lowering your overall costs while helping others in your community do the same)

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