You’re in! I’m so excited you’re taking the 30-Day Health Challenge with me!

You just proved that you take your health seriously and are willing to do what it takes to get healthy and fit in 2024 and beyond…

So … I have to ask…

Would you like me to PERSONALLY coach you for 12 weeks to get in the best shape of your life using a customized diet and exercise plan handcrafted for you?


Hey, Ryan Minniti here. 

Thanks again for joining the 30-Day Health Challenge! 

You’re likely going to look back on this decision with pride after 30 days when you’re fitter, healthier, and more confident than you are right now. 

Many of you are going to absolutely CRUSH it! I can’t wait to see your results. 

But I have to be honest…

If I was in your shoes I would’ve had a hard time committing to a challenge like this. 

See, years ago I weighed close to 250 pounds. I was extremely unhealthy. 

I tried to workout on my own. I made my own diet and fitness plans. And sometimes I would be really motivated to workout hard. I would see some progress but then I would lose motivation in a week or two and go back to my old habits. 

It was the dreaded yo-yo. Lose some weight, gain some weight. Eat well, eat crap. Get some muscle, gain a gut. 

I slooooooowly made some progress over the years. 

Then I made the biggest decision for my health ever. 

I invested $1,300 into VIRTUAL training from a coach to take me by the hand and walk me step-by-step through the exact lifestyle habits, foods, meals, and exercises I would stick to every single day for 3 months. 

I followed his advice to the T. If you watched the Exit and Build Health Summit, you know who he is. His name is Tanner Shuck. 

Through his guidance, I’m now in the best shape of my life. 

You may not be like me. Many of you are super self-motivated and determined. You just need a little extra guidance. 

But I needed someone to work with me week after week and that accelerated my health and fitness like nothing else. It was honestly shocking. 

So I’ve decided to pay it forward.

I want to help YOU speed up your progress toward your health and fitness goals with a BRAND NEW coaching program:

The Health Accelerator

This is a 12-week small group training program where I work with you ONE-ON-ONE and as a group to help you quickly, easily, and safely get in the best shape of your life in just 3 months. 

You’ll still get to take part in the 30-Day Health Challenge. And you’ll get all the trainings, workouts, Zoom meetings, and access to the private group that comes with it.

But The Health Accelerator Program is going to go above and beyond the Health Challenge in a number of ways. 

While the 30-Day Health Challenge is a generalized workout program with some accountability and training (which for many people is all they need)… 

The Health Accelerator Program is a super intimate and immersive experience. 

This is for people who want someone to tell them step-by-step exactly what to eat, how to exercise, and what to do based on their unique goals and needs. 

It’ll happen at the same time as the 30-Day Health Challenge and then will continue for 2 more months after the Health Challenge ends. 

That means you’re getting 12 total weeks working directly with me rather than doing most of the work on your own.

We’re going to get to know each other very well! 

And we’re going to work together to get in the best shape of both of our lives! Because I’ll be pushing myself harder than ever during the Health Challenge and Health Accelerator Program. 

I have the same goals as you: transform my body, radically improve my health, look and feel dang good, and create a lifestyle that will keep me healthy and strong for life.

Here’s how the Health Accelerator Program works:

ONLY 30 people TOTAL are allowed to join this program. (If we fill all 30 spots, then you’ll be split into 2 groups of 15)

I will PERSONALLY sit down with every single person to map out your current fitness level, your health challenges, your goal body weight, your goals for muscle building, and much more

I’ll create a hand-crafted plan based uniquely on you to decide exactly what your diet should look like for 12 weeks, what exercises you should do every single day during that time, what supplements you should be taking, and what lifestyle habits you need to adopt or remove to reach your health goals as quickly and easily as possible

I’ll also create a unique calorie target for every person in this program to help you lose or gain weight quickly or slowly along with food recommendations to hit your calorie targets

We’ll hold one Zoom meeting every single week with each group of 15 people for an intimate group coaching and Q&A session to hold each other accountable and help each other succeed

At least every other week, I’ll bring on a special guest health and fitness expert and you’ll get to speak with them DIRECTLY, asking them any questions you have and receiving direct feedback from them (an opportunity to discuss ways to accelerate your personal health and fitness journey with leading experts that very few people will ever get to have)

And you’ll be included in a super tight-knit Telegram group with everyone else in the Health Accelerator Program (along with me) where we’ll motivate each other every single day for 12 weeks, share tips, overcome challenges together, and achieve a higher state of health and fitness as a group than we ever would have without it

The Health Accelerator Program is something I wish I had years ago. 

I know the visceral pain of feeling excited and motivated to change my body and lifestyle only to crash and burn again and again. 

Working directly with a coach changed that for me. 

Now, I’d like to offer you the chance to get coaching directly from me for 12 weeks to walk you step-by-step through your health journey. 

You don’t have to take this offer. 

Like I’ve said repeatedly, the 30-Day Health Challenge can and WILL transform people’s bodies and lives. 

But if you want even more…

Then I’m inviting you inside a super intimate and close group with other like-minded people just like you trying to build a body they can be proud of, get a level of strength that allows them to do what they want each day, and forge a new lifestyle of health and wellness to last a lifetime. 

The choice is yours…

Health Accelerator is a 12-week personalized group coaching program with ME (Ryan Minniti) and there are only 30 spots available

This would normally cost $1,997…

BUT I’M KNOCKING OFF $703 because it’s a brand new program and I want to help as many people as possible…

Which brings the total down to $1,294 (nearly the same cost I paid for my fitness coach)…

But you’re not going to pay $1,294

Since you just bought the 30-Day Health Challenge for $297, we’re going to use that to bring down the price of Health Accelerator even more!

Which means…



And you will NEVER see this deal again except right now on this page!

Do you want to take advantage of this ONE-TIME OFFER (that will disappear forever the moment you leave this page)?