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Cryptocurrency for Beginner’s Workshop
  • Exactly what cryptocurrency is, how it works, why it’s valuable, and why anyone who believes in freedom should take cryptocurrency very seriously (and begin investing in it immediately)
  • How to setup a cryptocurrency wallet step-by-step
  • How to create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange and quickly and easily purchase cryptocurrency
  • How to properly send and receive cryptocurrency without losing your tokens
  • Why “Altcoins” matter and why you should invest in them + my recommendations of the top altcoins to buy today
  • How to PRIVATELY acquire and transfer cryptocurrency without spying eyes monitoring your activity
  • How to “stake” Cardano (a powerful altcoin known as ADA) inside the Exodus cryptocurrency wallet for major profits
  • How to use Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to give yourself loans backed by your own cryptocurrency holdings
Demystifying Cryptocurrency Workshop
  • A deep dive into the fascinating (and illuminating) history of money and Bitcoin, and what makes Bitcoin so special in the story of modern money
  • How Bitcoin began as “magic internet money” before breaking out and becoming one of the top ten most valuable assets in the world
  • How to securely purchase, “HODL” (hold on for dear life), and make all forms of transactions with cryptocurrency 
  • The dirty little secret companies like Coinbase and PayPal don’t want you to know about their wallets (and how to protect your wealth from this insecurity)
  • 3 crypto investment strategies my clients and I have used to rake in tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit (this is why how you get the biggest bang for your buck)
  • A breakdown of the best altcoins to buy and HODL
  • Top strategies for multiplying your cryptocurrency investments and scaling your profits up month after month, year after year
  • How to switch on and use your “scam detector” to guard against hackers, thieves, and charlatans
Exit and Build Land Summit
  • The immediate and far-reaching danger of “smart cities” (imagine every transaction, interaction, and personal action being monitored, recorded, and regulated by technocrats seeking to control every aspect of your life)
  • How “regenerative systems” have the power to liberate us from the matrix IF they are decentralized and voluntarily organized (we’ll teach you why these systems are so vital for freedom and how to get started setting them up)
  • The essential “characteristics” EVERY homestead must have to be considered reliable, resilient, and ripe for purchase (don’t purchase property if it doesn’t check off most of these boxes)
  • Why the location you choose to live in (or hunker down in) during a natural disaster or societal collapse will determine if you make it through it or not (and how to leverage Joel Skousen’s “strategic relocation” strategy to give yourself the best odds for survival)
  • Expert realtors and real estate brokers open the door and invite you in to exclusively hear their secrets revealed for the first time about strategically (and cost-effectively) acquiring land and homes for homesteading and community building
Matt McKibbin: Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
  • What exactly Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is and why it’s 1000x better than traditional types of financing
  • How to use crypto to pay for everything from bills to cars WITHOUT selling your crypto (and therefore avoiding any capital gains taxes)
  • 3 Decentralized Finance (DeFi) hacks to multiply your cryptocurrency investments while you sleep
  • What a “decentralized exchange” is, how it works, and how to use it to give yourself a loan without a bank and without any questions asked
  • How to earn anywhere from 4% up to 70% in interest payments simply by holding cryptocurrency
Ramiro Romani: Privacy Mindset & Practice
  • Why privacy matters and why you should take it as seriously as a spy (because the spy agencies and their Big Tech cronies are hunting for every scrap of info about you and they won’t stop until they get it all)
  • How to cultivate the “privacy mindset” and incorporate it into your daily life, especially every time you touch your phone, computer, or any other device connected to the internet
  • The 5-step cybersecurity framework used by U.S. agencies and corporations to guard their secrets (and how you can use it to guard yours)
  • How to prevent websites from tracking you, including tips, tactics, and tools to surf the web as anonymously as possible
  • Why you should dump Windows and Apple operating systems (and the free, open-source, secure operating system to install instead)
Tips, Tactics, and Strategies sessions
Mastering the Money Game
  • How to cultivate the “money mindset” – what it is, why you need it, and why so many of us preaching “free markets” and “sound money” still don’t have a money mindset of our own
  • How to expand your income while working for an employer
  • How to break out of a job and become an entrepreneur (and the incredible benefits of working for yourself)
  • Proven investment strategies I use myself to grow the wealth I have without trading my time for money
  • Why wealth is necessary for freedom and prosperity and why it should be embraced now more than ever
How to Hack Your Habits and 10X Your Goals
  • How to set motivating, achievable goals you stay excited to accomplish
  • How to “10X” your goals to transform your mindset about what you’re capable of and push you to achieve more than you imagined you could
  • How to craft a detailed (but simple) plan for making steady progress toward your goals
  • How to “hack your brain” to create an unstoppable vision of your new self to effortlessly manifest your desires
  • How to identify the negative, counterproductive habits holding you back
  • How to use the world-famous “habit loop” method to permanently BREAK bad habits and INSTALL new, positive habits
  • How to “tie” habits to goals to virtually make success inevitable
Crypto Basics, Wallets, and Commerce
  • How EXACTLY cryptocurrency and the blockchain work
  • Why crypto is essential for free people and a free society
  • How to setup your very own crypto wallet
  • How to send and receive crypto payments between wallets
Four Critical Investments for Any Sovereign Person Looking to Build Wealth and Exit the Matrix
  • The #1 investment you should make every single day (this is the investment above all other investments, without it you’ll never be free or prosperous)
  • The investment that puts your wealth under your own control without anyone being able to stop you from earning the money you deserve
  • The most important investment to make to fully exit the rigged fiat money system and build a decentralized and free alternative economy
  • The investment at the heart of freedom, that which America was built on, that forms the foundation for ALL other forms of wealth for generations
  • How to multiply your income and wealth from these 4 investments
How Entrepreneurship Can Help You Find Freedom in an Unfree World
  • Why entrepreneurship is, in my humble opinion, the absolute BEST way to find freedom right NOW without waiting for political solutions
  • The long and painful journey I underwent from not being able to pay my water bills and practically being homeless to living on a gorgeous 10-acre ranch with my beautiful, growing family (and the key insights and action steps that allowed me to overcome so many obstacles on the path to success)
  • How to start a profitable business step-by-step from scratch using a tried-and-tested blueprint
  • The proven tactics and strategies I’ve personally used to 10x the revenue in my businesses over the past 2 years
Exit and Build Financial Strategies
  • The top exit and build strategies when it comes to opting out of corrupt economic and financial systems
  • The secrets I’ve used to build the wealth I enjoy today (hint: it’s all about playing the long game, but playing it smart)
  • How to build a thriving counter-economy underground between trusted parties out of sight of regulators
  • How to leverage offline and online networks and privacy-focused technologies to create more financial freedom in your life
Mindset, Manifestation, and Money
  • Ancient mental techniques for attracting more wealth into your life (this sounds “woo woo” and out there until you see the rational mechanics behind how and why these techniques work so well)
  • How to control your focus and concentration to turn your mind into a “manifestation machine” – showing you opportunities and how to capitalize on them you never would have seen before
  • True stories from my own life illuminating the value and power of the techniques I teach
  • How to methodically expand your prosperity spiritually (to quickly expand your prosperity financially)
Meet The Experts sessions
Sal the Agorist: NFTs, Tokenization, and the Counter Economy
  • What exactly “crypto tokens” are, how they work, and why they’re extremely valuable in the “crypto ecosystem” 
  • What non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are, why they were created, why they matter, and why you should take them seriously (yes, they’re used for far more than selling ridiculously expensive digital art)
  • How to purchase an NFT step-by-step
  • How NFTs and other crypto tokens have the power to revolutionize the way people hold property titles, access private spaces, and even organize society
  • How to get involved in the NFT market for fun and profit
Nicole Sauce on Homesteading, Building Community, and Entrepreneurship
  • How to run a successful online and offline business while living an “off-grid,” rural, self-sufficient lifestyle
  • Nicole’s top tips for growing your wealth and liberty through community and entrepreneurship
  • How to create an intentional community with your existing neighbors starting today rather than uprooting your family to a whole other state or country
  • The impressive systems and methods in place in Nicole’s community to handle emergencies (natural or man-made, including those that require police) WITHOUT calling government services
  • Hard-won sales and marketing strategies that every new business owner needs to hear (and even successful businesses could use to boost their bottom line)
Kirk Phillips: The “Bitcoin CPA”
  • The critical tax regulations EVERY crypto investor must understand (if you miss any of them, you could land in BIG trouble with the IRS)
  • How cryptocurrency regulations are set to change in the near future (and how to prepare for it)
  • What exactly to report on your income statement for cryptocurrency investments
  • how to (legally) avoid reporting cryptocurrency activity
  • How “privacy coins” such as ARRR and Monero can reduce or eliminate taxes owed
Tim Piccocett: Leveraging Cryptocurrency for Financial Independence w/ Tips on Taking Advantage of Crypto Alongside Legacy Financial Investments
  • The secrets of using legacy financial instruments to convert fiat dollars into profitable crypto tokens central bankers do NOT want you to know
  • How Tim has helped countless clients become “crypto rich” (and tips for those who want similar gains)
  • How to leverage cryptocurrency for financial independence
  • How to use Roth IRAs for tax-free gains in your Bitcoin investments
  • How to systematically increase your wealth year after year while guarding your profits against the greedy hands of the IRS
Lootz of Pirate Chain (ARRR): On Crypto, Privacy, and Strategy
  • The difference between a “transparent chain” (Bitcoin) which shows every single transaction ever made, and a private or “anonymous chain” (ARRR) which conceals your activity permanently
  • Why Pirate Chain is 500,000x more anonymous than Monero (hint: it’s all in the way their blockchains effectively hide your transaction amongst many others)
  • How to anonymously buy ARRR step-by-step without the government or anyone else being able to spy on your transactions
  • The best wallet to securely store and manage ARRR for beginners
  • What to do if you feel like your computer is being monitored and you want to maintain anonymity with your cryptocurrency (it’s super simple and just involves a separate computer)
Paul Puey, founder of Edge Wallet:
  • Why Bitcoin is FAR more than just a vehicle to make money, and its true power and potential to disrupt the central banking system, restore economic freedom, return sound money, and lead to a free society
  • Why getting into cryptocurrency NOW is your best chance to “ride the wave” of the crypto revolution (before you really miss the boat)
  • Why the Edge wallet is an outstanding choice for securely storing cryptocurrency
  • What makes Bitcoin a revolutionary technology (if you’ve been confused about what crypto is, this will make it crystal clear)
  • Best practices for storing, sending, and receiving cryptocurrency safely (including how to avoid common beginner mistakes)