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Concerned about food shortages, inflation, and economic collapse?

The Self Reliance Festival will reveal DOZENS of the most vital survival secrets, strategies, and skills to persevere and prosper through the worst times in modern American history

(And will make you more self-sufficient, abundant, and confident in the face of disaster than you’ve ever been in your life)

The Self Reliance Festival is going LIVE on October 1st and 2nd 

It features world-renowned experts in food production, self-defense, community building, health, entrepreneurship, taxes, and modern survivalism.

Throughout the festival you’ll discover:

  • How to grow nutrient-dense food WITHOUT soil
  • The secrets of a 60-year-old homesteading and prepping grandmother who reveals how to survive, take care of yourself, and enjoy life in old age
  • The #1 way to raise healthy, delicious meat that anyone can do with a small space (hint: it’s not beef, pigs, or goats)
  • How to deal with a medical emergency when you don’t have access to a doctor
  • Simple ways to become (and stay) physically fit and healthy enough to survive any scenario when SHTF
  • A powerful gardening method for growing tons of food in any soil, any climate, with minimal weeds and less disease
  • A quick and dirty plan for anyone with a business to shred their tax bill every year
  • Tactical grappling training with firearms and knives to ensure you survive deadly encounters
  • Canning tutorial for storing pounds of fresh food for YEARS

And MUCH more!


You’ll get a huge BONUS included with your ticket: the PRIVATE RECORDINGS of the presentations and demonstrations from the June 2022 Self Reliance Festival (which sells for $97 but is yours FREE).

That means you’re getting TWO festivals for the LOW PRICE of $97.

Want to know how to survive food shortages, inflation, and the next great depression?

The Self Reliance Festival is hosted by…

Living Free in Tennessee

Special Operations Equipment

Live Free Academy

We’re in the “weak men create hard times” stage of American history… and it’s about to get a whole lot harder for all of us

History seems to move in cycles of periods of extraordinary growth and prosperity rising from the ashes of misery…

And periods of unfathomable disaster and chaos destroying the livelihoods (and lives) of millions.

There’s a famous quote that explains it this way:

“Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.”

Decades of low interest rates from the Federal Reserve, corporate cronyism, mass media propaganda, stricter regulations of the market, erosion of entrepreneurship, government schooling, unjust wars, cultural Marxism, and more have resulted in one of the worst times in American history.

Grocery store shelves will become bare.

Prices on basic goods will continue skyrocketing.

The dollar’s value will keep plummeting.

The supply chain will remain messed up.

And the “weak men” in our society will bring about the next great depression.

If you want to survive this sh*tstorm… You must become the “strong men” that create good times

No one is coming to save you.

This is your moment to step up and take responsibility for your own prosperity.

You have two choices:

Either you stay “weak” and get bulldozed by chaos or you draw a line in the sand and choose to become the powerful, free human being you’re meant to be.

You have the ability to protect your loved ones.

You can survive when all hell breaks loose.

And you are able to forge a foundation of prosperity that will carry you through the disaster we’re in now and any that come next.

But you need to gather the knowledge of how to do these things and then train these skills so that you can put them to use in the real world.

Which means you need guidance from other “strong men” (experts) who are ready to help you transform into the self-reliant person you need to be at this moment in history.

The Self Reliance Festival will give you the knowledge and skills to design your home, your food, your habits, your business, and your life to make survival and prosperity inevitable

It’s the ONLY festival in the world bringing together DOZENS of renowned experts sharing everything they know to overcome the worst that the world throws at you.

The festival goes LIVE on October 1st and 2nd. 

Do you want to be more prepared for SHTF than 99.9% of people in the world?

Here are all of the featured presentations you’ll find inside the Self Reliance Festival

Take Heart and Get Going

Nicole Sauce
We don’t know exactly what’s coming, but that’s no excuse for spinning in place. Pull up your work boots and start doing.


Jack Spirko
The practical facts, feasible yields, and how-to when you grow plants in nutrient-rich water.

Dependence or DIY? Your Choice

John Willis
No one knows how to make a serious topic both deep and engrossing the way John Willis does.

Self-Sustaining Farmstead

Billy Bond
It takes planning to run a thoroughly efficient smallhold. Here’s an expert’s approach.

Be True to Yourself

Thecia Ellis
60-year-old homesteading/prepping grandmother, essentially alone, navigates the ups, downs, and sometimes funny happenings of an older woman who just won’t quit.

Protection K9s

Joel Ryals
A Protection Dog can make you, your family, and your home safer. Watch Joel and his dogs in action. Demos throughout the weekend.

Topic to be announced

Panel Discussion
Billy Bond, Nicole Sauce, John Willis… and more. We’ll let you know as soon as we do!

Bridging the Personality Gap

Ken Eash
How to understand, adapt, and relate to others to strengthen your network whether times get tough, or even if they don’t.

Livefree Academy

John Bush
Strategies and tactics to create your own abundance in an un-free world.

Turning Content into Currency

Toolman Tim Cook
Building a successful content creation lifestyle.

Feed Store Independence

Nick Ferguson
Take advantage of the abundance of meat possible with a herd of rabbits.

In the Zone

Michael Whisler
Understand the theory of “Flow,” in which skill and challenge are balanced, decisions become instantaneous, and the perception of time shifts.

Topic to be announced

Nicole Sauce, Jack Spirko, Tim Cook
…we’ll let you know as soon as we do!

Proper Human Diet

Dr. Ken Berry
We’re working toward an exciting announcement.

Surviving the Coming Collapse

Xavier Hawk
Strategies to navigate, and markers to look for during this turbulent time of lawlessness.


Here are ALL of the special, step-by-step demonstrations of essential survival skills from the Self Reliance Festival

Dealing with Emergency When There Is No Doctor

Chuck Peoples
Do you have what it really takes to deal with a medical or traumatic emergency? Equipment and training on what is necessary when no conventional medical care is available.

Traditional Blacksmithing

Dakota Lobato
Focus on traditional blacksmithing: hand tools, hooks, key fobs, and the application of such blacksmithing skills as taper, isolating material, creating shapes, and partnered striking.

Protection K9s

Joel Ryals
In many situations, just having a gun is not enough. Adding a Protection Dog to your defense makes you, your family, and your home safer. Joel will be demonstrating his dog’s capability at the end of this presentation.

Homeschooling: Teach Mental Freedom

Andy Higginbotham
Learn the simple tools to educate your children, no matter your education or experience.

Distilling for Fuel

Jason Rautbort
See how making a mash and extracting in a small still creates high-proof ethanol that can run small engines.

Weaving and Spinning

Eileen Wirsig with Stephanie Hostetter and members of the Murray Art Guild
See work on a large loom. Give weaving a try. See yarn spool made. Practical demonstration continues all weekend. Handmade creations available for purchase.

The Overlooked but Critical Prep: Fitness

Stephen Boone
Learn the most efficient strategies to become physically fit enough to survive in a SHTF scenario.

Building the Future with Hemp

Imanee Mamalution and River Richardson
Build natural, healthy homes with hemp hurd.

Build a Vortex Tea Brewer

Brian Norton
Join me in building a vertical uplift vortex tea brewer for making the best living innoculants and perfect foliar feeding of your valuable crops and trees.

Knitting Corner

Lani Johnson
First-timer? Bring a ball of yarn and needles or grab a Knit Kit ($) with the basic supplies for a simple project. Already a knitter? Bring your work in progress!

Canning for Beginners

Dawn Gorham
Safe canning practices for people with no prior canning experience.

Mittleider Gardening the Texas Ready Way

Lucinda Bailey and Kurt Nauck
In this brief introduction to the Mittleider system of gardening, you will discover how to begin walking the pathway towards food self-sufficiency!

I’d Just Shoot em Means You Will Die

Dakota Lobato
Weapons-based grappling with blueguns and training knives.

Avoiding the Tax Man Legally

Matthew Sercely
Quick and dirty explanation about how anyone with a business can save money on their taxes if they just plan ahead.


You get the BONUS June 2022 Self Reliance Festival PRIVATE RECORDINGS ($97 value)


  • DOZENS MORE survival secrets, strategies, and skills not covered anywhere else
  • Hard-won knowledge on how to design your home, your food, your habits, your business, and your life to make survival virtually GUARANTEED
  • Proven techniques to leap and bound your way to become practically untouchable by the powers-that-wish-they-were who want you to own nothing, eat bugs, and do what you’re told
  • And receive a straight path to being more prepared and better positioned to survive any of the SHTF than most other preppers

By the way, this isn’t an ordinary virtual event where we just talk at you…

The Self Reliance Festival is an immersive experience featuring Q&A’s between you at home and our speakers here in Tennessee

Even though you won’t be here physically, we’ve done everything possible to make it feel as if you are. 

You’ll be fully integrated with the LIVE, in-person audience. 

They’ll be able to see you and at times you’ll be able to see them. 

We’ll go back and forth taking questions from the in-person audience and the Zoom audience. 

And get this:

We’ll pull you up on our screen here in Tennessee so the speaker can see you and interact with you LIVE on stage. You will be communicating directly with the speakers during Q&A sessions. 

Excited to participate?

Want to get the chance to ask any of our speakers your burning questions and get them answered LIVE?