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How to fill your freezer with hundreds of pounds of delicious meat from local farmers… even if grocery store shelves go empty and food prices skyrocket
This FREE guide gives you a PROVEN 8-step process for buying healthy beef in bulk at a low price with a group of people — AKA organizing a “beef share”

Inside the Beef Share Buying Guide you’ll discover:

  1. How to find ranches in your local area with a fresh supply of beef
  2. What to look for in local ranches to make sure you get the highest quality meat possible
  3. How to calculate the price of your meat to ensure you get a good deal
  4. The cuts of beef to generally expect to receive when buying in bulk
  5. How to organize a beef share with your community (including a word-for-word script you can use to gain interest and a simple method for figuring out whether you should order a ¼, ½, or whole cow)
  6. A simple payment collection process to make buying as a group super easy
  7. What to do after buying beef in bulk (and what you’ll need to store it)
  8. The 3-step process to distribute meat evenly to everyone in your beef share (and a tip on how to do it as efficiently as possible)
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The 8-step Beef Share Buying Guide was created out of necessity and successfully used in the real world with a local Freedom Cell group

John Bush

Nomad Brad

Hey, John Bush from Live Free Academy and the Freedom Cell Network here. 

I just wanted to let you know that the 8-Step Beef Share Buying Guide was organized and written by Nomad Brad – a prominent expert in converting big vehicles into gorgeous homes on wheels, who has since settled into life off the road as a highly valuable member of my intentional community and homestead in Bastrop, Texas. 

Brad and I wanted to empower our local freedom cell group to become more food resilient. 

Food shortages, rising food costs, and other economic turmoil have people feeling very food insecure. 

We wanted to show them that there is food abundance right here in their local area. 

Our plan at first was to buy a quarter of a cow with a few people. 

But there was so much demand, we ended up buying an entire cow and splitting it into 16 shares with members of our freedom cell group!

We didn’t realize just how many people wanted to know how to acquire healthy beef at a low cost outside of grocery stores. 

After the success of our beef share, I asked Brad to organize a simple guide that ANYONE could read and follow to organize their own beef share wherever they live in the United States (and possibly even abroad). 

The 8-step Beef Share Buying Guide was born. 

And now it’s YOURS for FREE. 

We hope you use it to empower your local community and economy, fill your fridge and freezer with delicious meat, and realize that food abundance is always available to you with the right steps and strategies.

Want to know how to buy local beef at low prices with friends and family?

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