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The Counter-Economy Webinar

My Powerful Strategy for Leveraging Cryptocurrency, Privacy Tech, and Underground Communities to Opt Out of Tyrannical Regulations, Burdensome Taxes, and the Great Reset (While Co-Creating a Free World Through Underground Free Markets)

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Join this limited-time presentation to learn John Bush’s most CONTROVERSIAL strategies for gaining more liberty and prosperity (no matter what politicians or polite society think)

Join us LIVE for your chance to win FREE Monero!

Special Free Training

with John Bush of Live Free Academy

LIVE Thurs February 15th, 2024

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What you’ll discover in the webinar

Secret #1

Why voting, protesting, and lobbying DOESN’T WORK to create more liberty (and the revolutionary ANTI-political strategy that gives you immediate and long-term freedom from government abuse the moment you put it into action)

This strategy is both extremely effective and extremely controversial. 

You can use it to avoid regulations, taxes, and all sorts of government oversight. 

You can apply it in virtually every area of your life. 

And you can learn how to use it in minutes. 

Plus, you’ll see how real people have used this strategy to survive the most totalitarian governments on Earth (re: the USSR) and how tens of thousands are using it today to escape the clutches of communism, including in places like Venezuela.

Secret #2

How to use the world’s most private cryptocurrency (it’s not Bitcoin!) to buy and sell virtually anything with trusted freedom-loving people (without anyone being able to spy on your activity)

Counter-economics is much easier than you think. 

In fact, you’re already engaging in counter-economics in numerous ways on a regular basis and didn’t know it. 

You’ll see how to practice counter-economics in your life and use this anti-political strategy to increase your privacy, prosperity, and liberty almost overnight.

Secret #3

My practical strategy for building yourself a low-risk exit plan without draining your bank account, no longer paying taxes, or leaving the city. 

Not everyone can opt out of the system at the drop of a hat.

Many people have investments, mortgages, a cushy corporate job and would never dream of putting that all at risk.

Secret #3 reveals how you can preserve all you have built while also preparing for a smooth exit, should the social engineering and coercion become unbearable. 

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Meet John Bush of Live Free Academy

I’ve been an activist for peace and freedom for 20 years. 

I’ve been participating in the counter-economy for just as long. 

And I’ve even co-created a global community to expand the counter-economy called the Freedom Cell Network.

In 2021, I created Live Free Academy.

Tens of thousands of students have taken my courses and workshops on cryptocurrency, wealth protection and growth, escaping smart cities and the surveillance state, and living the freest life possible. 

I’ve spoken at numerous conferences and events including The Texas Bitcoin Conference, Porcfest, The Greater Reset, and many more.

And I’ve appeared on numerous podcasts and shows including The Tom Woods Show, Higherside Chats, The Tinfoil Hat Podcast, The Mark Moss Show, The Survival Podcast, and plenty more. 

I believe that opting out of the banking system using this powerful crypto is the key to our financial freedom. 

Opting out of the traditional economy by buying and selling in the counter-economy, creating alternative institutions, and forming strong communities and networks of like-minded people is the key to our political freedom. 

The Counter-Economy Webinar is your entry into this new world. 

It’s definitely my most controversial webinar. 

It’s not for straight-laced rule followers or those who are interested in maintaining the status quo. 

This information is only for hardcore freedom DOERS who are ready to reclaim their sovereignty right now. 

If that’s you, then I hope to see you at the Counter-Economy Webinar

John Bush