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Secret #1

“How I was able to move to a 10-acre ranch in Texas, build multiple successful businesses offline and online, and protect my family from the insane COVID regime by taking full control and responsibility for my life, my finances, and my future (and exactly how YOU can do the same immediately)”


Secret #2

“How to proactively build powerful systems to create a “sanctuary of liberty” no one can disturb while peacefully opting out of systems of control constructed by your enemies (without anyone being able to do a damn thing to stop you)”




Secret #3

“How to find, connect, and cooperate with others who have freed themselves to form resilient coalitions and communities, businesses and charities, mutual aid groups, and more (this is how you achieve “strength in numbers” to protect yourself from adversaries and lay the foundation for a free society now and long into the future)”

Who is John Bush and why is he hosting this webinar?

I’ve been an activist for peace and freedom for 20 years now. In that time I spent significant amounts of energy on political activism and protesting. And while we had a number of what seemed like victories, in  reality, my community and I are not more free as a result of our efforts. 


I began to realize that if we want to find freedom in our lives, we need to take responsibility for the securing of our liberty and the best way to do that is to exit the matrix and build a better world.


Since then I’ve found REAL freedom and prosperity in my life and I’m committed to helping others do the same. Take this webinar and learn exactly how to abandon those systems and habits you engage in that are not in alignment with your values and instead live a life of liberty and autonomy.

I’ll see you soon,

John Bush

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Infinitely More Value "Infinitely more packed-in value than all the other online events I've attended combined. "
Avoid Costly Mistakes "I HIGHLY recommend spending the time with him because he can walk you through best practices to ensure you do it correctly, securely, and avoid costly mistakes. He has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience but breaks it down so it is easy to understand."
Extremely Informative "My partner, Melissa, and I have taken several webinars/courses through Live Free Academy. They are extremely informative and we are grateful to have such a valuable resource available.."

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