Free Informative Summit Reveals How To Buy Land And Build Intentional Community Even If You Have No Money, No Plan, And Don't Know Where To Begin

Free Informative Summit Reveals How To Buy Land And Build Intentional Community Even If You Have No Money, No Plan, And Don't Know Where To Begin

...even if you have little to no money and no idea where to begin!
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On Nov. 6th, 2021, Live Free Academy hosted a weekend of powerful presentations in partnership with the Central Texas Freedom Cell Network to inspire you with the knowledge and tools you need to exit the technocratic big cities and build liberated communities and cooperative networks with like-minded freedom lovers across the United States and abroad.

We designed the summit to be accessible for EVERYONE.

Whether you already know about intentional community and homesteading or are a complete beginner with zero experience in these areas.

The summit features experts in the areas of homesteading, community building, farming, real estate, law, off-grid technology, community governance, food production, and more.

They share proven strategies for peacefully resisting modern-day fascism through homesteading, cooperation with neighbors, and intentional community building.

Here’s What You Need To Know To Attend The Exit And Build Summit

The Exit and Build Land Acquisition and Community Development Summit will be hosted in La Grange, Texas on Nov. 6th and will be streamed LIVE to the world. 

It’s FREE to virtually attend the Nov. 6th summit!



In-person attendees will be treated with additional perks and activities. And you’ll have the chance to stay at The Oak Motel in La Grange at an affordable rate if you plan to stay all weekend. 

Once you register for the free portion of the summit you will see all the details about purchasing a ticket to attend in-person. 

Not only that, but as we’ll share below, we are also hosting an EXCLUSIVE in-person and virtual immersive roundtable on Sunday Nov. 7th where we will DIVE DEEPER on the material presented at the FREE summit on Saturday.

More on that below…

Join Us Nov. 6th For The Free Exit And Build Land Acquisition And Community Development Summit

During the summit you’ll discover:

Plus much, much more.


Waking up and walking outside to see your chickens pecking away in their coop beneath a deep blue sky. Apples scatter the ground below in your orchard, reminding you of the homemade hard cider you just finished brewing in time for tonight’s potluck with a handful of other families living a few acres away. Your kids pop by after finishing homeschool at a neighbor’s house. They leave just as quickly to play in the creek behind your home, but not before snagging some mulberries from the mulberry tree on their way. You spend the afternoon working on your laptop from home and setting up more solar panels with the resident expert that’s a part of your community. You arrive at the potluck and greet the other smiling faces with bottles of your finest brew, ready to relax around the bonfire just beginning to crackle with life. 

This is just a small snapshot of the serenity of living on a homestead in a caring, harmonious community.


A better, healthier, freer lifestyle is possible…


And the Exit and Build Land Acquisition and Community Development Summit will give you concrete tips and advice for making it a reality.

But I have to warn you...

We only want SERIOUS action takers to attend this event. 


If you’re just interested in theory, this isn’t for you. 


If you’re going to sit on the sidelines and do nothing with the information we give you, then stay away. 


But if you want to ACTIVELY find land for your homestead, work with others to form a resilient community built on the principles of liberty, and you’re serious about moving and taking action NOW…


Then join this FREE summit today.

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Do You Want To “Own Nothing And Be Happy”... Or Own Land And Be Free?

Because there is no in-between. 


The nightmare of smart cities, constant surveillance, and a total police state is knocking at our door. 


By 2030, the World Economic Forum (WEF) predicts you’ll “own nothing and be happy.”


You’ll be huddled into a “smart city” where every device is connected…and always watching and listening. Everything you say and do with everyone you encounter will be tracked, monitored and recorded.


No privacy. 


And no personal space. 


The streets are crowded. 


Your “home” is crowded. 


But it’s not as much a home as it is a temporary dwelling. Because in this world, you don’t own private property. If you’re not using “your” living room, for example, someone else will be using it while you’re away.


You’re a perpetual renter. 


And you’ll be given all the privileges the central controllers give to its citizens as long as you obey. 


Your social credit score will reveal whether you’re following the rules and “doing the right thing” or not. 


If you do, you’ll be rewarded. 


If you don’t, you’ll be easily punished. 


After all, if you don’t own anything, then whatever is given to you, whatever privileges you have, can easily be taken away in an instant. 


By the way…


We didn’t make any of this stuff up…


You can find it in the writings of the World Economic Forum and its founder, Klaus Schwab, who also authored the book, COVID-19: The Great Reset.


Schwab coined the term “the Great Reset” back in 2015. 


But it’s just a new marketing term for what we all used to call the “New World Order.”


Call it “stakeholder capitalism,” “ecofascism,” or “green communism,” the outcome is the same: 


Restructure the entire global economy, financial system, market capitalism, and cultural values to create a technocratic system in which governments and corporations explicitly work together (which is fascism by definition) to centrally manage everything in society, including human beings. “Every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed,” says the WEF. 


The architects of this matrix of control are using mandatory masks and vaccines, social distancing, lockdowns, business restrictions, inflation, divisive cultural battles and divide and conquer tactics to slowly strip you of your rights and drive our society toward this nightmare. 


Their goal is to make you hopelessly dependent on their rules and their system to exist.


But their plan depends on you participating in it. 


They need you to need them. 


That’s why…

Owning Land, Building A Homestead, And Joining A Community For Liberty Is The Best Path To Freedom

Land ownership is the greatest symbol of independence and freedom. 


Human rights are property rights, after all. 


Your rights come from the fact that you OWN yourself. 


Which is what gives you the right to own land and property. 


But if your right to property ownership is taken away…


Your human rights go with them. 


Buying, building, and homesteading your own land with others will form a literal concrete foundation for your right to own and direct your own life and resist any attempts from anyone to take that away from you.


It gives you the liberty to grow your own food, harvest your own water, and provide your own energy…


To create businesses, art, and entertainment…


To congregate and commune with whomever you want…


To protect your property and wealth…


And to sustain yourself and others through pandemics, depressions, wars, and natural disasters.


Free from government mandates, corporate restrictions, mass surveillance, and a broken culture. 


The Exit and Build Land Acquisition and Community Development Summit will show you how to…


Build Better Alternatives To Their System, Exit Their Control Grid, And Develop A Community To Support A Life Of Freedom

“Exiting and building” offers MANY options for you to choose the kind of liberated lifestyle you want to live.


You may want your own homestead on 10 acres, complete with a permaculture farm, cattle, and off-grid energy.


Or perhaps you want to live in an ecovillage, dwelling in a quaint home arranged closely with a dozen others, all working together to sustain the community.


Or maybe you want a homestead with a large amount of space for yourself but with numerous other homesteads off in the distance surrounding your own, forming a loose network of independent but interconnected farms.


Or you have your own vision of what you want to do with your land and the type of community you want to create.

Acquiring Land And Developing A Community Offers You The Chance To:

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We’ll Give You The Knowledge, Guidance, And Support To Exit And Build In The Best Way For You

Because it’s extremely difficult to try and do this on your own.

Trust us…

We’ve been there and crossed the roadblocks, overcome the obstacles, and figured out proven principles and methods for successfully acquiring land and building community again and again.

We’re ready to share our secrets for purchasing high-quality land at an affordable price, working with the budget you already have.

Ways to connect with existing neighbors or form new friendships with “fellow travelers” to get on the same page, bond over shared desires and needs, and build a special community that’s unique to you and the rest of the members in it.

The best places to look for hot properties RIGHT NOW with the soil, water, culture, and laws that allow for a thriving homestead and community.

How to structure your intentional community and homestead for optimal cooperation, privacy, security, and food production.

You’ll discover all of this and more when you…

Join The Exit And Build Land Acquisition And Community Development Summit

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Here’s A Sneak Peek At What You’ll Discover During The Free Summit:

Join The Exit And Build Land Acquisition And Community Development Summit

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How To Take The FREE Summit To The Next Level

After the FREE Summit on Nov. 6th we held an exclusive “Immersive Roundtable” on Nov. 7th. with even more in-depth talks, panels, and how-to information.

If you want access to this incredible content, just add it on the checkout page as you finish registering for the Summit.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn during the Sunday Immersive Roundtable:

Meet The Speakers Presenting At The Summit
And Immersive Roundtable

Joel Salatin

How to Create a Rural Haven

Joel Salatin, 62, calls himself a Christian-libertarian-environmentalist-capitalist-lunatic-farmer. He’s written 12 books, starred in the documentary Food Inc., and is the owner and founder of the world-famous Polyface Farms.


In this 90-minute deep-dive presentation, Joel will share his knowledge about starting a homestead WITHOUT buying land…or with buying as little land as possible, and how to reinvest the money you don’t use into the infrastructure to get the most bang for your buck. 


He’ll also share his unique methods for collaboration and compensation. You’ll learn why salaries and wages are NOT the best way to pay others for a hard day’s work, and hear a better way that Joel has used for years on his farm to supercharge the productivity of everyone involved. 


In short, Joel will teach you how to maximize your investment and operate a well-oiled homestead and cooperative community.

Jack Spirko

Ask Me Anything: A Live Q&a Session With Jack Spirko

Jack Spirko is a “modern survivalist,” certified permaculturist, and founder and host of The Survival Podcast, which routinely attracts over 100,000 listeners every day. 

Jack will be sitting down with John Bush for an informal interview during which he will answer your burning questions related to the latest mega-trends, homesteading, off-grid technology, permaculture, and more.

Marjory Wildcraft

Bartering For Freedom: How To Start An Intentional Community Right Now With The Neighbors You Already Have

Marjory Wildcraft is the founder of The Grow Network – a community of farmers and gardeners dedicated to modern self-sufficient living. She’s been featured by National Geographic as an expert in off-grid living and is listed in Who’s Who in America for having inspired hundreds of thousands of backyard gardens.

While living in Red Rock, Texas, Marjory helped establish a freedom-oriented neighborhood – a kind of spontaneous intentional community. Like-minded people in her local area began bartering, sharing meals, trading tools, exchanging food, and supporting each other in ways they never had before. Everyone had their own property, but they connected with each other on a deep communal level, rather than a superficial neighbor level – resulting in a resilient and successful intentional community.

Cynthia Tina

Intro To Intentional Communities: Why They Matter, How You Can Find Them, And A Quick Global Tour Of The Most Successful Communities Today

Cynthia Tina is the Co-director of The Foundation for Intentional Community – a 40-year-old nonprofit dedicated to supporting intentional communities as pathways towards a more cooperative, sustainable, and just world. Cynthia also founded Ecovillage Tours, was an officeholder on the Board of Trustees for the Global Ecovillage Network, and was director of the youth ecovillage network NextGENNA.

Cynthia is known as the “intentional community matchmaker” and helps people seeking a community to connect with one.

Thousands of people are joining and starting intentional communities for more belonging, resiliency, and autonomy. Instead of reinventing the wheel, Cynthia will reveal the wisdom of pioneers who have started and sustained a wide variety of intentional communities for decades.

She will introduce us to some of the hundreds of communities she has visited worldwide — ecovillages, cohousing, coliving, permaculture centers, housing cooperatives, and more. You’ll walk away with useful resources, practical advice, and the inspiration to get out there and start or join the right intentional community for you.

Derrick Broze

Exit And Build: Is Mexico A Safe Alternative To Your Current Location?

Derrick Broze is an activist, journalist, documentary filmmaker, author, and public speaker based in Houston, Texas. He’s also the founder of the Conscious Resistance Network, the host of Free Thinker Radio, and the author of 5 books. 

Derrick will break down the ins and outs of the Exit and Build strategy for remaining free from technocracy, protecting yourself from invasions of privacy, and maintaining liberty in a tyrannical world. 

He’ll also share tips and strategies for building intentional communities based on individualist anarchist principles, which he’s actively doing in Mexico. You’ll uncover the benefits of Mexico as the hub for your intentional community, the history of rebellion, and his plans for his intentional community, The Conscious Agora.

Ted Rau

What Is Sociocracy And How To Apply It To Intentional Communities

Ted Rau is the Program Director of the Sociocracy Academy – the institute dedicated to spreading the ideas and ideals of Sociocracy. Sociocracy is a group governance model used throughout many communities and organizations to make collaborative systems the new normal in non-profits, for-profits, and communities.

He’s also the author of the handbooks, Many Voices One Song and Shared Power with Sociocracy.

Ted will share proven methods for overcoming the challenges that inevitably arise in intentional communities through the implementation of the common sense principles of Sociocracy for greater collaboration and respect for each member of the group.

Nicole Sauce

Living Free In The Holler Community: Embracing Ownership And Markets In A Purposeful Neighborhood

Nicole is the host of the Living Free in Tennessee (LFTN) Podcast. 

She is a fellow traveler on the homesteading and self-reliance highway. She has started several different small businesses and endeavors including rental properties, corporate training, website design, roasted coffee, podcast and associated membership site, Spring Workshop, and a newspaper.

Nicole will cover the advent of the Holler Neighbors, how they have addressed trouble and strife, how the larger LFTN network has aided in its health, and how ownership and markets provide fuel for shared goals, managing misunderstandings, and harnessing individual strengths.

Art Martinez

Liberty Cities Rebellion

Art Martinez is a Texas attorney pioneering “liberty cities” in the state. Art will share his in-depth knowlesge on how people in rural areas can protect themselves from the encroachment and taxation of major cities. 

Art has gone beyond theory to actually helping communities in Texas to opt out of annexation and protect the wallets and rights of local residents. 

You will leave this talk with insights and inspiration on how you can prevent big cities from gobbling up your homestead.

Rebecca Powers

Sales Manager – Village Farm Tiny Home Community

Rebecca Power is the Sales & Customer Care Manager of Village Farm, a dynamic Agrihood tiny home community in Northeast Austin. She’s a tiny home specialist, ecovillage enthusiast, connoisseur of intentional community, and advocate for the Agrihood. 

Rebecca is passionate about promoting permaculture, tiny home living, food forestry, net-zero energy, and self-sufficiency. She aims to build community (“common unity”) as a viable alternative to traditional residential development.

John Bush

The 4 Principles For Unlocking Greatness, Achieving Your Dreams, And Living Free

John Bush is the co-founder of the Freedom Cell Network and owner of Live Free Academy and Brave Botanicals. John is passionate about empowering others to unlock their full potential, recognize their own greatness, and embrace their ability to live free now.

He will host the summit and kick it off with a spirited presentation on belief, mindset, and focusing your mind to accomplish all of your goals. 

You’ll discover the 4 principles of his “live free” action philosophy: Mindset, Strategy, Collaboration, and Massive Action. 

This talk will set the stage for the rest of the summit, and help you stay in control of your mind, plan for the future, work with others, and sacrifice the stuff holding you back from achieving your dreams so you can 10X the action you’re taking today. 

MJ NEAL FAIA, and Viviane Vives

Co-Housing For Homesteaders: How To Balance Ownership, Design, And Community While Respecting Nature

MJ Neal Architects is one of the most awarded firms in Austin, holding seven state awards, two national awards, two silver medals for design, honorable mentions, and other placements in international design competitions. 

Their work has been published all over the world, including GA, Dwell, Architectural Record, Interior Design Magazine, and many others.

MJ Neal, FAIA, and Viviane Vives of award-winning firm MJ Neal Architects will share their holistic land development philosophy, including land purchasing tips, essential do’s and don’ts, what to look for when purchasing land, how to get to know your land and why it’s important, Tips for working together and conducting community pow-wows, how to prepare the field for a good design, designing and planning your community, balancing the private with the communal, and pointing you in the direction of usable financial models

Kristine Schmidt

From Land Shopping To Closing:
Everything You Need To Know To Finance Your Propertys

Kristine Schmidt is a renowned realtor and the owner of Schmidt Ranches and Realty in Texas and is a member of the Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Central Texas, TXLS, and Waco MLS associations.

Kristine will dig deep into her vast knowledge of finding excellent land and property to show you how to select idea ranch properties, successfully relocate your family and belongings (using a proven process), the VA requirements you must have, various loan options, ways to fund new construction, and how to buy land with others.

Jon Prophet

“Cash Flowing” Your Community

Jon is a lifelong creator who has worked professionally in the areas of photography, music, film, marketing, public speaking, personal development, and more recently, as a researcher, educator, and strategist in intentional community building.

Jon will share his hard-won knowledge about building a thriving, decentralized economic model within our communities that puts quality over quantity, creativity overconsumption, and fosters deep connections within ourselves, our work, our neighbors, and the environments we occupy.

The FREE Exit and Build Summit Will Also Feature
Two Panels With Experts In Homesteading Real Estate
and Intentional Community Building

[Note: Only in-person attendees and virtual Roundtable Summit ticket-holders 

will be able to ask the experts questions. More details on registration page.]

PANEL: Ask a Realtor

Ask Me Anything: Conversations With Central Texas Realtors

This panel will feature experienced realtors who will answer your questions about relocating from urban areas to small towns, what factors to consider when looking at property, the buying process, and the market trends. 


Although they are from the Central Texas area, this information is applicable to anyone who has general questions about shopping for land in the country.


Panelists: Dare Lamberson, Morena Camp, Judith Mutola, Lisa Waddill

Moderator: Rebecca Powers

PANEL: Moving to the country

They’ve Gone Country: What It’s Like Moving From Urban Areas To The Country

This panel featured experts in intentional communities who have successfully “exited” big cities and “built” homesteads in small towns across the country.

They share their reasons, challenges, rewards, and the lifestyle adjustments they’ve had to make. They also share what intentional living looks like for them and how they are creating community in their area.

Panelist: Rita Quinn, Carol Jackson, Brandon Schielack, Rebecca Powers, Erica Dorn

Moderator: John Bush

Here Are Three Tours ONLY Available For Those Attending The Summit And Roundtable IN-PERSON

Tour: REDI Local Market And Venue


Brandon Schielack and his family are the owners of REDI Local Market – a farmers market located in the square in downtown La Grange. They’ve built a strong connection to the La Grange community with their shop becoming a central gathering spot for locals to collaborate and support one another. 


Brandon will lead a panel discussion with some of the food producers in the area and share how they are successfully creating their own counter-economy based on trust and mutual aid. 




Tour: Plum Fabulous Foods

TITLE: In ACTion: Plum Fabulous Food

Brianne is the owner of Plum Fabulous Foods farm – an organic farm renowned for its homemade fresh baked bread, care for its soil, and dedication to producing the highest-quality, most nutrient-dense food on God’s green Earth.


Brianne will show you how she has created a self-sufficient food production system on an acre of garden space that is so abundant, she’s able to feed her whole family and many others in her community. 



Tour: The Jersey Barnyard

TITLE: In ACTion: The Jersey Barnyard Picnic Lunch

The Jersey Barnyard is a third generation dairy farm that practices “regenerative agriculture” for the health and well-being of their organic produce and grass-fed cattle. 


They’ve established themselves as an essential pillar of the La Grange community. During the height of the COVID “pandemic”, for example, they helped local small businesses stay open and survive authoritarian restrictions by transforming their property into a farmer’s market location, allowing customers to shop at these stores that would’ve been shut down without the help of Jersey Barnyard.


You’ll get to visit the Jersey Barnyard property and browse their general store. You’ll also be treated to a picnic lunch as a group while listening to a talk by Jon Prophet about ways to bring cash flow into your community.



It’s Time To Make a Decision…

So we’ll ask you again…


Do you want to “own nothing and be happy”…


Or own land and be free?


The “powers-that-shouldn’t-be” want to own everything around you and we

guarantee NO ONE will be happy in the world they envision.


With ownership comes control and power.


Without ownership comes dependency and subservience.


You have to CHOOSE freedom.


And build it.


The simple fact that you’re reading this means you’ve already made the right choice…


Now it’s time to ACT on that decision.


Create liberty from the soil up with others who desire to be free with you.


This is the path to true freedom and liberation.


Not just from technocrats who wish to turn you into a modern-day serf…


But from the perils of a broken economic system, corrupt government, hazardous food, decaying culture, and more.


Homesteading and community development allow you to survive collapses, recessions, and depressions…


To withstand government mandates and regulations…


To feed yourself wholesome, organic, nutrient-dense food…


To build a culture of self-reliance, moral values, and voluntary cooperation…


And to build a literal foundation of sustainable freedom for future generations.


A free future begins today…


And starts with YOU.


So what will it be?


Will you choose to “own nothing” and live in miserable servitude…


Or own land and live in harmony with nature, your fellow free human beings, and the principles of liberty?


If you choose to own land…


Join the FREE Exit and Build Land Acquisition and Community Development Summit TODAY

The summit will start on Nov. 6th.


It’s FREE to attend virtually online. 


But you can purchase a ticket or a special IN-PERSON summit that includes a lot of extra perks and activities. 




You can also purchase a ticket to attend the exclusive Immersive Roundtable on Sunday, Nov. 7th, virtually or in-person.


You’ll see all of these details on the registration page. 


Click the button below to register for the FREE Exit and Build Land Acquisition and Community Development Summit today!


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