John Bush of Live Free Academy sits down with privacy and tech expert Ramiro Romani in this FREE webinar to reveal…

The insidious and stealthy ways governments and telecom companies are spying on you through your mobile device…

And the PROVEN methods for PERMANENTLY “switching them off” (that anyone can do no matter how non-technical you are)

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What you’ll discover in this FREE webinar:

Secret #1

The creepy and sophisticated ways your phone is spying on you (from the apps to the operating system that will make you second-guess everything you do on your mobile device) and the unbelievable “hacks” and “loopholes” YOU can exploit to liberate your smartphone from Big Tech and Big Government to use their advanced tech against them

Secret #2

The mind-blowing new tools, technologies, and strategies for privately communicating without giving up the things you love about modern smartphones (if you can send an email then you have all the technical expertise you need to maximize your privacy using these simple methods whether you’re 9 years old or 90 years old)

Secret #3

What the NSA and telecom companies don’t want you to know: the more advanced their spy technology and techniques become, the more dynamic and effective our privacy tech becomes (it’s a double-edged sword that’s always being refined and you can easily discover how to use it against those trying to steal your data)

** Plus – HUGE BONUS ** for those that show up LIVE to the webinar and watch until the very end

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Meet John Bush of Live Free Academy

John Bush is the founder of Live Free Academy, the premier training center for educating and empowering tens of thousands of people globally to exit corrupt systems, live a self-reliant lifestyle on their own property, build successful businesses, and be the change for freedom they wish to see in the world.

Meet Ramiro Romani of Above Agency

Ramiro Romani is the creator of #TakeBackOurTech, an educational initiative that releases free content on how individuals can increase their privacy and security by using pro-privacy and pro-sovereignty technologies.
He’s also the founder of Above Agency which creates cutting-edge privacy-based mobile devices.

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