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My wife, two kids, two dogs, and I were living on top of each other here ---->

“No, give it to me!”

“It’s my turn!”


My son and daughter were fighting again. 

Yelling, screaming, and roughhousing. 

They love each other but it’s hard to avoid arguments when you don’t have much space to go to your own room. 

Back in 2019, Rebecca, the kids, and I were living in a 399-square-foot tiny home in Austin, Texas. 

Our dream was to save enough money to one day buy a homestead property to grow our own food and start our own intentional community in the country in Central Texas. 

For a while, I thought I was losing my mind. 

Between the kids, no private space to just think and be alone, and all the stress of longing to get out and not being sure we would, It was a hard time. 

And we almost gave up on our dream. 

Then the COVID Plandemic struck like a thunderbolt and we knew we had to escape to greener pastures (literally) ASAP.

“It’s not like there’s a pandemic going on” the disgruntled Karen murmured sarcastically under her breath at the Target in the center of Austin, located in an upper-class neighborhood.

It’s around these parts I would routinely receive side eyes and rude comments for not wearing a mask back in 2020-2021. 

But this time, instead of just rolling my eyes and moving on with my day, something shifted inside of me. 


All of the Karens and COVID hysteria and restrictions had been piling up in my psyche like bags of luggage on a camel’s back. 

This moment in Target may have been the final straw for me. 

I rushed back to our tiny home and told Rebecca that we had to immediately accelerate our plans to escape this area and move to the country on our own homestead. 

For a minute, we considered buying a “traditional” house in a “traditional” neighborhood because we were so desperate and so ready to escape. 

Up the street was a nice neighborhood where we could get a mortgage, a sizable house with enough rooms for everyone, a lawn, a park, a pool, and plenty of space.

But every time Rebecca and I would look at each other and our kids and our goals in life, we remembered what we were sacrificing for, and stayed the course. 

We refused to take the easy way out. 

Eventually, all our hard work and sacrifice paid off. 

In early 2021, we FINALLY closed on a beautiful 10-acre homestead and have never been happier, freer, or more prosperous in our entire lives.

Our property started as a vast blank canvas but we were ready to start painting. 

Fast forward to today, and we’re truly living in a masterpiece of our own design.

We have:


We turned our homestead into an intentional community. 

We currently have 2 members. And we’ve installed RV pads which allow folks to safely park here on our property. We’re currently looking for a 3rd member (maybe more). 

How did we do it all in such a short time? And with very little experience?

NONE of this would be possible - the land, the homestead, the community - without the 5-part framework we’re revealing in this FREE webinar.

Step 1 of the framework changed our lives before we even got started. 

Step 2 of the framework made it possible to achieve our dream in ways we never imagined before.

Step 3 of the framework granted us a homestead, an intentional community, and a new life of self-sufficiency in the country.

Step 4 of the framework filled in the gaps in our skills and knowledge so we wouldn’t have to do everything ourselves (and we were able to get our projects done in half the time even though we had no idea what we were doing). 

Step 5 of the framework is the reason why we have freezers and gardens full of food, off-grid energy, and all sorts of emergency preparedness and quality of life amenities. 

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE when you put this 5-part framework to work in your life. 

It worked for us. 

It can absolutely work for you. 

Discover the 5-part framework for finding freedom in the country and how you can use it to get land, a homestead, a community, and self-sufficiency faster than you ever thought possible in this brand new FREE webinar

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""At this point we have 11 beehives and about 40 trees in the orchard. With all the outside work we are both in the best health we have ever had. I did not think I would have the energy to do this much work. Being away from the city has allowed us to focus on our values, our goals, and our health.""

-Steve and Andrea

"WHAT AN INCREDIBLE EVENT! [Rebecca and John] You both do SO much to HELP! So, from the core of my eternal and infinite soul, THANK YOU!"

- Stuart Sykes

"I have just got my hands on this allotment John, at home we have installed a wood burner, solar, invested in Qortal, gold and silver, all in the last 8 months, besides many other changes made to our lifestyles. We have built up a local community, a network of people to trade with etc."

- Stuart McGregor

Meet John Bush of Live Free Academy

I’ve been an activist for peace and freedom for 20 years now. 

I started out as a 9/11 Truth activist and then an activist for the Ron Paul Revolution before pursuing entrepreneurship for freedom. 

Since then, I’ve run a conspiracy bookstore, started numerous news and cryptocurrency podcasts, operated a Bitcoin mine, and more. 

I’ve appeared on numerous podcasts and shows including The Tom Woods Show, The Pete Quinones Show, The Mark Moss Show, The Survival Podcast, and plenty more. 

Then in 2021, I created Live Free Academy.

Tens of thousands of students have taken my courses and workshops learning how to use cryptocurrency for financial sovereignty and to opt out of the central bank digital currency scam, build thriving homesteads, start successful intentional communities, form underground counter economies, protect and grow wealth outside of Wall Street, become an entrepreneur, and so much more. 

I’m also the originator of The Freedom Cell Network – which, with the help of activist and journalist Derrick Broze – has blossomed into a GLOBAL web of radical freedom-loving people trading and providing mutual aid with each other underground,

Now, I’m on a mission to help as many people “Exit and Build” in every way possible. 

This FREE webinar will show you the exact 5-part framework Rebecc and I have used for “exiting” corrupt, expensive, and dangerous cities and suburbs and “building” an independent and prosperous life in the country on your own food-producing land in a supportive community. 

John Bush
Meet Rebecca Bush of Exit and Build Property Solutions

I’ve been obsessed with ecovillages and “agrihoods” – residential communities designed around gardens, permaculture sites, and other food production systems – for over a decade. 

I used to be the Sales and Customer Care Manager at Village Farm – a tiny home community in Austin, Texas. Insider Magazine flew out a journalist from New York to cover the amazing work we accomplished at Village Farm. 

The organic farm we fostered on the property grew enough crops to feed up to 55 families. The community members were free to help out on the farm, learn essential gardening skills, and benefit from the fresh, organic food grown. 

From this experience, I became an expert in creating tight-knit communities and teaching others how to live communally, handle conflict, improve interpersonal relationships, and more. 

Now, I’m the CEO of Exit and Build Property Solutions, a land development firm connecting investors and buyers to guide them in collectively purchasing large plots of land for building homesteads and establishing communities together.

I’m excited to share the 5-part framework John and I have used to establish the home and homestead of our dreams, complete with year-round food supplies, off-grid energy, and a community of amazing freedom-loving people. 

Rebecca Bush
The only one thing that separates achievers from non-achievers is that they enlist the help of others to make progress.
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