For anyone running a business, intentional community, church, or other organization looking to break free from the oppressive laws of our legal matrix, you’re invited to attend…

The Freedom Trinity Webinar

Revealed publicly for the first time ever...

The “Trinity Framework” to lawfully establish ANY organization that’s in service to others OUTSIDE of the legal matrix and automaticallyEXEMPT YOURSELF from taxes AND many unwanted rules AND regulations.

In this mind-blowing NEW FREE webinar, John Bush sits down with The Divine Law Specialist, Bradley Logan, to reveal…

And much, much more!


Special FREE training with John Bush of Live Free Academy and Bradley Logan of Prosperous Legacy Advisers

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What you’ll discover in this FREE webinar:

Secret #1

Undeniable PROOF that you can wield the law like a sword to slash through unwanted regulations and taxes while lawfully shielding yourself and your organization against any further infringement on your rights.

Sounds too good to be true? 

That’s because professional accountants, tax advisers, business professors, politicians, and lawyers have either LIED to you or are totally ignorant when it comes to lawfully liberating yourself. 

The secret to breaking free from the matrix is that there are no secrets. 

You’ve just never been shown the exact methods, strategies, and lawful structure to separate yourself from unjust government control … until now.

Secret #2

Bradley Logan’s 3 keys to lawfully unlocking freedom “in the private realm” outside of government overreach (and how to use them without knowing “legalese”, without complicated theories, and without any experience at all).

What “THEY” don’t want you to know is it’s much easier to opt out of the matrix than “THEY” want you to believe. 

Bradley will reveal his complete framework for lawfully locking down your rights without being locked into a legal prison. The best part is, the “Trinity Framework” can be applied in all 50 states in America … PLUS Canada, Mexico, the UK, and elsewhere!

For the past 8 years, he’s successfully helped regular people who have zero legal training understand his unique methods for lawful liberty. 

Now, he’s giving you the simplest breakdown of how it all works so you can actually use it for freedom.

Secret #3

How to WIN the game of “5D chess” you’re playing against the government by being 100% lawful yet totally outside of their jurisdiction (this is how you “handcuff” them from taking away your God-given rights).

Yes, the government is corrupt and wants to take as much of your liberty away as possible. 

But our system of law actually can work to protect and expand your liberty like nothing you’ve ever seen before when you know how to make the law work for you. 

You’ll discover the unique and mind-blowing methods for lawful sovereignty baked into our current system that no one can stop you from using for your intentional community, church, business, or any other organization that’s in service to others. 

** Plus – HUGE BONUS ** for those that show up LIVE to the webinar and watch until the very end

Meet John Bush of Live Free Academy

John Bush is the founder of Live Free Academy, the premier training center for educating and empowering tens of thousands of people globally to exit corrupt systems, live a self-reliant lifestyle on their own property, build successful businesses, and be the change for freedom they wish to see in the world.

Meet Bradley Logan of Prosperous Legacy Advisers

Bradley Logan is the founder of Prosperous Legacy Advisers. He went from successfully practicing commercial real estate law for decades to helping freedom-loving folks leverage his unique “Trinity Framework” to establish their organization outside of the legal matrix and lawfully opt out of unwanted rules, regulations, and taxes. 

Ready to step out of the legal matrix and into the private realm (while eliminating many regulations and taxes from your life along the way)?