Want to know the best places in the world to create an intentional community?

The 8 states and countries with the most freedom, affordable land, and ideal climate to build a thriving intentional community

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  • The freest state in America known around the world as the symbol of American independence (with a vibrant community of liberty activists and entrepreneurs, no income or estate taxes, a great gun culture, and thousands of miles of affordable land)
  • The freest country in North America featuring some of the world’s loosest border restrictions (with 50% lower costs of living than the United States, a STRONG counter-economic and agorist culture among locals and foreigners, and tons of land available for purchase)
  • The state with a THRIVING network of intentional communities and the most libertarians gathering in one place anywhere in the US (with tons of personal freedom from guns to drugs and more, no income or sales tax, and incredible weather for growing nearly any food you want)
  • The US territory that gives you 90% of your income tax back as a rebatemaking it the lowest-taxed jurisdiction on US soil(with Caribbean-like weather year-round, an extraordinarily small government, and one of the largest concentrations of small and big-name cryptocurrency activists, developers, and entrepreneurs)

And much more!

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The Top 8 Strategic Locations Report Reveals Everything You Need to Know To Find The Perfect Place To Build Your Community

Choosing where to build an intentional community requires careful thought and consideration. 

We analyzed the laws, existing community and culture, climate, cost, and much more in dozens of states and countries and whittled that list down to these 8 rare places offering the ideal conditions for a liberty-based community to flourish. 

There is no “perfect” location. 

Each one comes with its own pros and cons (which we outline in this report)… 

But we’re confident at least one of these areas can give you the space and freedom to build the life you’re looking for in the country.

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