Congrats on purchasing Day 3 of the Land Summit and lifetime access to the replays!

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Here’s How to Access the Replays!

1. If you have not used Kajabi (our new video course platform) with us in the past, you will receive an email titled – Your New Live Free Academy Account – that contains your username and your password.
2. You will also receive an email titled – You’ve been granted access to ‘
Exit and Build Land Summit Day 3 and Replays’ – that contains the link you need to login to your new member area and access your videos. 
If you received the New Account email, use the username and password from that email to login and you will be taken to your course.
3. If you did not receive the New Account email, click the login button in the Granted Access email then click Forgot Password. Find the Reset Password email titled – “Instructions to reset your Kajabi password”. Follow the link in that email. Your username is the email you used when signing up for the Summit replay. Reset your password and you will be granted access to your course!
Once logged in, you should see the following course….
Exit and Build Land Summit II

If you had access the to the Land Summit (Free Replay) course make sure you use the new course you have been added to instead of the Free Replay one as you will lose access to the Free Replay course within four days of starting it. 

If you are still not able to login or if you have any problems whatsoever, do not hesitate to email – [email protected]
You will also receive an email with these instructions and if you need help you can reply to that email.