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The Orange, Green, and Gold Power Pack

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Inside the Power Pack you get instant access to:

The Cryptocurrency for Beginner’s Workshop

The Buy Land Build Community Bootcamp

The Make More Money Masterclass

With these trainings you’ll be given the power to liberate yourself from the central banking system, produce your own food with freedom-minded people, and gain financial security, sovereignty, and self-reliance

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The powers-that-shouldn’t-be want you to live in a soulless black-and-white world under their control

They want you poor and helpless. 

They want you trapped in their system. 

They want you to own nothing and depend on them for everything. 

They want to strip you of your soul and force you into a cold, colorless existence where you live and die to serve them and their agenda. 

But what they want the most is for you to never discover your power to disrupt their plans and stop them from ever controlling you. 

Because you possess the paintbrush to coat your life in liberty. 

And today I’m going to give you the paint you’ve been missing to unleash your full potential and become the ruler of your own radiant existence.

The Orange, Green, and Gold Power Pack restores the colors of wealth, freedom, and independence to your world

Orange represents independence

Cryptocurrency provides independence from the central banking financial system. Independence from economic surveillance. independence from censorship. Independence even from the IRS in some respects.

The greatest achievement of cryptocurrency by far is “self-custody.” Meaning, you can take 100% control over your digital assets. Banks and governments can control your dollars. But no one can control your crypto.

The Cryptocurrency for Beginner’s Workshop reveals how to harness and use cryptocurrency to independently trade, do business, earn wealth, share value, support causes, and more using a technology that no government or corporation can control.

Green represents freedom

Land is the ultimate form of freedom.

When you have your own slice of the Earth complete with your own food supply (plants and animals), civilization could crumble around you but you would still have everything you need to sustain your life and rebuild. 

Coupled with land is community. People working together toward a common cause, united by common beliefs, protecting each other and expanding their power and influence and right to live the way they want. 

The Buy Land Build Community Bootcamp will walk you step-by-step toward settling in your own homestead in the country, growing and raising your own plants and animals, and joining or creating an intentional community of like-minded people.

Gold represents wealth

Being able to create, earn, keep, invest, and grow wealth is the best way to “buy” your freedom and independence and live the life you choose. 

Being the king of your world means being in control of your source of income. Wealth gives you power and influence in the world. Wealth gives you options and access to opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have. Wealth allows you to fund the people and movements you want to see succeed. 

The Make More Money Masterclass gives you proven paths to increasing your income as an employee, starting a profitable side hustle and earning an extra few hundred dollars a month, or forging your own business empire as an entrepreneur.

Here’s exactly what you get inside each training of the Power Pack

The Cryptocurrency for Beginners Workshop

This course is designed for non-techie people and will take you by the hand and slowly and carefully walk you through the fundamentals of cryptocurrency. 

By the end of this workshop you’ll understand more about crypto than 99.9% of people on the planet…

…even if you just found out about Bitcoin yesterday. 

But this course is also good for those of you who know a little about crypto but recognize that you could learn a lot more. 

Here’s what you’ll discover in the Cryptocurrency for Beginners Workshop:

  • Exactly what cryptocurrency is, how it works, why it’s valuable, and why anyone who believes in freedom should take cryptocurrency very seriously (and begin investing in it immediately)
  • How to setup a cryptocurrency wallet step-by-step
  • How to quickly and easily purchase cryptocurrency
  • How to properly send and receive cryptocurrency between crypto “wallets” (without losing your tokens or making common mistakes)
  • What “altcoins” are, why they matter, and which ones you should pay attention to (PLUS my recommendations of the top altcoins to buy today)
  • How to PRIVATELY acquire and transfer cryptocurrency without spying eyes monitoring your activity
  • How to “stake” Cardano (a powerful altcoin known as ADA) inside the Exodus cryptocurrency wallet for major profits
  • A complete breakdown of what Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is and how it works (hint: this is how I’ve been able to give myself a loan without using a bank
  • The 7 most common types of crypto scams and how to avoid each one
  • The pros and cons of giving out your information when buying cryptocurrency from an exchange
  • How to buy cryptocurrency from exchanges WITHOUT providing personal information (and where to go to do it)

Plus a TON more!

The Buy Land Build Community Bootcamp

The Buy Land Build Community Bootcamp gives you the first ever STEP-BY-STEP blueprint to exiting cities and suburbs and building the freest life possible in the rural countryside of America and beyond within MONTHS instead of years.

It’s nearly a dozen hours of in-depth secrets, strategies, and resources systematically showing everything you need to know to live a free and self-sufficient life, in the order you need to know it, with tons of flexibility to suit your particular preferences, budget, location, and more.

Here’s exactly what you’ll discover inside the Buy Land Build Community Bootcamp:

  • An introduction into how we got into the authoritarian mess we’re in today…
  • A masterclass in setting your mindset for maximum success with homesteading and community building
  • A strategy session to come up with a real-world plan and reasonable goals to make your dream a reality in a matter of months
  • An in-depth dive into the exact methods, tools, and resources for finding high-quality land
  • A brainstorm of the legal and financial considerations for purchasing the land you want (often the hardest part of this entire process that so many get stuck on but will be made crystal clear in this session)
  • An elite-level training in permaculture design for turning every inch of your property into a food-producing powerhouse (that you would have to pay thousands to hear outside of this Bootcamp)
  • A simple set of building plans for creating the perfect home and other structures you’ll need on your property and how to fully go “off-grid”
  • A laundry list of sophisticated tools, techniques, and resources to get (and stay) off-grid
  • A blueprint for designing your property according to the principles of permaculture to grow acres of organic, healthy food, raise any type of farm animal, harvest your own water, and live off the land like a pro
  • A breakdown of all the “cottage industries” your homestead and community can support, including how to market your business, turn a profit every year, and reinvest what you earn to grow and expand your community
  • A checklist for providing essential amenities you’re used to in normal life to go from “roughing it” to “loving it” in the country
  • A range of resources for finding and vetting potential community members, creating a “governance system” to maintain peace and order, and proven communication methods for reducing conflict and increasing cooperation
  • A proven method for setting achievable goals and following through with your plan (in other words, how to keep yourself accountable to doing what you said you would do when you said you would do it)

And so much more!

The Make More Money Masterclass

This is one of the best and most valuable courses I’ve ever taught.

The Make More Money Masterclass shows you how to make more money at your job…start a profitable side hustle…or grow a successful business.

Inside this 7-hour masterclass you’ll discover DOZENS of simple, painless, and uncomplicated ways to increase your income by at least a few hundred dollars each month, including:

  • How to upgrade your “money mindset” to make income increases feel good and become natural to you (plus practical methods to overcome the psychological barriers you’ve put in your own way preventing you from being wealthier)
  • The habits and behaviors of high-earners that you can adopt right now to begin making more money
  • Proven ways to make your employer WANT to give you more money (including the secrets my own employees have used to practically FORCE ME to pay them more)
  • How to become indispensable and virtually “un-fireable” so that you’re never on the chopping block when layoffs happen and are consistently seen as a must-have member of your company
  • The top side hustles ANYONE can do morning, evening, or on the weekends (and how to balance your time between your regular job and your side hustle)
  • How to turn what you’re already doing for free into a profitable side hustle
  • Successful side hustles that many people I personally know have started and are still doing years later with great success that doesn’t require much money or resources to start up
  • The principles behind scaling up a side hustle to continually make more money – enough to quit your job and commit to it full-time. 
  • How I took over a failing natural health supplement company and turned it into a thriving business that’s still going strong almost 10 years later
  • How I’ve built a massively successful online course and content creation business based around liberty: Live Free Academy (and how to turn your skills and knowledge into a powerful online business)
  • How I went from barely surviving in a converted bus with 2 kids and a wife to thriving on a 10-acre ranch with my family in more abundance than ever (plus the proven path to follow to the life of your dreams)

And a whole lot more!

If you tried to buy each of the trainings in the Orange, Green, and Gold Power Pack you would pay $521…

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