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Do You Want A COMPLETE Blueprint You Can Follow To Move To The Country, Build a Self-Sufficient Homestead, and Grow a Powerful, Liberty-Based Community Within Months Instead Of Years Starting Right Now?
Then you need the Buy Land Build Community Interactive Bootcamp
It’s Presented By Two Leading Experts Who Have Already Helped Hundreds of Freedom-Seekers Successfully “Exit and Build” - John Bush and Rebecca Powers

The Buy Land Build Community Interactive Bootcamp features:

  • Nearly a dozen hours of in-depth secrets, strategies, and resources…
  • Laid out in a simple-to-follow “map” taking you from A to Z (and beyond)…
  • That anyone can follow to buy land, build homesteads and communities, and live free in the country.

Unlike the Exit and Build Land Summit, that gives you a “shotgun” blast of (some of the most valuable and powerful) information on exiting and building that you have to piece together yourself…

The Buy Land Build Community Interactive Bootcamp systematically organizes everything you need to know to live the free and self-sufficient life in the order you need to know it, with tons of flexibility to suit your particular preferences, budget, location, and more.

By the end of the Bootcamp, you’ll have a simple, easy-to-follow plan for achieving real liberty in the countryside within months instead of years.

We’ve turned the entire process of “exiting and building” into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step map you can follow without any head-scratching confusion or guesswork.

Rebecca Powers and I will be hosting the entire Bootcamp, leveraging our combined knowledge and experience for the most powerful presentation on this topic you’re likely to find anywhere.

  • Rebecca was the sales & customer care manager of Village Farm – a dynamic Agrihood tiny home community in Northeast Austin -and has personally helped nearly 100 people join one of the world’s largest tiny home communities, centered around a certified organic farm.
  • In late 2021, we purchased a 10-acre homestead, moving us and our two kids out of a tiny home and onto a large property to start our own intentional community with multiple families.
  • Our combined experiences have given us a wealth of knowledge that any beginner, and even many experienced homesteaders and community developers can use to avoid common mistakes and make their dreams of living free in the country a reality.

We’re going to share EVERYTHING we know about acquiring land, building homesteads, and joining or creating intentional communities with you.

And we’ve structured the Bootcamp to make learning everything we have to teach you super easy, gradually progressing through the lessons so you remember what you learn and never fall behind.

The Buy Land Build Community Interactive Bootcamp Is Broken Into 10 Modules For Maximum Impact:

  1. An introduction into how we got into the authoritarian mess we’re in today…
  2. A masterclass in setting your mindset for maximum success with homesteading and community building…
  3. A strategy session to come up with a real-world plan and reasonable goals to make your dream a reality in a matter of months…
  4. An in-depth dive into the exact methods, tools, and resources for finding high-quality land…
  5. A breakdown of the legal and financial considerations for purchasing the land you want (often the hardest part of this entire process that so many get stuck on but will be made crystal clear in this session)…
  6. An elite-level training in permaculture design for turning every inch of your property into a food-producing powerhouse (that you would have to pay thousands to hear outside of this Bootcamp)…
  7. A simple set of building plans for creating the perfect home and other structures you’ll need on your property and how to fully go “off-grid”…
  8. A varied set of practices for growing and harvesting food, gardening, and living off the (literal) fruits of your labor…
  9. A long list of ways to ensure your community can educate its children, establish profitable businesses, and provide recreational activities for adults and kids alike…
  10. And a range of additional resources you’ll need to pull it all together.

Since the first Bootcamp…

We’ve UPDATED…REVISED…And EXPANDED it to tackle the pressing issues we’re facing in the world TODAY

We’re diving way deeper into tactics and strategies for PREPPING and PREPAREDNESS in the face of total economic collapse…

We’re revealing every secret for LIVING OFF-GRID we know of that virtually anyone can implement…

And we’re exposing all the methods you could possibly need to construct simple but powerful FOOD PRODUCTION SYSTEMS to feed your family year-round in case the shelves at your grocery store stay empty…

This will be, without a doubt, the most comprehensive workshop on building a resilient and self-sufficient homestead and self-sustaining community you’ve ever seen

Here’s Just A Small Taste Of What You’ll Discover Throughout the Buy Land Build Community Interactive Bootcamp:

  • How our connection to nature, each other, and the principles of liberty have been severed by centralized food production, hierarchical governance, dependence on pharmaceutical drugs, social media platforms, and more.
  • The TRUTH about why buying land and building a community is the sure path to freedom.
  • The simple mindset hacks anyone can use to supercharge their motivation and creativity to “get stuff done” quickly and efficiently.
  • The secret to setting achievable goals and following through with your plan (in other words, how to keep yourself accountable to doing what you said you would do when you said you would do it). 
  • How to overcome your “money problems” and manifest financial freedom.
  • Why building a “community of one” might be the BEST place to begin your journey toward an intentional community of many. 
  • How to find others who share your culture and values and would make a great fit in your community (and why it’s best to work with people you already trust).
  • A powerful little “trick” for vetting potential community members you don’t know to ensure they won’t cause problems and in-fighting (the #1 killer of intentional communities). 
  • Proven methods of communication you MUST know to foster empathetic listening, respectful conversation, and cooperative problem-solving (these are time-tested processes and techniques to make you a better leader and team member in your community and all other areas of your life)
  • How to design a community “governance system” to preserve individual autonomy, ensure everyone consents to decisions being made, and gives all members of the community a voice and role to serve others in the community, resulting in peaceful cooperation. 
  • Why you should “begin with the end in mind” when choosing a property and a list of the attributes you should look for in the perfect parcel of land to meet your goals. 
  • The various regulations you need to be aware of before buying a property to ensure these laws allow you to build the kind of homestead and community you desire. 
  • The legal structures to consider when purchasing property as a group to mitigate serious problems down the road. 
  • How to find a reliable broker in your area to find the right land for you.
  • How to finance the land and building projects WITHOUT a traditional bank using decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain technology. 
  • How to locate existing intentional communities in your area and apply to join them.
  • The typical styles of homes you should consider building on your property, each with its pros and cons.
  • How to get (and stay) off-grid using simple and sophisticated tools, techniques, and resources.
  • How to provide for the essential amenities you’re used to in normal life to go from “roughing it” to “loving it” out in the country.
  • How to design your property according to the principles of permaculture to grow acres of organic, healthy food, raise any type of farm animal, harvest your own water, and live off the land like a pro. 
  • Why you need an “education system” in your community (and how to create one that accommodates homeschooling, unschooling, or any other “schooling” systems you and the rest of the community decide to use). 
  • A breakdown of all the “cottage industries” your homestead and community can support, including how to market your business, turn a profit every year, and reinvest what you earn to grow and expand your community.

And a whole lot more!

Included with the Bootcamp is the “Blueprint Workbook”

The Blueprint Workbook provides plenty of space to fill in with notes as you learn. You can write out your grand vision and goals to remind yourself WHY you’re committing to this Bootcamp (because “with a big enough WHY you can overcome any HOW”). And this workbook will serve as your own personal guide to achieving your goals and keeping yourself accountable long after the Bootcamp ends.


Get FOUR Extra In-Depth Mini-Workshop Sessions

Session #1 - Decision Making and Legal Structures for Build Community

Diana Leafe Christian reveals the nuts and bolts of building a successful intentional community.

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover in this session:

  • What works and doesn’t work for creating successful communities based on dozens of communities she’s personally overseen and created
  • Practical advice on creating a leadership structure, a shared Mission and Purpose for your community, and clear agreements between members
  • How to implement a fair and participatory decision-making process that ensures everyone has a voice and a role to play
  • Various legal structures and options for setting up your community with your local government

Session #2 - Tiny Homes, Intentional Community, and Manifestation

Rebecca Powers shares all of her best ideas and strategies for transitioning from city and suburban living to tiny home and communal living. And she unveils the techniques anyone can use to manifest their desires.

Rebecca will show you:

  • Tons of ideas and strategies for smoothly moving out of cities and suburbs and into “alternative” communities
  • The pros and cons of tiny home living (and how to make it work for you)
  • How to know for sure if tiny home or communal living is right for you
  • How to set your intentions and your mindset to “attract” the life and reality you want most

Session #3 - Homesteading, Community Building, Entrepreneurship

Nicole Sauce takes a deep dive into her journey homesteading in Tennessee, building a thriving intentional community with her neighbors, and the methods you can use to increase your income and liberty through entrepreneurship.

During Nicole’s session you’ll discover:

  • How to start and run a thriving business while living a rugged and rural “off grid” self-reliant lifestyle
  • How to start small side hustles and gradually grow them to increase your wealth long-term
  • The vital role perseverance plays in being successful (and why no matter how crazy your dream is you should keep going)
  • How to create an intentional community with your existing neighbors (just like Nicole did) so you never even have to move if you don’t want to

Session #4 - How to Hack Your Habits and 10x Your Goals

John Bush reveals the keys behind his success as a serial entrepreneur running multiple businesses.

Inside this potentially life-changing session, John reveals:

  • How to set motivating, achievable goals you stay excited to accomplish
  • How to “10X” your goals to transform your mindset about what you’re capable of and push you to achieve more than you imagined you could
  • How to craft a detailed (but simple) plan for making steady progress toward your goals
  • How to “hack your brain” to create an unstoppable vision of your new self to effortlessly manifest your desires
  • How to identify the negative, counterproductive habits holding you back
  • How to use the world-famous “habit loop” method to permanently BREAK bad habits and INSTALL new, positive habits
  • How to “tie” habits to goals to virtually make success inevitable

And much more!


Receive These TWO Exclusive Bonuses...
The Exit and Build Land Acquisition and Community Development Summit AND The Sunday Immersive Roundtable!

The Summit and Roundtable featured a variety of experts in the areas of homesteading, community building, farming, real estate, law, off-grid technology, community governance, food production, and more.

The speakers presenting at these two information-packed workshops shared powerful secrets and strategies for peacefully resisting tyranny and technocracy through homesteading, cooperation with neighbors, and building intentional communities.

You’ll hear from:

  • Joel Salatin – owner and founder of the world-famous Polyface Farms
  • Jack Spirko – founder and host of The Survival Podcast
  • Marjory Wildcraft – founder of The Grow Network
  • Cynthia Tina – co-director of The Foundation for Intentional Community
  • Derrick Broze – founder of the Conscious Resistance Network
  • Ted Rau – program director of the Sociocracy Academy
  • Nicole Sauce – host of the Living Free in Tennessee (LFTN) Podcast
  • Art Martinez – Texas attorney and pioneer of “liberty cities”
  • Rebecca Powers – sales and customer care manager of Village Farm
  • John Bush – co-founder of the Freedom Cell Network and owner of Live Free Academy and Brave Botanicals
  • MJ NEAL FAIA, and Viviane Vives – co-owners and founders of award-winning MJ Neal Architects
  • Kristine Schmidt – owner of Schmidt Ranches and Realty in Texas
  • Jon Prophet – lifelong creator and professional renaissance man

Inside the recorded presentations from the Summit and Roundtable you’ll discover:

  • How “regenerative systems” have the power to liberate us from the matrix IF they are decentralized and voluntarily organized (we’ll teach you why these systems are so vital for freedom and how to get started setting them up)
  • The essential “characteristics” EVERY homestead must have to be considered reliable, resilient, and ripe for purchase (don’t purchase property if it doesn’t check off most of these boxes)
  • How to strategically (and cost-effectively) acquire land and homes for homesteading and community building
  • Simple tips for connecting with like-minded neighbors in your area, forming partnerships, and building a coordinated intentional community together
  • Proven methods for getting along with others, forging a community that works together and shares resources without friction, and building a thriving community the “traditional way” with a large group of people on a single piece of property
  • How “liberty cities” help to stop big cities from gobbling up neighboring land, such as unincorporated areas – and establishes a legal “free market safe zone,” allowing residents to live and work out of reach of regulators with the smallest government possible (and often without any taxation)
  • How to “monetize your homestead,” break into the “cottage industry,” and use entrepreneurship to build an abundant (and profitable) community
  • The exact step-by-step process for finding the right property at the right price for your unique goals, placing a winning offer, securing a proper inspection and appraisal, financing your dream, plus invaluable advice from folks who have actually moved out of cities into rural areas and successfully founded thriving intentional communities
  • Why the location you choose to live in (or hunker down in) during a natural disaster or societal collapse will determine if you make it through it or not (and how to leverage Joel Skousen’s “strategic relocation” strategy to give yourself the best odds for survival)


You Get Two Premium Reports:

REPORT #1 - Top 8 Locations for Buying Land and Building Community

Where you choose to build your community is just as important as who you choose to build it with. After surveying the United States of America and other countries, we’ve determined a few key areas ripe for building intentional communities.

We analyzed the laws, culture, climate, cost, and existing communities in these places to give you a broad overview of what you can expect if you choose to build your community there.

We’re confident at least one of these areas can give you the space and freedom to build liberty in the country.

REPORT #2 - Top 8 Housing Options for Your Intentional Community

If you’re going to choose the community you wish to live in, then you should also be intentional about the type of home you live in.

Different housing structures are best suited for different environments, climates, goals, and personalities. There are many traditional and unique styles of homes to choose from, and we’ve picked out over half a dozen types of houses to suit your needs.

They range from ancient dwellings to modern creations, and one of them will be just right for you.

Here’s EVERYTHING you get with the Buy Land Build Community Interactive Bootcamp:

Drills, exercises, and instructions for setting your mindset and goals for unstoppable success (using techniques from professional performance coaches)


Realtor secrets for finding, choosing, financing, and acquiring land (learned from some of the best in the business)


Elite training in permaculture design for turning every acre into rich farmland (borrowing the methods of permaculture masters)


Building designs for livable, reliable, and resilient homesteads (taken from expert homestead builders)


Gardening systems for producing abundant harvests year-round (acquired through personal experience and hands-on training with food growing specialists)


Procedures and processes for establishing a learning environment to serve the needs of children of all levels (adopted from our personal way of home educating + resources and materials from proven programs)


Entrepreneurship and business training for turning your homestead and community into a profitable “cottage industry” (taken from thousands of hours of my own experience as a multiple business owner along with the hundreds of hours of education we’ve received from 7 and 8-figure entrepreneurs)


AND you’re receiving:

The Top 8 Strategic Locations For Buying Land And Building Intentional Community


The 8 Best Homesteads And Housing Options For Your Intentional Community


Replay of the Exit and Build Land Acquisition and Community Development Summit and Roundtable


LIFETIME access to the Exit and Build Land Community Private Telegram Group


LFA Member Session – Decision Making and Legal Structures for Build Community w/ Diana Leafe Christian


LFA Member Session – Tiny Homes, Intentional Community, and Manifestation w/ Rebecca Powers


LFA Member Session – Decision Making and Legal Structures for Build Community w/ John Bush


LFA Member Session – Homesteading, Community Building, Entrepreneurship w/ Nicole Sauce




But You Are NOT Paying $3,675

You’re not paying $1,675 either…

You’re not even paying $675…

You’re getting everything included with the Buy Land and Build Community Interactive Bootcamp for just $197.

If you want a complete formula for finding and buying land…

A detailed blueprint for building a community…

And a strategy guide that brings it all together into a single ultimate game plan for success…

Then click the button below to get the Buy Land Build Community Interactive Bootcamp.

Your Order Is Protected By My “Mind Blowing” Guarantee

If the Buy Land Build Community Interactive Bootcamp doesn’t absolutely blow your mind with the valuable content found inside, then I’ll refund your $197 – no questions asked.

All you have to do is shoot me an email and let me know that you were dissatisfied.

But I’m 1,000% certain you won’t be able to tell me, in good conscience, that you’re not blown away by what you’ll discover during this Bootcamp.

Rebecca and I have poured everything we know about acquiring land, building amazing homesteads, and growing communities into this Bootcamp. No other course, workshop, or program we know of has gone this in-depth on this topic.

And because we’re so passionate about truly helping you LIVE FREE and escape tyranny, we held nothing back. This is our Magnum Opus. And you’re one of the lucky few getting the rare chance to experience it at the lowest price it will ever be.

The people who are serious about exiting authoritarian cities and building liberty in the country would gladly pay 10 times the price we’re charging. They would kill to be in your shoes right now and wouldn’t think twice about pulling the trigger.

And once you experience this Bootcamp for yourself, you’ll understand why.

That’s why I’m betting the only people who will ask for their money back are those that didn’t even watch the Bootcamp or try to use what’s in it.

You KNOW who you are if you’re reading this…

If you’re not going to put into action all the knowledge, skills, and resources we’re giving you, then DON’T BUY the Bootcamp.


Keep your $197.

But if you have that twisting tension deep in your gut telling you that THIS IS YOUR CHANCE to “run for the hills” to escape the police state and coming technocracy…

While establishing a life and lifestyle that allows you to flourish as the free, beautiful, powerful human being that you are…

Then you’re in the right place.

And you’re protected by this guarantee in the extremely unlikely case that the Bootcamp doesn’t live up to your expectations.

But I’m certain you’ll be blown away once you experience the Bootcamp first-hand.

You’ve got nothing to lose and FREEDOM IN THE COUNTRY ON YOUR OWN HOMESTEAD to gain.

For only $197.

You know what to do next…

Follow your gut:

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