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The 60-Day CBDC Escape Plan

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I’m John Bush and I’ve dedicated the last 20 years of my life to engineering a PROVEN escape plan from central bank and government control systems

I’ve spent literally HALF of my life working tirelessly to create liberty where there is tyranny. 

To restore our right to privacy, return to sound money, break the dependence on the global supply chain, grow wealth without it being devalued (or stolen), connect with like-minded people, produce food locally, form underground free markets, and more. 

And you know what? 

I’ve gotten pretty good at it!

I’ve made several breakthroughs in the “science of living free.”

My TOP 10 “Eureka!” moments in breaking free from the New World Order include:

  1. Trading goods with pre-1965 silver coins at farmer’s markets instead of Federal Reserve-controlled cash (and educating others on how to do it)
  2. Discovering Bitcoin and using it to pay for goods and services (and as a store of wealth)
  3. Traveling from Philadelphia to Texas in the “Bitcoin Bus” with my family and only using Bitcoin throughout the entire journey
  4. Creating the Freedom Cell Network with Derrick Broze to organize local groups of like-minded people to trade, provide mutual aid, share resources, and build parallel economies (and growing it from a few thousand to over 36,000 members worldwide)
  5. Creating the Greater Reset event with Derrick Broze to bring together top experts that share their best strategies and ideas for overcoming the Great Reset agenda and streaming these presentations for FREE to HUNDREDS of thousands of people across the globe (igniting more warriors to get involved in the effort to liberate the world than ever before)
  6. Starting a natural health business and successfully staying in business and thriving using alternative payment systems despite being targeted by the Obama administration, and having my bank and PayPal accounts permanently shut down
  7. Moving from a 299 sq. foot tiny home to a 10-acre homestead and producing my own food in the country
  8. Converting my homestead into an intentional community with other like-minded people living and working on the land to raise each other up
  9. Connecting with local farmers to get the food I don’t produce on my own 
  10. Investing in unorthodox assets that are under my control and can weather severe economic storms

I’m telling you all this to prove that I’ve done my time in the trenches.

I’ve gone from a Ron Paul libertarian protesting in the streets and changing laws in Austin, Texas to a liberty-creating agorist and entrepreneur changing lives around the world. 

I’ve consistently made progress in the science of living free outside of the New World Order. 

My superpower, if you will, is figuring out how to find the loopholes, hack the matrix, and cleverly maneuver around every system of control they throw at me… 

And then show you EXACTLY how I did it so you can do it, too.

Now we’re in the age of CBDCs and I’ve applied everything I know to solving this problem.

CBDCs are the greatest threat to human liberty in history … but I figured out the secret to breaking free

CBDCs will… I’ll show you how to…
Have 100% control over your money to freeze or delete your funds, restrict purchases, or close your account permanently Earn and acquire a variety of currencies, including certain cryptocurrencies and precious metals, that no bank or government can control
Track, trace, and spy on everything you buy, everywhere you go, everyone you interact with, and destroy your right to privacy Buy and sell goods and services privately and anonymously (and even use specific cryptocurrencies for secret transactions)
Punish you financially for supporting the wrong cause, holding the wrong beliefs, or violating the Social Credit System Safely stay off of government radars and maintain your right to believe, buy, and do what you want
Force you to receive wages, salaries, and even government payments (i.e. welfare and social security) in the form of CBDCs Start simple side hustles that earn you a couple hundred extra bucks (or more) each month
Make you to cash out your retirement account in CBDCs Invest cash now (or even invest CBDCs later) into assets and income-producing vehicles under your control
Expose your digital wallet to hackers and data thieves Move your money and assets into secure accounts
Incentivize neighbors, family members, and friends to spy and snitch on you in a Soviet-style Social Credit System Move from crowded and dangerous cities and suburbs into peaceful communities of freedom-loving folks in the country
Lock you into an inescapable economic system that every business and individual must trade in Create and join parallel economies to buy tools, food, clothes, supplies, services, and anything you can think of outside of the CBDC system with like-minded people

The government is already captured by globalist powers - we can’t rely on them to reign in this power, it’s up to us

Voting protesting and fighting aren’t the way

We’re long past that

Our government has already been captured by globalist power structures

You have to take direct action

The solution is entering and building the parallel economy, living a “double life” of freedom - creating a “second life” of liberty

Freedom won’t be granted

It has to be taken and built

While you exist in one system, you need to have a foot in another system of freedom 

We’re not going to instantly change the world

And you don’t have to instantly go live off grid

That’s not practical or possible for most people

What is possible is to enter a parallel economy and lead a double life – one in the controlled economy and one in the free market counter-economy

Of course, you can go as deep into the counter-economy as you want

You have that choice

This is the life I’ve built for myself

Here’s everything I’ve created and done

Going down this path allows you to have all of this

Here’s’ a picture of the vision of what life will be like as you live this solution – living the double life. From what you know about CBDCs, here’s the alternative. Here’s what life is like in the double life. Buy and sell whatever you want without surveillance. Having a community to tap into. Being able to do xyz. Paint a glorious picture of freedom

I’m going to teach you how to get make this life happen inside

The 60-Day CBDC Opt Out System

How to create a “double life” outside of the CBDC control grid in just 60 days

What this system is and how it works

The parts included

There are two levels to this system – one for those who simply desire an alternative choice, want freedom options they can exploit when they want

And one for those that want more freedom than they ever imagined

Level 1 and Level 2

You’re gonna do a lot of work in the next 60 days

This is a major commitment to make it happen

You’re going to have periods of time to learn, then implement, then learn, then implement, and so on

Obviously, you can go as fast or as slow through this material and how you implement in your life as you want

But this is urgent material. It’s urgently needed in the world right now

The core of the course is broken into 3 modules. This is what both levels of the CBDC Opt Out System contain. 

Level 1 ONLY gets these modules. Level 2 comes with additional training. But You’ll see that briefly.

The CORE modules in the 60-Day CDBC Opt Out System

Module #1 - Adopting a Sovereign Mindset + Problem = CBDCs, Solution = Agorism

Description of course material

The difference between the two days


Saturday February 25th

Sunday February 26th

Workshop #2 - Alternative Currencies, The Privacy Purchase and Transfer of Cryptocurency, and Creating Underground Income Streams + Sovereign Investments

Description of course material

The difference between the two days


Saturday March 11th 

Sunday March 10th

Workshop #3 - Joining and Building Freedom Communities and the Counter-Economy in Your Area

Description of course material

The difference between the two days


Saturday March 25th
Sunday March 26th

Workshop #4 - Tying up any loose ends and Graduation Ensuring Success

Description of course material

The difference between the two days


Saturday April 22nd 

Sunday April 23rd – Graduation

PLUS the additional content for being Level 1…

Resources list


Exclusive community on the Freedom Cell Network


PREMIUM ADD-ON: Crypto Empowerment Masterclass


BONUS #1: Sal Mayweather - NFT's, Tokenization & the Counter Economy


BONUS #2: Derrick Broze - How to Opt Out of the Technocratic State


BONUS #3: LOOTZ | Pirate Chain - Crypto, Privacy & Strategy


And for those who want to go all the way and want more freedom than ever thought possible - Upgrade to Level 2 and get everything in level 1 plus all of the following

Describe what it means to upgrade to Level 2

Who this is really for

Why this matters

Why this is so valuable and unique compared to Level 1

How they’re getting access to the Tips Tactics and Strategies sessions and Meet the Experts sessions

Tips, Tactics, and Strategies sessions

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[TTS #2] name


[TTS #3] name


Meet the Experts sessions

[MTE #1] name


[MTE #2] name


[MTE #3] name



Private integration session after each workshop

Why this is super valuable and needed

What it will do in their lives

How it will keep them accountable to accomplish what they set out to do

Face to face consulting time with john bush

Exclusive Telegram group


On top of that…

Additional bonuses!

BONUS #1: Financial Reset Masterclass {not available anywhere else]


BONUS #2: Exit and Build Financial Strategy


Bonus #3: Thriving in the new economy by providing value to your community


Both Level 1 and Level 2 include LIFETIME ACCESS to the recordings of all sessions.

Qualify who it’s for - action takers only. This is not about theory. This is about massive action for freedom

Who should and should not join

The 60-Day CBDC Opt Out System is the definitive one and only that can free you

You’re going to have xyz after

You’re going to be able to do abc

You’re going to be able to live radically free

You’re going to have a double life for freedom

This system is ONLY available until Friday 2/17

After that you won’t be able to get it

You’ll have to get each module individually when they’re released as separate courses throughout the next two months

This is your ONLY chance to get the COMPLETE system plus all of the bonuses and extra resources and additional courses and hands-on guidance from me and exclusive community

Choose between level 1 or level 2

Level 1 Offer

$ 397
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3

Level 2 Offer

$ 697
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3

You’re at a crossroads and have to make a choice

The CBDC system is here and gunning for you

If you do nothing you won’t have any choice when the CBDC system is here, you’ll be stuck in it with no ability to get out

I’m offering you the door to escape, another way out, anmother way to freedom

This is the way

If you join you get the chance to create a double life of freedom that no one can take away from you, that you can grow and expand, that gives you options and choice and sovereignty no matter how tyrannical our economic system becomes