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Day 3 of the Land Summit was exclusively available ONLY for special ticket holders.

It was focused solely on immediately practical and actionable advice you could use the moment you got done hearing the presentations.

Out of all 3 days, this one had the most immediate takeaways and delivered DOZENS upon DOZENS of proven tactics and strategies you can use right now to increase your wealth and freedom.

And now…

You can have complete and permanent access to ALL the replays from Day 3 PLUS the replays from days 1 & 2 for A LOT less than what anyone else paid to see it live.

Check out all the presentations from Day 3 of the Exit and Build Land Summit II

Joel Salatin

Don’t Bow, Exit the System!

Joel has spent his entire life tangling with bureaucrats and regulations to build his immensely successful and influential direct-to-market farm business.

His talk at the Summit will dive much deeper into all the tools you have to overcome government regulations, local busybodies, naysayers, and many other barriers preventing you from living the life of your dreams. I guarantee it will inspire you to live a freer life right away.

Joel will weave stories of empowerment and inspiration from his struggles to reveal actionable lessons and proven methods to outmaneuver and outsmart your wannabe rulers, whether they reside in giant NGOs like the WEF or in your local city council.

Joel will inspire you to use your full creative and productive power to maximize your freedom and happiness no matter what hurdles stand between you and your dreams.

Listening to Joel’s stories, lessons, and advice will give you equal “Aha!” moments and laugh out loud “haha!” moments.

By the end, you’ll be empowered to stand up to naysayers, wannabe rulers, and your own internal limiting beliefs.

During Joel’s electric presentation, you’ll hear the 5 rules for dealing with bureaucrats:

  • Rule #1: Why you should NEVER discuss ANYTHING with a bureaucrat over the phone or even in-person (and what you should do instead to save your ass). This tip alone is worth the entire speech and is a MUST HEAR for anyone trying to protect their business from the heavy hand of government regulators
  • Rule #2: Why you should NEVER sign ANY official “agreement” no matter how easy or safe it seems (plus hear an awful example of what the government will gladly do to you and your property if you do)
  • Rule #3: Recognize that YOU do NOT have to create a solution for a problem that the government regulators have created with their dumb rules (and how to turn the tables on bureaucrats to practically force THEM to help you instead) + the supreme power of putting a human face to their tyranny
  • Rule #4: Why you should ALWAYS do the thing you want to do and ask for forgiveness later rather than ask for permission (the reason why isn’t obvious but once you hear it, you’ll stop caring about “what’s legal” and just start doing what’s right for you and your business until you can’t)
  • Rule #5: The MOST powerful way to defeat tyranny without fighting it directly (this is the ultimate secret to using the law AGAINST the government and their agents, and the reason why you must know the law to overcome it)


The entire 1 hour and 14 minutes of Joel’s Salatin talk is dripping with actionable wisdom and potentially life-changing advice.

His talk alone is worth the price for Day 3.

Joel Skousen

Strategic Relocation Workshop

There are many places you could go to build a homestead and community. But they all vary in terms of safety, liberty, food growing capacity, and so many other factors.

Joel Skousen literally wrote the book on what he terms “Strategic Relocation” – purposefully moving to areas that give you everything you personally require to live as free as possible.

Joel dives into all the things you need to know and understand to live a free and safe life, and then spends the majority of the talk providing fascinating and insightful answers to questions from the audience.

During his presentation, Joel will cover:

  • ALL the essential factors you must be aware of before moving to a new location (it took Joel 3 years to research this information to write his best-selling book so you should pay close attention to what he reveals here)
  • The most vital part of a home you need to have to protect yourself in an emergency, including protecting yourself from angry or scared mobs of people (plus, the top states where this type of room is available and where it’s not)
  • Why the BIGGEST problem to exiting cities and buying land and building communities in the country today is affordability (why this is a problem, what you need to consider to overcome it, where you should be looking to move, and why simply being a good person can guide you to making the right choice)
  • The one thing you should never, ever do if you don’t want the NSA to surveil you and find your secret hideaway location or community (this is so easy to overlook but if you’re strict with it, then government spies CANNOT track your location)
  • The best news sites to read with the least propaganda (plus, a quick and mind-blowing discussion on what’s really happening with the Russia invasion of Ukraine)

And so much more.

Joel is one of the sharpest and most impressive minds in our movement and it’s a true privilege to hear him speak on such a broad number of topics, offering one nugget of wisdom after the next.

Paul Wheaton

Skills to Inherit Property: Gaining Homestead Skills

Paul Wheaton is a giant in the permaculture space.

He’s known as “The Duke” and the “Bad Boy” of permaculture, which should give you an idea of his wealth of knowledge and his approach to this topic.

Permaculture is a philosophy and agricultural design strategy that you can use to create food production systems with the same diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems.

Paul believes permaculture can change the world and he’s on a mission to teach you the skills you need to make permaculture work for you.

But more than that…

If you do what Paul instructs you to do in this talk, you can inherit the homesteads and permaculture farms of others. And this is a massive opportunity.

Paul reveals the astonishing fact that there are THOUSANDS of landowners with hundreds of acres plus homes, cash, vehicles, and more who, for one reason or another, can NOT find a suitable heir to inherit their farming empire.

He’s going to reveal how YOU can become the perfect guy or gal for them.

In this talk, Paul shares:

  • Why most people are currently NOT “worthy” of inheriting homesteads and farmland (and the specific skills they’re lacking that YOU can develop now)
  • The incredible FREE community you can join right now to begin learning skills and earning a certification for these skills to PROVE to landowners that you have the necessary skills to inherit property
  • Why a young, ambitious person who wants to be a homesteader or farmer should SKIP college and corporate jobs (and the path they should follow instead for an exciting and fulfilling life growing food, improving the planet, and paving the path for others to follow in their footsteps)
  • How people in the worst possible growing scenario – apartment dwellers in busy cities – can learn essential permaculture skills (this is the answer to every excuse stopping you from developing these skills)
  • Why you do NOT have to buy land and build your own homestead to have land and your own homestead (and how to find partnerships, business opportunities, and farmers willing to give you their land IF you develop these specifics skills)

And a whole lot more.

This presentation is great for anyone of any age, but especially for younger people who want a clear path to becoming a very skilled permaculturist in a short amount of time and use those skills to gain real-world wealth.

Diana Leafe Christian

Legal Entities For Intentional Communities

Diana Leafe Christian is a renowned expert with decades of experience teaching communities how to grow and thrive and is the author of multiple books about building and sustaining strong communities.

She literally wrote the book on building long-lasting ecovillages and intentional communities.

And what’s she found is that the #1 reason communities fail is poor interpersonal communication and community structures.

Reason #2 is failing to properly establish your community within a legal framework that will protect your community and ensure it can last for decades or longer.

In this workshop, Diana will show you:

  • The extreme danger in thinking that you are “above” the wider cultures legal system and a scary story proving why you have to get smart about the laws and regulations governing your area to live free (hint: if you don’t arrange your community within a proper legal framework than you make it super easy for your enemies to legally crush you)
  • 7 steps to legal safety EVERY community and its members MUST follow to last long-term (these steps are so fundamental, no one should start or join a community until fully understanding each one)
  • 9 reasons why your community should use legal entities to co-own property rather than just buying property as a group of individuals and the many benefits it offers (plus, all the horrific conflicts that can arise and destroy communities and friendships if you DON’T buy property this way)
  • The 5 criteria for choosing the right legal entity to co-own your community (use this to judge each legal entity you’re considering and scrap any entity that doesn’t check off at least 3 or 4 of the criteria)
  • The 4 most common legal entities you can use to legally own a community (plus how each one works, their benefits and drawbacks, and the ones Diana herself uses)

Plus a ridiculous amount of additional gold.

It can’t be stressed enough how deeply in her bones Diana understands the root mechanisms that cause communities to flourish or fail. Her understanding of the law for communities is unparalleled.

Starting a community WITHOUT listening to this presentation from Diana Leafe Christian would be like jumping into a game of basketball without knowing the rules.

If you want to play this game right, and WIN (ie not get shut down by the government, not lose all your assets, not get screwed over by other community members), then let Diana coach you on exactly what to do to create a thriving community.

Jack Spirko, Nicole Sauce, & John Bush

Entrepreneurship for Bringing in Money to Buy Land and Build Community

John, Jack, and Nicole combined have nearly 5 decades of entrepreneurial experience. They all own multiple offline and online businesses.

And they freely give away some of their most closely-guarded secrets to being a successful entrepreneur, including “war stories” from the field to give you hard-won advice and insights into their past failures and successes.


This presentation is a masterclass in business, marketing, sales, customer relations, content production, mindset, perseverance, self-discipline, and more rolled up into one easy-to-consume package.

During the panel, you’ll discover:

  • John Bush’ 4-part empowerment philosophy to achieve success in ANY area of your life: activism, relationships, entrepreneurship, finances, and so on (Plus, why you are destined to FAIL if you don’t get these pieces in place)
  • How Nicole Sauce went from two weeks with zero sales in her coffee business once the COVID pandemic hit to QUADRUPLING her coffee sales by the end of 2020 (and the actionable lessons you will gain about the power of taking radical responsibility for your situation and choosing to GROW even when everyone around you doubts you and you have a million excuses to give up)
  • The hidden secret to how Jack Spirko built the largest survival and prepping podcast in the world (and how to use this secret to grow your own content-based business and literally change people’s lives – including your own. But be warned…this secret, and the tons of additional tips dropped by Jack are ONLY for serious entrepreneurs who want to succeed no matter what)
  • The business-changing online marketing strategy John Bush used to EXPLODE his kratom business (it worked so well he had to literally stay up for 4 days straight taking random naps to fulfill orders for his new customers) and how to implement this in your business + the #1 resource for learning how to master this strategy and many more for unlimited growth online
  • How Jack Spirko landed a multi-million dollar deal with Donald Trump by telling him that he SUCKED! (This story will blow you away and give you lesson after lesson in strategic thinking, creative marketing, and why NOTHING is impossible if you believe in yourself, your product, and your ability to back up what you say)

And the knowledge bombs just continually dropped throughout the entire hour and a half back and forth conversation between John, Jack, Nicole and the audience.

EVERYONE in business needs to hear them.

Marjory Wildcraft

How to Grow HALF Your Food, In Your Own Backyard, In Less than 1 Hour Per Day

Marjory Wildcraft is one of the top leading experts in sustainable living, gardening, and food production systems that yield HUGE bounties year after year.

She’s also an expert at taking inexperienced gardeners and quickly turning them into pros when it comes to growing their own food.

Marjory is going to teach her exclusive system designed specifically for people who are looking for an easy-to-follow plan to grow half of your own food in your backyard in about the space of 3 parking spots.

Inside Marjory’s amazing workshop, you’ll see:

  • Why there is 100% a global famine coming “of biblical proportions” and all the signs and reasons indicating that it will be catastrophic for hundreds of millions of people (including why at least a dozen countries are BANNING exports of their food AND why you should expect food prices to rise for the rest of this decade)
  • The #1, hands-down EASIEST source of food you could possibly produce to feed your family every single day and how to set it up for beginners (including the most common mistakes and how to avoid them + the space, materials, and plan for immediately putting it into action)
  • The SIMPLEST way to grow more vegetables than you could possibly need with just TWO raised beds (plus, the exact dimensions the beds should be, how to build them, the secret to a “green thumb” and why anyone can have one if you just follow Marjory’s obvious advice)
  • How Marjory’s grow system will allow you to produce 20,000 – 60,000 calories per year (including some of the top crops to grow to maximize your caloric needs)
  • The BEST source of backyard calories, nutrition, healthy fat, and meat (marjory reveals how to raise this food source, how to breed them, how to create their homes, why you should use small tractors for efficient production, plus a ton more insightful tips and tricks)

And a ton more mind-blowing ways to feed your family during food shortages, massive inflation, war, and famine.

Marjory’s grow system is designed to be easy-to-use and immediately applicable. The moment you stop watching her presentation you can begin applying her advice. With everything happening in the world, this might be one of the most valuable presentations you’ll ever watch.

John, Derrick, & Ramiro Romani

How to create freedom cells & build an underground network of trusted allies in the fight for liberty

John Bush invented the concept of Freedom Cells – peer-to-peer, decentralized groups of people supporting each other, trading with one another, providing mutual aid, and forming a secret network of trusted parties to collectively increase their liberty outside of the system.

Derrick Broze has helped popularize the concept and has spearheaded the on-the-ground implementation of it.

Ramiro Romani has provided the necessary knowledge and tools to communicate with members of your Freedom Cell group securely, covertly, and anonymously.

Together, they will teach you everything you need to know about Freedom Cells and how to get started even if this is the first time you’ve ever heard of it and you don’t know anybody (yet) who would want to join.

They’ll reveal:

  • How John Bush invented the Freedom Cell Network after realizing that yelling at government buildings and reading Rothbard wasn’t creating freedom (and the sources of inspiration he used to create a direct form of pro-liberty action)
  • How to progressively grow and expand your Freedom Cell group into other groups and link them together in a chained network without ever creating a hierarchy that bosses other groups around (through voluntary cooperation everyone in the group begin working together toward common goals)
  • How Derrick Broze started the first-ever Houston, TX Freedom Cell group and the steps he took to find the right people, begin working together toward freedom, and a proven path you can follow to build a thriving network of serious action-takers
  • The simple protocol you should implement for ALL Freedom Cell meetings (and in other areas of your life) to ensure that the government can’t hear what you’re discussing
  • A detailed list of the EXACT items EVERYONE in your Freedom Cell should have at all times AND the specific skills everyone should learn

And plenty more tips and tactics.

If you want to know what you can do right now, this very moment, to have more security, opportunity, support, and freedom in your life…start with this talk.

Some people paid over $697 just to have the chance to see these presentations and meet the presenters…

Others paid $127 to see it live virtually and participate in the action…

And all 3 days of the entire Exit and Build Land Summit II is conservatively worth at least $197

But I’m NOT charging you any of these prices…

Because you’re new to the Live Free Academy universe…

And I believe that EVERYONE needs to have this potentially life-altering information in their hands…

You get complete access to the replays for Day 3 + Days 1 & 2 for just $57