Veteran cattle ranchers and farmers are banding together to speak out against the government and corporate corruption of the food system at…

The Food Resiliency Town Hall

This one-day-only epic gathering revealed actionable ways consumers and food producers can BREAK FREE from the centralized food system forever to build an unbreakable local food supply chain and expand food freedom in America and the world

Enjoy the Replay…

This video includes talks from…

  • John Bush of Live Free Academy
  • Nomad Brad of Mobile Homesteading
  • John Pantalone of Amber Oaks Ranch
  • Beau Brotherton of Better Together Homestead
  • Johnny Ochoa of K&C Cattle
  • Texas Slim of The Beef Initiative (a true Texas Cattleman – see more from him further down this page)
  • Town Hall Q&A w/ Texas Slim, John Pantalone, Beau Brotherton, and John Bush

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