If you’re surrounded by people still plugged into the matrix and you're struggling to create a life of freedom and prosperity outside of the corrupt system, then it’s time you discovered…

How To Win Freedom Friends and Activate People

The FIRST and ONLY step-by-step masterclass showing you exactly how to overcome your insecurities to build lasting relationships with freedom-loving people online and in real life…

…organize with your freedom friends to effectively accomplish big goals for exiting systems of tyranny and building systems of liberty…

…and become a leader for truth and freedom with the power and influence to change the world in your local area and beyond

Don't worry, if you can't it live, you get lifetime access to the replays.

The Lead

Why like-minded friends are the key to making your goals happen fast, a self-sufficient lifestyle, happiness, and resiliency through hard times – this frames the need for freedom friends – contrast with being surrounded by people who don’t understand you, don’t work with you, aren’t helping you move toward more freedom, and won’t be there for you when SHTF

The Problem

how to make these friends and meet these people – the true problem, most of us individualists and freedom-loving people have the hardest time connecting with each other, suffer from social awkwardness and anxiety

Another problem, we’re all so used to being online and not being in person – have lost what it means to co-exist in a supportive community

The Second Problem

Don’t know how to lead ourselves and lead others

Have big goals and dreams, have big desires, want extraordinary freedom, but don’t know how to use the marshall the most important resources – other people – to make things happen

Clam up and get nervous presenting your ideas and speaking in front of others

Working in groups is crucial to getting things done and making a free world possible. 

Working in groups is also the key to locking the world down – that’s why Schwab and his evil cronies meet every year or sometimes multiple times a year. 

Leadership and group organization are crucial for freedom

The Solution

First is to believe that you’re worth it and you’re worth meeting and talking to and connecting with as a friend. YOU have to be a good freedom friend first before you meet others. 

Strategies that work even if you’re scared of talking to people

Universal rules for meeting and connecting with people. 

Leverage Dale Carnegie authority

Taking the first step and being proactive – you’ll bring other people out of their shell

Having a place where freedom friends gather and getting involved there – FC and other networks

Then taking that to the next level beyond friendship and becoming a leader amongst your friends

Leaders aren’t people that tell others what to do – they’re people that get started on making things happen and guide others in doing the same thing with them, helping them make the best use of their talents and time to get things done


How To Win Freedom Friends and Activate People is a two part VIRTUAL masterclass happening LIVE on March 2nd and 3rd

(you can choose to attend the first part or both)

The FIRST part of the masterclass is about "How To Win Freedom Friends"

This part goes LIVE on March 2nd

The first part of the masterclass is How To Win Freedom Friends. 

It’s the most important and essential step if you want more freedom-loving people in your life who will help you succeed with your exit and build goals while improving your quality of life. 

I’m going to cover EVERYTHING you need to know about finding these types of people, meeting them for the first time, developing a relationship over the long-term, moving the relationship towards taking actions for freedom, and so much more. 

If you struggle with social anxiety, awkwardness, and fear of meeting new people, then this is for you. I’m going to teach the specific methods I’ve personally used to become a social butterfly even though deep inside I’m an introvert. 

But this goes WAY BEYOND just meeting people. 

Ultimately, you’re making these new friends so you can take action with them. I’ll spend a lot of time showing you what to do and how to do it well to dramatically increase your liberty and prosperity by leveraging the great freedom friends in your life. 

The SECOND part of the masterclass is about leadership, influence, and being an agent of change - AKA how to “Activate People”

This part goes LIVE on March 3rd

Taking this second part of the masterclass pushes you to lean into your destiny as a leader and influencer for truth and freedom.

This is for the people who want more than just new friends and new ways to get things done…

This is for people with big goals and dreams who want to know how to make them happen. 

I’m a big dreamer. I’ve been leading groups of people since my Ron Paul activist days.

And I’ve used these skills to build multiple movements, multiple businesses with a couple dozen team members, organize and run multiple LIVE events, and so much more. 

Knowing how to “activate people” – how to confidently organize them, competently lead them, and cooperatively achieve goals with them – is the ULTIMATE skill for actually changing the world. 

Below, I break down what you’re going to learn in each part of this two part masterclass and you’ll have the choice to attend only the first part or both parts. 

Check out everything I have in store for you below and then decide on attending the first or both parts of the masterclass at the bottom of this page. 

How To Win Freedom Friends

Module 1: A Proven Framework for Finding Like-Minded Friends and Creating a Free Life Together

Building a vibrant community of freedom-loving friends is an art and science. 

Both can be learned. 

The science of networking and relationship-building is easier than you think. There are specific techniques you can use to naturally find and meet people who share your values and connect with them. 

The art of managing relationships comes down to your unique personality, goals, interests, and more. But I can show you how to confidently express yourself to attract the right people into your life and work with them to fulfill your exit and build dreams. 

In Module 1, you’ll discover:

  • Your new mission in life (pursue this to ignite passion and fulfillment every single day)
  • The no-brainer “brain changes” you need to make before you can find and connect with new freedom friends (fail to do this and you’ll fall flat when meeting people)
  • How to use your friends to start underground markets outside of government regulation
  • The peaceful way to fight tyranny and create a free life outside of the control of your enemies without voting, protesting, lobbying, or armed resistance 
  • How to create a secret life unknown to the government and banks to preserve your privacy, prosperity, and liberty

And much more!

Module 2: Overcoming Awkwardness, Shyness, and Being “Weird”

We are ALL weird. 

Especially those of us who believe in freedom and are awake to the conspiracies oppressing us. 

Your “weirdness” is actually your superpower and can unlock conversations and friendships with like-minded people better than anything else IF you know how to use it. 

I’m going to help you better understand yourself so you can confidently express yourself and connect with others and show your values and worldview. 

In Module 2, you’ll discover:

  • How to let your inner social butterfly shine even if you feel terribly shy and socially awkward
  • The “mental switch” you can flip AT WILL to instantly turn on confidence and charisma in front of others (and turn it off when you return home to relax and unwind)
  • The secret to developing high self-esteem and raising your sense of self-worth
  • How to speak so others listen with interest
  • Why having a personal mission in life is the key to connecting with others like you (and how to develop a clear and compelling mission others will respond to positively and excitedly)
  • Banish social anxiety forever by imagining THIS

And plenty more!

Module 3: Where To Find New Freedom Friends and How To Form Lasting Friendships

Your future freedom friends are waiting to be found if you only knew where to look. 

And while it may feel at times there’s no one around who shares your values, especially in the post-Plandemic world, there are actually many more than you can imagine likely living very close to you. 

The secret to making new freedom friends is knowing where to look for them. I’ll show you the best places online and offline. 

Then, I’ll show you how to make meaningful connections with these people and foster positive, uplifting, long-term friendships. 

After all, we’re not just here to build gardens with each other or check off tasks together. 

We’re here to build an extended family of trusted people. We’re creating communities to raise our kids in. We’re building relationships that will last decades. 

I’m going to show you the best strategies I’ve collected over the past 20 years. 

I’ve studied Dale Carnegie extensively and have practiced Nonviolent Communication (NVC) for many years. I’ll be sharing much of this wisdom in this module. 

In Module 3, you’ll discover:

  • How to use the Freedom Cell Network to meet like-minded people locally and organize in real life groups for massive action
  • How to use Telegram – the best private messaging app and social network – to build a powerful online group of freedom-lovers
  • The top strategies for meeting and connecting with people online
  • The best places to go in real life to meet freedom-minded people
  • How to protect your identity and guard your safety when meeting and vetting new people (in other words, how to avoid bad actors)
  • The #1 thing you MUST do immediately after making a good connection with someone you want in your life
  • What to do in the following days AFTER meeting someone new you want to be your friend (miss this step and you’ll lose out on important friendships)
  • Dale Carnegie’s secret word for instantly connecting with people (remember this above everything else)
  • How to NEVER be boring in conversation (or, how to always be interesting)
  • The BEST subject to talk about that’ll get the other person to do most of the talking (and love it) 
  • How to be a valuable person that others want to be around
  • How to go from stranger to acquaintance to real life friend FAST

And so much more!

Module 4: Doing Cool Stuff and Building a Free Life with Your New Friends

The best part about having motivated, freedom-loving friends is all the amazing things you get to accomplish together. 

I believe other people are the true foundation of a good, happy, and incredibly free and prosperous life. 

The question many people ask is, what should you do with your friends to enhance your freedom?

I’ll show you EXACTLY what activities you should be engaging in to help each other live freer lives while building a free future for each other, your families, and generations to come. 

In Module 4, you’ll discover:

  • How to “push” your friends to stop talking about freedom and start building a free life right where you are using what you have
  • The top 3 areas of action for HUGE impact on your personal freedom (if you focus on nothing else but these areas you’ll be 100x freer than most people)
  • How to create an underground counter-economy to trade goods and services with your friends and other groups of freedom-lovers
  • The BEST alternative currencies anyone can start using right now for private and secure transactions outside of the banking system
  • How to start a side hustle or new business using the skills and knowledge you already have
  • How to get your friends to help you build gardens, permaculture spaces, chicken coops, and more for maximum food security
  • Why land is the ultimate source of liberty and how you can easily buy it with your friends for cheap

Plus much more!

Module 5: Taking Massive Action to 10x Your Liberty and Prosperity

By this point, you’re ready to think bigger and take bigger actions. 

I’m going to show you how to stop thinking and acting on a small level and start playing in the big leagues. 

I got to where I am today because of the freedom friends I’ve made along the way and the MASSIVE ACTION we’ve taken together. 

In Module 4, you learn about a ton of awesome things you can do to create a freer life. 

But in this module, I challenge you to dig deeper and push further than you ever thought you were capable of in order to start having a massive impact on the world around you. 

Ultimately, I want you to have freedom friends and be engaged in freedom actions because I want you to positively influence the world toward a freer future. 

I’m going to show you how to make that possible.

✨ BONUS #1 - Clear the Path to Exit and Build: Understanding and Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs

The greatest obstacle preventing you from achieving your goals is … your own mind. 

You have fears, doubts, insecurities, and mental baggage holding you back from living freer and more prosperously than ever before. 

Oftentimes, our mind is our own worst enemy. 

I’m going to teach you proven techniques I’ve learned over the past 20 years to “retrain your brain” for success, motivation, confidence, clarity, and power. 

I used to be a near homeless activist before putting these methods into practice. Now I run two 6 and 7-figure businesses helping tens of thousands of people globally exit systems of tyranny and build lives of liberty. 

Putting them into practice in your own life may mean the difference between sovereignty and slavery in the future.

✨ BONUS #2 - Nicole Sauce : Homesteading, Community Building & Entrepreneurship

Nicole Sauce takes a deep dive into her journey homesteading in Tennessee, building a thriving intentional community with her neighbors, and the methods you can use to increase your income and liberty through entrepreneurship. 

During this intimate interview-style training, you’ll discover:

  • How she built a thriving podcast and hustled her way to a massive audience
  • How she went from doing a ton of side hustles and making little money to going all in on coffee with a huge investment and becoming massively successful in the process
  • The vital role perseverance plays in being successful (and why no matter how crazy your dream is you should keep going)
  • How to find the right homestead for you with specific tips and tactics to make the right decision (why there is no “perfect” homestead or ideal place to live, but you can find a place that matches your priorities)
  • How she started her own community by bringing people together for a huge party and built the intentional community one family at a time (and ideas for vetting members)

And a TON more.

She’s a model for anyone that wants to get sh*t done, do it yourself, and live free no matter what.

✨ BONUS #3 - Maintaining Healthy Relationships In a World of Discord and Division

Once we’ve “seen the light” we have a strong desire to show it to others. But we have to be careful not to blind people. 

Communication is like dancing. It can be fun and silly and carefree when you don’t care and are just having fun. 

But when you’re trying to make people think differently…to see the world in a whole new way…then you gotta get your moves down right so you don’t step on any toes. It’s a delicate dance. 

There’s a much better way to discuss sensitive topics, open minds, and guide people to the light without ruining relationships. 

I’ve developed and successfully used a set of communication techniques that work way better than arguing, screaming, or forcing redpills down people’s throats. 

You’ll see why being an obnoxious truther does NOT work to free people’s minds and usually makes it more likely that they won’t listen to you. 

You’ll gain proven techniques for discussing jabs, lockdowns, food and energy issues, government tyranny, and more without causing a screaming match. 

And you’ll be well-equipped to talk about important things in a delicate way with strangers and old friends alike.

✨ BONUS #4: Exit and Build Freedom Plans

I want you to hit the ground running with your Freedom Friends and make swift progress to a more liberated, prosperous life. 

So I’ve created a handful of Exit and Build Freedom Plans. 

These are detailed checklists containing objectives, milestones, and action steps for achieving a variety of projects. 

Creating a counter-economy … establishing a farmer’s market … setting up a local meat buying operation … conducting “perma-blitzes” (where you quickly create a permaculture project on a piece of land in a day) … and more!

These plans allow you to immediately jump into action and get to work building a resilient and free life.

How to Win Freedom Friends AND Activate People

Module 1: Becoming an “Activator” for freedom

Changing the world starts by changing YOUR world and being a leader in your local community. 

I’m going to show you how to have the biggest impact in YOUR region that can have ripple effects across the nation and the world. 

I got my start in politics, activism, and entrepreneurship in Central Texas. But I now impact the lives of tens of thousands of people globally. 

I’m going to show you how to become an “activator” for those you meet in The Freedom Cell Network, online, at events, in other movements, and more so you can confidently lead them to create a freer, richer, happier life.

You’ll also discover how to connect with other leaders, how to organize groups for action, how to lead by example, and so much more.

Module 2: Recruiting Freedom Foot Soldiers

You’re becoming a leader of a small squad of freedom fighters. 

The most important thing you can do to be an effective leader is to find and recruit the right kind of people who will help you and your group succeed in your mission. 

Recruiting good freedom foot soldiers for your cause will make your life as a leader 100x easier. 

In module 2, you’ll discover:

  • Where to find people who are ready to make freedom happen now and are happy to follow you into battle
  • The old-school recruitment method used for hundreds of years by governments, businesses, and activist groups to attract good people to their cause (and how to make it work for you)
  • The powerful technique used on college campuses across America to engage strangers and influence them to join you (everyone has seen this in action and it continues to work like gangbusters when used properly)
  • How to put your name and cause in front of hundreds or thousands of people and attract a flood of new recruits

Plus plenty more!

Module 3: Hosting Meetings and Leading Small Groups

Getting things done means getting everyone in the group on the same page and working in the same direction. 

As a leader, your job is to gather your people together to move toward your individual and collective goals together as a single unit. 

Meetings seem boring, but they’re the most important activity you can engage in next to direct action. And they’re the place where your leadership qualities will shine the most. 

In Module 3, you’ll discover:

  • How to make meetings fun and worth attending (hint: make people feel inspired and excited for the mission behind the meeting)
  • The exact things you should do (and the exact order to do them) to run a successful meeting in the shortest time possible 
  • How to set and execute a meeting agenda to keep things focused (and ensure everyone is on the same page)
  • The decision-making model I use all the time to make decisions as a group (it makes everyone feel heard and involved and helps you make decisions fast when juggling multiple opinions and ideas)
  • How to set realistic exit and build goals and inspire everyone in the group to pursue them with passion

Plus so much more!

Module 4: Organizing Action Plans and Leading Your People To Accomplish Big Goals

This is the ultimate step – leading your group to get BIG things done. 

From establishing counter-economies to growing gardens to buying land to setting up intentional communities to starting businesses and more…

It all rests on YOU being able to set clear plans of action and executing them, leading your people to use their talents to the best of their ability to accomplish your goals. 

In Module 4, you’ll discover:

  • How to organize an underground counter-economy, bringing together buyers and sellers in a safe and secure space 
  • How to establish and grow networks of food producers and consumers to empower the local food supply chain
  • The fastest and easiest way to get permaculture setup on any property in an afternoon (hint: many hands make light work)
  • Why you must create simple directories of THIS for everyone in your group to survive and thrive through food shortages and economic chaos
  • How to collectively buy land with others
  • How to create an intentional community in the country surrounded by your friends and family

And so much more!

✨ BONUS #1 - Advanced Leadership Workshop from The Greater Reset 5

In Morelia, Mexico in mid-January 2024 I taught a small room full of leaders how to become the captains of their own life and the commanders of whatever group they led. 

This training is available NOWHERE else. It’s rare that it was recorded in high-quality video and audio – it almost wasn’t captured at all. 

What I taught in this small room is far and away the deepest, most powerful secrets for leading other people confidently and successfully. 

I speak from the heart and from decades of experience. 

And I dive deep into the nitty-gritty details of being a persuasive and influential leader. 

Plus, I give away a ton of practical, actionable steps for being the best leader you can be. 

This is a training almost no one has and very few people will ever see. But those that have it and use it will be light years ahead of other wannabe leaders.

✨ BONUS #2 - Building Intentional Community and Parallel Systems of Freedom

This is a module from the Life Design Workshop course which isn’t available anywhere for purchase and is currently locked inside the Live Free Academy vault. 

In this special training session, you’ll discover:

  • The #1 radical freedom community you can join right now for free created by John Bush and Derrick Broze to connect with others who “get it” and are actively working on creating total self-government
  • How to safely practice real-world agorism and counter-economics for buying, selling, and trading in secure, underground markets
  • Why you don’t need health insurance to afford excellent healthcare (this program will revolutionize the way you save and pay for medicine and medical procedures – typically lowering your overall costs while helping others in your community do the same)
  • The most vital and powerful form of community to live peacefully and harmoniously in the country that you can start or join immediately, how to find or build it, and examples of different community structures to meet your preferences
  • A secret society of communities you’re invited to join to opt-out of governmental systems 100% to live by our own laws and regulations

And much more!

✨ BONUS #3 - Communities and Commerce: form trade lines, underground markets, and colonies of freedom

This is Module 3 from the 60-Day CBDC Exit Plan – the biggest, most expensive, and best course in the world about opting out of the central bank digital currency control grid.

This is an extremely rare and valuable training you would normally have to pay $997 to access.

I almost never give this away but I made a special exception because it’s one of the most powerful trainings on organizing and taking action to build a parallel economy with freedom-loving people – which is exactly what I’m going to show you how to do in How To Win Freedom Friends and Activate People.

It reveals the art of connecting with fellow freedom-lovers online and offline, finding “your tribe” in your local area, establishing powerful communities and trade lines, and building a true parallel economic system.

And it teaches my coveted “Inside/Outside Strategy” for creating a private, free life outside of the central bank and government system.

You’ll discover:

  • Tools, resources, and techniques for finding existing parallel economies or gathering people together to create your own
  • How to form communities with people you trust and establish proper rules and regulations to govern yourself, keep everyone safe, and protect your privacy
  • How to setup local underground marketplaces where members of your community can trade goods and services 
  • The best online marketplaces run by and for freedom-loving people who want to do business outside of the CBDC system
  • How to find top-notch suppliers, businesses, and entrepreneurial individuals to get the things you want in the parallel economy
  • The best way to buy, produce, and trade your own food with your community
  • How to use precious metals, cryptocurrencies, and barter systems to create a robust parallel economy that meets everyone’s needs

Plus a whole lot more!

✨ BONUS #4: A Private Invitation inside The Freedom Cell Accelerator Group

I want YOU to help me grow The Freedom Cell Network to 100,000 people in 2024 (and much more than that year after year). 

This is a private leadership coaching group run by me to help you become the next generation of Freedom Cell leaders. 

We’re going to work together to become the best possible leaders we can be. 

We’re going to cooperate in growing our individual networks in our regions and devising ways to accelerate the growth of our networks. 

You’re going to receive exclusive training and support from me and others to become effective leaders, organizers, and freedom builders. 

Together, we’re going to EXPLODE The Freedom Cell Network (along with your personal impact and influence on the world).


Free Markets, Free Minds: John’s Ten-Year Agorist Anthology

This bonus EXPIRES on Friday, February 23rd at midnight central time.

Relive John’s evolution from a Ron Paul libertarian to an agorist entrepreneur building a free world.

This is a collection of 19 unique speeches and presentations John has given since 2011 on all things freedom, agorism, counter-economics, opting out of tyranny, Freedom Cells, libertarian philosophy, the constitution, police, Agenda 21, and the best path toward a free society.

This is a rare and intimate look inside the mind of one of the leading voices in the Truth and Liberty movement. It’s also a treasure trove of distilled wisdom about the deep philosophical framework behind everything John does.

Get How To Win Freedom Friends and Activate People by February 23rd at midnight central time to get this exclusive bonus.


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How to Win Freedom Friends and Activate People happens VIRTUALLY and LIVE on March 2nd and 3rd

Choose the best package for you below

How To Win Freedom Friends ONLY (watch LIVE and ONLINE March 2nd)

Total value = $1,873

But you can get it all for … just $127

WARNING: What this course CAN’T do for you

Reveal its “flaws” – can’t start conversations for you, can’t follow up with the friends you make, 

You still need to take at least one step out of your shell

You still need to get involved

You need to stay involved with these people and groups for the long haul

You need to schedule time to meet with folks and make it happen


You don’t need to be an extrovert

2 Paths Close

What happens next is up to you

Stay the same with few friends who think like you do and will work with you on your freedom projects and be there for you during hard times

Or put yourself out there, meet people just like you eager for more freedom-loving friends, and watch your life transform