Want to know how natural health practitioners, raw dairy farmers, and other “radicals” LEGALLY evade laws and prohibitions…

…While the government can’t do a damn thing to stop them?

It’s a HIDDEN legal structure that you’ve probably never heard of because those in power don’t want you to know about it…

But it’s possibly the single greatest tool against tyranny available to you…

And the best part is…

It’s 100% legal, protected by the constitution, upheld by the Supreme Court, and YOU can begin using it to bypass Big Government regulations IMMEDIATELY…

The secret to legally fighting the government by using the law against them is Private Membership Associations (PMAs)

PMAs are private contracts between a service provider and its members that offer special legal status “outside of the jurisdiction, venue, and authority of State and/or Federal agencies.”

In other words, PMAs are constitutionally-protected arrangements that let you offer benefits and services that would normally be illegal or heavily regulated.

PMAs have been used by:

  • Alternative medicine and health practitioners offering special care and services to members without regulatory oversight or burdensome licensure fees
  • Farmers selling raw milk to members in places where raw milk is prohibited for sale to the general public
  • Private clubs allowing smoking indoors for members despite regulations forbidding smoking to the public

Plus so much more!

Want to know how to put PMAs into action?

In an exclusive 2-hour interview I conducted with Mike Colomb, the co-founder of the PMA Team - an organization dedicated to helping more people use PMAs to restore freedom and banish tyranny…

You’re going to hear EVERYTHING you need to know to use PMAs to protect your rights from bureaucrats, grow a successful business outside of the regulatory state, and give the government a giant middle finger…

Inside this special session you’ll discover:

  • How PMAs completely dodge the jurisdiction of the state, local, and federal government’s laws and regulations to provide unmatched protection for businesses and their members
  • How PMAs leverage the First and Fourteenth Amendments and other State Constitution provisions to allow businesses to offer services to members without being molested by State and Federal agencies.
  • The history of PMAs and their development as a potent force for liberty today
  • The ONE way the government can definitely crackdown on PMAs (but why you shouldn’t worry about it if you’re not an evil lunatic)
  • The many common uses of PMAs (including a ton of ideas for how YOU can use them)
  • How to structure PMAs for maximum effectiveness (because if you structure them incorrectly you’ll be in a world of hurt. But if you take the time to do it right, you’ll have unparalleled freedom in your business.

And most importantly…

  • How YOU can form your own PMA to fight back against tyranny and technocracy and co-create a better, freer world one membership at a time

You can get this exclusive session with Mike Colomb revealing the secrets of PMAs for just $27 today.

This interview with Mike Colomb is usually ONLY available to Live Free Academy members who pay $370 or more per year to have access to these special sessions…

But I’m making this interview available for ANYONE to hear for a LIMITED TIME ONLY… 

And I’m NOT going to charge $370$170… or even $70

You can get this exclusive session with Mike Colomb revealing the secrets of PMAs for just $27 today.

Ready to use PMAs to take back your freedom?

About John Bush, owner and creator of Live Free Academy

John Bush is a radical activist and entrepreneur who lives on a ten acre intentional community in Central Texas with his two kiddos and his lovely fiancé and business partner Rebecca. He got his start in activism questioning 9/11 and opposing the expansion of the police and surveillance state.

After learning about libertarianism from Ron Paul during the ’08 Presidential Campaign, John got involved in local and state politics founding a political action committee and helping to pass local and state liberty legislation.

After a few years of politicking, yelling at government buildings, and even achieving some political victories, John realized that all that effort was merely slowing the growth of tyranny, not making him one iota freer.

He quickly switched his focus to agorism and the creation of parallel systems like alternative currencies, local food production systems, and mutual aid networks. In 2005 he laid out his vision for Freedom Cells, peer-to-peer groups that work cooperatively to opt out of coercive systems and live freer. With the help of other activists and liberty lovers, the Freedom Cell Network has now grown into a global community of over 33k solutionaries.

John recently launched Live Free Academy to educate and empower free people in their exit and build efforts. His ultimate goal is the creation of a sovereign community of self governing liberty lovers that are no longer dependent on the state and are free to live their lives in peace and harmony with one another and the earth.