Homesteading and prepping expert Nicole Sauce reveals a unique and PROVEN home pantry system to…

Turn your home into your own personal food bank

And confidently feed your family year-round no matter how bad food shortages, inflation, or supply chain issues become

If you’ve been paying attention to politics and the economy, then you know the “S” is hitting the fan hard right now…

And 2023 is shaping up to be even worse, with predictions of famine in countries around the world, not to mention rising costs of food, gas, and everything else making it harder to just live.

Survival gurus across the internet will tell you to:

  • “Grow your own food!”
  • “Buy from local farms!”
  • “Prep emergency food”
  • “Cook all of your meals at home”
  • “Make your own bread”


Yes, you should do all of those things…

But many won’t because they don’t know how to manage it all.

Stocking, storing, cooking, and making food – especially for long-term emergency use – is A LOT of hard work.

And most people are afraid of having to prep gross survival packs of food or canned goods they’ll never eat. 

Or they worry half of the food they put away for later use will spoil. 

Or they simply don’t think they have enough space to be a “prepper.”

But with the right system in place you can buy, grow, make, and cook all the food you want and never waste a single crumb, always have plenty for daily and emergency use, and never have to worry about not having enough. 

Nicole Sauce will give you the exclusive and never-before-seen system that she’s used for almost a decade to build unbreakable food security in…

The Power Pantry Workshop

The Power Pantry Workshop is a complete A-Z system for easily organizing all of your food and managing it like a professional to:

  • Have all the food you love on hand to make your favorite meals without ever having to prep emergency food you’ll never eat anyway
  • Build a long-term supply of food you can depend on even if you have to go months without shopping at a grocery store
  • Never allow any food to spoil or go to waste by using a clever rotation strategy that keeps dry, frozen, and refrigerated food fresh and nutritious
  • Gain “total food transparency” so you always know what you have, how much, and when you need more 
  • Make the best use of your space to grow some of your own food and expand your self-reliance
  • Find all the commercial places to buy food (ie grocery stores) and all the uncommon places to buy food (ie farmer’s markets and local farms) to enhance your “local supply chain”

And always ensure you have a surplus of healthy food no matter how bad the food crisis becomes.

Want a proven, easy-to-use system for storing enough food to keep your family well-fed in good times and bad?

Get INSTANT ACCESS to the workshop videos.

Nicole Sauce has used and improved the Power Pantry Workshop to turn her fridge, freezer, and pantry into her own personal food bank that never runs out

Nicole has been a homesteader in Tennessee for over a decade, documenting her experiences and sharing what she learns in the popular Living Free in Tennessee podcast. 

After so many years of learning how to survive on her own, she discovered that it’s not enough to simply have more food. 

You need a system to make the best use of it.

Just as a food bank systematically organizes its food supply to help those in need, so too can you organize your own food supply to satisfy your needs. 

Tens of thousands of people depend on food banks and pantries to feed their families in the United States. 

That problem will become worse in 2023, guaranteed. 

But YOU should never have to wait in a mile long line of cars to get food. 

The Power Pantry Workshop gives you a complete blueprint for turning your home into your personal food bank that you can take from and replenish in a simple and easy-to-manage system.

YOU will be in control of your food supply. 

YOU will ensure your family never goes hungry. 

YOU will become your own charity when times get tough.

ANYONE can use this system to maximize their food security no matter their budget, pantry space, or dietary needs

The Power Pantry Workshop can be as simple or sophisticated as you need it to be. 

It’s designed so you can stock, store, cook, make, buy, and use ONLY the food that you want to eat so you never have to get food you hate or be caught in a situation where you have to rush to a store and buy whatever is available during a crisis. 

Plus, it doesn’t matter how much money you make.

The financial strategies you’ll discover can be used right away even by minimum wage workers to have more food prepared in a smart and useful way than 99% of the rest of the population. 

And the best part of this system is…

You can use it whether you live in a van traveling on the road or in a wide open homestead in the country or anywhere in between.

Special guest Survival Punk will reveal his hard-earned secrets for storing food in small spaces

Survival Punk has lived in a tiny home with his family for years while managing to establish an impressive food pantry system with an extremely limited amount of space. 

For anyone that lives in an apartment, a small home in the suburbs, as a traveling nomad, or some other living situation with little storage space…

Survival Punk will show you how to use the Power Pantry Workshop to maximize whatever space you have to work with.

The Workshop will be 4 hours of in-depth training + an extensive Q&A

This isn’t going to be like one of those 20-minute YouTube videos showing you some cute storage strategies.

Nicole Sauce is pouring everything she knows about storing, using, managing, and expanding a food pantry that you can depend on for life to always have fresh, healthy food available in the worst times and the best times.

The Zoom chat from Nicole’s workshop is itself a goldmine of bonus content.

People shared their own tips and strategies and links to helpful resources.

Here’s EXACTLY what you’ll discover in the Power Pantry Workshop:

PLUS, you get…

Nicole Sauce’s Favorite Stored Food Recipes

This is a collection of Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce’s top recipes to use with a variety of stored foods. 

If you’re tired of the same rice and bean recipes…or think stored foods will be bland and lifeless…then you need this collection. 

Nicole and Mama Sauce give you their best recipes refined over DECADES of proper pantry management to make fresh and delicious home-cooked meals from your long-term stored foods.

The Power Pantry Planner

Use this planner to develop a blueprint for your food storage system including timeline, prioritized list, and storage requirements. Based on the philosophy of “store what you use and use what you store”, this logbook is the perfect companion for those just getting started in their food storage journey and those who wish to refine an existing pantry.

Food Storage Guide

This will show you how to best store different kinds of foods and other supplies in your pantry. What must be frozen? What can handle exposure to light? When is it a bad idea to put two things next to each other? What about pests?

This is a MUST HAVE quick reference guide for properly storing everything in your pantry.

List of Resources

This is a comprehensive list of resources for all things pantry: storage bags, bulk foods, information from pantry experts, storage solutions, and much more.

LIFETIME access to the replay of the Power Pantry Workshop

Watch and rewatch the workshop whenever you want.


Bonus #1: Pantry Management

Do you have 1 week’s worth of food stored? 1 month? 6 months?

If you answered “no” to any of those questions then this is the training you desperately need. If you hate thinking about managing your stored food and have tried it and failed, resulting in spoiled food, this is DEFINITELY the training you need. 

Nicole Sauce reveals all the tips, tricks, tactics, strategies, and hacks she’s learned after more than 10 years of managing a large pantry of daily and emergency use food. 

You’ll discover:

  • The most important and powerful pantry management principles to live by (get these right and your life becomes 100x easier)
  • The two ways to build up a large store of food on any budget without breaking the bank
  • Nicole’s journal method for easily tracking everything you use and everything you need to replenish
  • What items to store in cool, dry, and dark spaces and “exposed” spaces
  • Creative storage ideas anyone can build in a studio apartment or full single-family home to instantly add more spaces (that still look nice in your home) to prep food
  • The EXACT foods to store depending on if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced pantry prepper
  • The 5 disempowering habits that will kill your motivation, ruin your pantry, and cause more clutter than you need (and how to turn each one into an empowering habit)

Plus so much more!

Bonus #2: Four Methods to Start Your Spring Garden

If you’ve never started a garden before but always wanted to…

Or have but you ended up giving up because you think you “don’t have a green thumb”…

Or know your garden could be producing way more food with way less work…

Then this is the training for you. 

Nicole Sauce and Tactical Redneck will carefully walk you through an easy and simple approach to growing a ton of food in any size garden in springtime and beyond. 

You’ll discover:

  • Why water is actually the most important part of growing food (and why you’re probably watering wrong and how to do it right)
  • The four most powerful gardening methods you can use right now whether you have a yard, a small plot outside, or can only grow indoors (at least one of these methods will work for you)
  • The unique bucket method for stress-free gardening (with a tiny bit of upfront work, your plants will thrive and not require much attention – perfect for busy people)
  • The secret soil mixture for growing food on steroids in raised beds
  • The first-of-its kind “reverse raised bed” method for converting a dead portion of your lawn into a food paradise (and how to do it FAST to start growing plants immediately)
  • How to grow food in your yard where grass used to be without needing any equipment but a shovel and your hands (plus, how to keep seeds alive as they germinate, keep the soil healthy, and more)
  • The top 7 plants to grow in spring
  • The 5 common mistakes most beginners make and how to avoid each of them to protect your plants (and stay on the gardening path)

Plus MUCH more!

If we add up everything you get with the Power Pantry Workshop…

A complete A-Z system for easily organizing all of the food you buy, grow, make, and store into a deep pantry system and managing it like a professional


Food storage strategies for maximum freshness and minimum spoilage


Proper methods for storing a variety of dried, frozen, and fresh food


Systems thinking training to revolutionize the way you manage your food and any other area of your life


Local supply chain networking for ultimate food resilience


Techniques for growing some food indoors or outdoors


Small space storage secrets from Survival Punk


List of Resources


Nicole Sauce’s Favorite Stored Food Recipes


The Power Pantry Planner


Food Storage Guide


Bonus #1: Pantry Management


Bonus #2: Four Methods to Start Your Spring Garden


The total value comes out to $881

But YOU are NOT going to pay $881 for the Power Pantry Workshop…

You’re not even going to pay $381

In fact…

While this workshop was almost priced at $181…we decided $181 was still too high because we want absolutely everyone to get their hands on this workshop…


To join the Power Pantry Workshop…

You only have to pay $97

The Power Pantry Workshop

This workshop is the key to unlocking sustenance and preparedness for your family!

Do you want a proven system for turning your home into your own personal food bank?

At this point, you have to make a choice…

You can either…

Take and immediately use a battle-tested plan to manage your food supply like a pro so you never run out and always have more than enough for daily and emergency use…

Or you can lose your opportunity to get this plan and keep doing whatever you currently do

If you choose to reject the Power Pantry Workshop…

Then it’ll be up to you to develop your own methods and strategies for managing your food supply and storage. 

If you want to eat the food you love during hard times…you’re going to need a plan to do it. 

Because when times get tough, people get scared and goods you expect to be on the grocery store shelves start disappearing. Think toilet paper during 2020 except much worse. 

Because droughts, climate policies, war, and more are shrinking the supply of basic foods such as meat and wheat. 

The people who will have and eat what they want will be those with a system for buying, growing, making, and storing their favorite food. 

Which is why…

If you choose to join the Power Pantry Workshop…

You’ll be given proven strategies and methods for having an abundance of food in your home that’s properly organized for daily and emergency use. 

You’ll know how to “rotate” your food so NOTHING goes to waste and you’re always eating fresh, healthy meals. 

You’ll know where and what to buy from stores and local farms so you always have multiple options for getting the food you need. 

You’ll never have to worry about you or your family going hungry or waiting for a handout during a crisis. You’ll have so much food you’ll be able to help others in need if you want.

And in case you wind up in an emergency where you lose your job…or lose money…or grocery stores lose a lot of inventory suddenly…

You can rest assured that you have a system in place to weather the storm and keep your family fed until you’re out of the crisis. 

The time to make a choice is now…

Do you want a proven system for turning your home into your own personal food bank?

Get INSTANT ACCESS to the workshop videos.