Concerned about food shortages, inflation, and economic collapse?

The Self Reliance Festival PRIVATE RECORDINGS will reveal DOZENS of the most vital survival secrets, strategies, and skills to persevere and prosper through the worst times (while building a self-sufficient life to thrive in the best times)

The Self Reliance Festival PRIVATE RECORDINGS will reveal DOZENS of the most vital survival secrets, strategies, and skills to persevere and prosper through the worst times (while building a self-sufficient life to thrive in the best times)

The Self Reliance Festival was held in June 2022 in an off-grid location in Tennessee.

It featured world-renowned experts in food production, self-defense, community building, and modern survivalism. 

Only an intimate group of a few hundred in-person attendees and a few hundred watching online were able to see it LIVE.

The wealth of actionable info shared at the Self Reliance Festival was almost lost to time…

…but I worked my magic and was able to bring my favorite videographer along to put it all on tape. And now I’m sharing what we recorded with you…


The Self Reliance Festival was hosted by…

Living Free in Tennessee

Special Operations Equipment

Get your own digital copy of the presentations and demonstrations from the June 2022 Self Reliance Festival EXCLUSIVELY here and nowhere else

The Self Reliance Festival featured so many amazing speakers with mind blowing survival knowledge to share I had to record it and preserve it for everyone that couldn’t be there LIVE

Hey, John Bush here.

Nicole Sauce invited Rebecca Powers and me to speak at the Self Reliance Festival and once I found out who was going to be there…and what they were talking about…AND that NONE of it was going to be recorded…

I immediately called on the best videographer in the business, the great Rebecca Cunningham, to gather all her fancy video and sound equipment and book it to a remote off-grid location in Tennessee where the festival was being held.

I paid her out of my own pocket to capture the talks and workshops that took place that weekend. 

She did an amazing job.

Boy oh boy was it worth it!

The Self Reliance Festival PRIVATE RECORDINGS will show you how to create a lifestyle of survival to become untouchable in the face of catastrophe

I refer to Jack Spirko, Nicole Sauce, and everyone at the Self Reliance Festival as “enlightened preppers.”

Because they’re living the self-sufficient lifestyle not out of fear or necessity…but because it’s a better, healthier, happier, wealthier, and more fulfilling life.

Jack Spirko’s tagline for The Survival Podcast is “Helping you live a better life, if times get tough or even if they don’t.”

The Self Reliance Festival PRIVATE RECORDINGS will show you how to design your home, your food, your habits, your business, and your life so that you not only survive, you THRIVE.

Survival can be built into your lifestyle so that you don’t even have to think about it.

Grocery store shelves empty, the dollar crashes, the economy tanks, the masses erupt in chaos…

And you can still eat steak, play with your kids, and watch the sunset on a peaceful homestead.

If you actually USE what you learn inside the Self Reliance Festival PRIVATE RECORDINGS, then you can leap and bound your way to become practically untouchable by the powers-that-wish-they-were who want you to own nothing, eat bugs, and do what you’re told.

It won’t show you EVERYTHING you need to know…

Not a single festival on Earth could do that…

But it will fast-track you MILES up the road to unstoppable self-sufficiency.

In fact, if you follow through with everything you learn in these PRIVATE RECORDINGS…you’ll probably be more prepared and better positioned to survive any of the shit hitting the fan than 95% of most other preppers.

Now, enough build up…

Here are all of the featured presentations you’ll find inside the Self Reliance Festival PRIVATE RECORDINGS

Nicole Sauce

Underground Networking 2.0

Nicole will show you how to persevere through tough times by activating your existing networks to call for aid when needed, find solutions, and restart life. Your chances of survival and prosperity are only as strong as your network. Learn how to build one that will have your back no matter what happens in the world.

Nicole Sauce is the creator of the Self Reliance Festival, the host of the Living Free in Tennessee podcast, co-host of the Unloose the Goose podcast, and the creator of Holler Roast coffee.

Jack Spirko

Build Your Empire While Theirs Crumbles

Jack will show you how homesteading and self-employment are real jobs, just the same as working for a salary, but better. You’ll learn how to work for yourself, use your land to generate income, and establish a powerful position in the world of money and finance on your own terms.

Jack Spirko is the host of The Survival Podcast, which has been running since 2008 and now has over 3,000 episodes available on all aspects of self-sufficiency, self-reliance, independence and personal liberty.

John Willis

Justice and Entrepreneurship in a Time of Incompetence

John stands up and does an impromptu Q&A with the crowd and reveals how to run a kickass business, why the customer is NOT always right, how to turn trolls and assholes into sales, how to deal with social media censorship, and how he started his highly successful business, plus a whole lot more good stuff.

John Willis is a legend in the tactical gear industry. He created the original Special Operations Equipment Gear brand, pioneering designs and making them by hand (they’re still handmade in the USA to this day), producing the finest tactical gear available at an affordable price.

John Bush

Exit and Build Financial Strategy

John will show you how to create financial sovereignty and abundance even in an age of technocracy and increasing government control over our lives.

You’ll see how to harness the power of entrepreneurship, cryptocurrency, and the creation of counter-economies to create individual and financial freedom in an unfree world.

John Bush is an activist of over 20 years, a serial entrepreneur, a cryptocurrency early adopter and expert teacher, and the creator of Brave Botanicals natural medicine online store and Live Free Academy – the premier educational portal with dozens of courses, workshops, and interviews revealing how to live the freest life possible in a very unfree world.

Dr. Ken Berry

Proper Human Diet

Dr. Ken Berry will unveil the secrets of his revolutionary health protocol – the Proper Human Diet – and show you why eating right will not only improve your health but massively increase your ability to live a freer, happier life.

Dr. Ken Berry is a board certified Fellow in The American Academy of Family Physicians, has been practicing Family Medicine in rural Tennessee for over a decade, invented the Berry Method Keto for Health Optimization, and is the author of Lies My Doctor Told Me.

Josh and Thomas Carpenter

Confessions of a Homesteader Wannabe

Josh and Thomas will take you on their journey from city slickers to homesteaders, revealing their failures (and lessons learned), secrets to success in homesteading for people who have never done it before, and the steps they’re taking to improve and optimize their homestead (so you can too).

Josh and Thomas solid guys that are learning everything they can as they go and showing others that you don’t need to be an expert to build a solid homestead. 

Dr. Nakeita Fowler, DVM

When to Call the Vet? Annual Care and Prevention for your Animals

Dr. Fowler will give you a deep dive overview of the essentials for caring for your animals. You’ll discover when “normal” ain’t normal at all, when to call the vet or seek emergency care, how to properly restrain animals without harming them, plus a bunch of other useful “back pocket” skills.

Dr. Nakeita Fowler is a certified Doctor of Veterinary Medicine currently working at the Living To Serve Veterinary Services in Tennessee

Joel Ryals

Protection K9s

Joel will bust the common myth that guns are enough for personal protection and will reveal why adding a protection dog to your first line of defense makes you, your family, and your home safer.

Joel Ryals is a professional dog trainer, combat veteran and founder of Fortress K9 – a world-class protection dog training facility that has helped hundreds of individuals and families increase their security and peace of mind.

Billy Bond

Chicken Tractor on Steroids

Billy will show you how to raise ALL of the eggs and meat your family needs (and plenty more to sell or give away). And will reveal his secret process for using your livestock and poultry to produce a cubic yard of the world’s best compost per week… for free!

Billy Bond is a veteran, certified permaculture design expert, and is currently heading up Perma Pastures Farm – a farm and demonstration site that showcases a highly pragmatic approach to permaculture to make it accessible and usable for more people.

Bear Independent

The Importance of Community

Bear will show you why people are vital to your survival and how to leverage them for increased security and intelligence gathering (including practical techniques). He’ll also show you how to form a division of labor within groups for collaboration and cohesion with a community. And he’ll reveal the key to creating a high quality of life in a tyrannical world.

Bear Independent is a prolific YouTube creator with hundreds of thousands of subscribers between his two channels, Survival Dispatch and Bear Independent. He’s an expert in tactical preparedness and prepping. And is a serial entrepreneur with a variety of businesses under his control and management.

Gabby Hundley

Financial Self-Reliance

Gabby will show you the ins and outs of digital marketing for your business in the age of censorship. She’ll reveal easy and accessible ways to set up a website and marketing funnel that seamlessly “pulls” people from social media and transports them into an “ecosystem” under your control that Big Tech can’t steal from you.

Gabby Hundley is the owner of Marketing by Gabby, a boutique marketing agency devoted to helping small business owners reach large audiences without sacrificing their sanity.

Jake Drumm

Medicine: Easy Until It Isn’t

Jake Drumm will give you an “operational handling” point of view when it comes to medicine. He’ll give you proven advice and tactics for caring for a loved one after an accident, incident, or illness, including what to do during the next 72 hours, 10 days, or for the rest of the person’s life.

Jake Drumm is a former paramedic and professor in graduate medical education. He’s also the creator of Drumm Emergency Solutions – a family-owned and operated business providing dynamic solutions for civilian response to accidents, natural disasters, and active shooter events.

Panel Discussion w/ Billy Bond, Nicole Sauce, Jack Spirko, John Willis

Be Prepared, Not Panicked

Billy, Nicole, Jack, and John will show you why you should smile when you hear “bad times are coming!” They discuss how to take advantage of opportunities to thrive in even the worst of times. And they’ll provide common sense and hard-won advice to survive and prosper in bad times just as easily as in good times.


Here are ALL of the special, step-by-step demonstrations of essential survival skills you’ll see ONLY inside the Self Reliance Festival PRIVATE RECORDINGS

Jeramy Bailey

Greenhouse Best Practices

Jeramy will show you how to build a flourishing greenhouse to produce enough food to feed yourself, your family, and even have a little left over to sell at the local market. He also reveals a TON of tips, tricks, and hard-won lessons for establishing a successful greenhouse.

Matt Hundley

Water Is Wealth

Matt Hundley will show you step-by-step how to build water catchment tanks that are affordable and simple using expert techniques. Plus, he’ll reveal how to find and use water on ANY piece of land.

Nick Ferguson

Apocalypse-Proof Homestead Design

Nick will show you how to design every aspect of your homestead to provide food for yourself, your family, AND the animals you raise on your property to create total independence from the grocery and feed store.

Ken Johnson


Ken will show you how to become a professional beekeeper using his decades of experience as a skilled “bee whisperer.” He’ll reveal basic techniques, necessary equipment, and even how to measure a year through the eyes of a bee (essential if you hope to maximize honey production).

Kerry Brown

Hand Tool Rehab

Kerry will show you how to choose, use, rehab, and maintain your hand tools for peak performance, including pruners, axes, mauls, shovels, hoes, garden forks, and more.

Chris Watkins

Chainsaw Safety

Chris will show you a variety of chainsaw cutting techniques for use in common situations. He’ll walk through the basic tenets of chainsaw safety for reliable operation. He’ll give you a rundown of personal protective equipment you should always use when operating a chainsaw. He’ll show you how to perform basic maintenance on your chainsaw when it breaks down. And Chris will even share techniques for tying some very handy knots.

Lani Johnson

Knitting Corner

Lani will reveal the secrets of “Navajo knitting” – a simple but highly effective way to knit, especially for beginners.

Patrick Roehrman

Sharpening on the Homestead

So many farm tools work easier when sharp. Master knife-maker Patrick Roehrmann will show you fundamental (and inexpensive) knife sharpening techniques you can use on any blade to make them razor sharp (and keep them sharp for a lifetime).

Rebecca Powers

Discussion of the Intentional Community

Rebecca will show you why and how to build resilient intentional communities for generational sovereignty. She’ll give you how intentional communities can work in theory, how they actually work in practice, and ways to make them work for you. She’ll also share stories of successful peer-helping communities, including the Freedom Cell Network.

The Self Reliance Festival PRIVATE RECORDINGS will lay the foundation for you to become an unstoppable, untouchable modern survivalist

Get your own digital copy of the top presentations and demonstrations from the June 2022 Self Reliance Festival EXCLUSIVELY here and nowhere else