Veteran cattle ranchers and farmers are banding together to speak out against the government and corporate corruption of the food system at…

The Food Resiliency Town Hall

This one-day-only epic gathering revealed actionable ways consumers and food producers can BREAK FREE from the centralized food system forever to build an unbreakable local food supply chain and expand food freedom in America and the world

The Food Resiliency Town Hall, a benefit for the Beef Initiative, is presented by Live Free Academy and the Central Texas Freedom Cell Network.

The event features:

  • Texas Slim of The Beef Initiative (a true Texas Cattleman – see more from him further down this page)
  • John Pantalone of Amber Oaks Ranch
  • John Bush of Live Free Academy
  • Nomad Brad of Mobile Homesteading
  • Beau Brotherton of Better Together Homestead

The Food Resiliency Town Hall goes LIVE on December 3rd

It’s FREE to watch online, all you have to do is register…

OR you can join us IN-PERSON for a massive party with live music, cold beer, hot BBQ, fun games, meet-and-greets, and much more!

To join IN-PERSON in Bastrop, TX you can either:

  • Get a cattlemen’s beef feast plate for $30
  • Enjoy the event without a plate for $15

A portion of the proceeds go to support the Beef Initiative. 
We will share the address with you once you purchase a ticket. 

Do you want to know how to reclaim your right to locally-owned, organic, humanely-raised meat (while protecting yourself from food shortages and inflation)?

The man behind the
Beef Initiative is Texas Slim

And he’s on a mission to protect and expand your access to high-quality beef (that can’t be taken away by any government or corporation) through a new project called The Beef Initiative

Watch the video below to hear Texas Slim describe what the Beef Initiative is, how it works, and why it’s one of the best chances we have to restore a working food supply chain and good human health

Texas Slim is a native Texan raised on farms and ranches his whole life. 

But in addition to his blue-collar background, he’s also had a successful career working with multiple tech startups in Austin. He can work farm equipment and run data analysis.

His unique life experiences and skills have given him exceptional insight into how the food system works, how it’s manipulated, and how to fix it. 

The Beef Initiative is on a mission to cut out the middlemen between meat consumers and producers. 

Its aim is to create a direct line between buyers and sellers.

Because the ONLY way to secure high-quality beef long-term that can’t be controlled by corporations and the government is to source it locally direct from your local farmer and rancher. 

It’s critical we weaponize our money and health for our freedom and well-being because the truth is…

Food is being weaponized as an instrument of social control against us by those behind The Great Reset

  • The government subsidizes poisonous GMO foods such as corn and soy to be force fed to cattle to fatten them up (and added to most processed food to fatten up kids and adults alike) incentivizing hard-working farmers to participate in the decline of America’s health.
  • The 4 major processing companies that turn cattle into store-bought beef are conspiring to restrict the supply of meat to turn this crisis into a profitable windfall for themselves.
  • Bill Gates is the largest landowner in America and is one of the biggest investors in Genetically Engineered (GE) meat. He’s working overtime to replace beef with synthetic foodstuffs that are proven to negatively impact your health (and will never, ever be as healthy as real food from a well-cared-for animal).
  • The World Economic Forum and the UN have consistently pushed the bogus narrative that cows in particular are a widespread cause of greenhouse gasses and consumption of them must be curbed or stopped completely.
  • Those same groups want you to eat Gates’ fake meats AND fill your mouth with mealworms and crickets to “save the planet.”
  • The Rockefeller Foundation wants to “Reset The Table” and further centralize control over the global food supply chain
  • The end goal behind these and many more nefarious initiatives is to take control over food completely out of your hands and put it squarely into the hands of giant corporations that only want you to eat patented, corporate foods that they will profit from.

This list could go on for days but you get the picture.

The food shortages we’re dealing with today are a result of a concerted effort by many different interests to purposely centralize control over food.

The answer to this plan is simple:

  • Decentralize the food supply.
  • Localize everything.
  • Build relationships between consumers and farmers and ranchers.
  • Create a “parallel economy” in the food industry that cuts out mega-corporations and bureaucrats.

And ultimately, return to a simple life of connecting with our land, the food that comes from it, and the people that raise it.

Texas Slim and the Beef Initiative are leading the charge to create this new paradigm along with several other food producers and entrepreneurs and you’re invited to…

Discover the PROVEN solutions to today’s engineered food crisis at The Food Resiliency Town Hall

Throughout the evening, speakers shared their strategies and projects for restoring food freedom and repairing the food system. 

You’ll be given actionable tactics and strategies to use immediately to shore up your food supply and increase your resiliency in the face of shortages.

But you’ll also be invited to participate in the movement to decentralize and localize food systems in communities around the world.

Here’s a sneak peek at the Food Resiliency Town Hall:

  • Texas Slim will break down his “Food Intelligence” analysis to give you deep insight into how badly our food system has been corrupted, what you should and shouldn’t be putting in your body, and what we must do to reclaim our health and the health of our food supply
  • Texas Slim will also deliver two workshops on meat processing and on building out the local food ecosystem
  • John Pantalone of Amber Oaks Ranch will present on his mission of raising beef, pork, and poultry on pasture and how he’s helping his community – and can help you – reclaim food freedom and independence
  • Beau Brotherton of Better Together Homestead will reveal how he turned 7 acres into regenerative, sustainable farmland and the lessons learned you can use to live free in the country and have all the high-quality meat you want
  • Nomad Brad will give tips and advice for conducting a “meat share” with friends and family (buying a portion of a cow directly from the farmer or rancher)
  • John Bush will emcee the event and also discuss his “Exit and Build” strategies and how the Beef Initiative and Bitcoin work hand in hand to exit the corrupt food system and build an alternative, healthier, and freer system
  • John Bush will also reveal his “3-part strategy for food anti-fragility” and deliver a HUGE announcement about a brand new project that will take your food preparedness to the next level (you absolutely can’t miss this)

The Food Resiliency Town Hall goes LIVE on December 3rd

The event will be livestreamed to watch FREE online

But you can also attend IN-PERSON in Bastrop, TX and get to experience:

  • An awesome party celebrating great food and freedom
  • Live music show
  • Plenty of beer and BBQ
  • Games for adults and kids (yes, this is a family-friendly event)
  • Networking meet-and-greets
  • Plus a whole lot more!

To join IN-PERSON you can either:

  • Get a cattlemen’s beef feast plate for $30
  • Enjoy the event without a plate for $15

Ready to join the Food Resiliency Town Hall and fight for a better, freer food system that YOU get to co-create with badass ranchers and farmers, and other real food lovers?