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Give your audience a proven path to protecting their assets, preserving their freedom, and growing their wealth by promoting the BRAND NEW training package from Live Free Academy…

The Great Financial Reset Response webinar + The Great Financial Reset Survival Blueprint masterclass

Here’s why we created the “Great Financial Reset” webinar and masterclass (and why you and YOUR AUDIENCE will benefit from it at this unique point in history)

The economy is in a tailspin and no one can deny it. 

Inflation is surging above a 40-year high. 

Food and gas prices are out of control. 

Central Bank Digital Currencies are on the horizon. 

Financial markets and the economy as a whole are shifting under the push for a “Great Reset.” 

And people in your audience are rightfully scared, confused, and desperate for a way to protect their money and assets, preserve their freedoms, and maintain or grow their wealth during these uncertain times. 

You’re probably in a similar place. 

Maybe you’ve even made content around this subject. 

What people need right now is direction and guidance toward prosperity. They crave practical action steps to survive the chaos. And they need a solution NOW. 

This is a timely, relevant crisis at the top of everyone’s minds. 

Which is the perfect time to deliver training that can genuinely help your audience overcome the current economic challenges and become better off financially at the same time. 

That’s EXACTLY what our new promotion will help them do. 

Here’s a brief overview…

The Great Financial Reset Response webinar is 100% FREE

It will give your audience a broad overview of the major shifts happening in the economy, the financial sector, and politics. Then it will provide a bird’s eye view of the actions they can take to protect their money and property, preserve their liberty, and even grow their wealth. 

It will also empower them to believe that they can take real, decisive action to pull through these scary times and even come out better on the other side. 

You can see the landing page for the webinar here…

The Great Financial Reset Survival Blueprint masterclass is what the free webinar promotes

Near the end of the webinar, John Bush will transition into promoting this masterclass. 

The masterclass will present an in-depth step-by-step plan for surviving and thriving through a major economic recession or depression and other radical changes in the financial markets. 

Your audience will discover:

  • The best investments to make right now (both in terms of where to put their money and where to put their time and attention)
  • The ideal ways to generate income during economic downturns
  • The top assets to possess now and into the future for profits and protection
  • The most important cryptocurrencies to invest in
  • How to create “parallel economies” outside of the traditional economy to trade and do business with other freedom-minded people

And a variety of other tactics and strategies anyone can use NOW to position themselves for maximum freedom, resiliency, and prosperity.

Would you like to share this empowering training with your audience?

How the “Great Financial Reset” webinar + masterclass promotion works

  • You will receive a unique affiliate link which will track clicks and conversions of your individual audience members
  • You will also receive “swipe assets” including banner ads, emails, and more in your affiliate account after you become an affiliate
  • You will use this link to promote the FREE webinar to your audience – this is the ONLY thing you have to promote
  • Those that sign up for the webinar using your affiliate link will be logged into our affiliate system – your unique affiliate tracking link will last for 60 days
  • If anyone from your audience tagged with your unique affiliate code purchases the masterclass, you’ll earn a commission

Everyone who registers for the FREE webinar will also be added to the Live Free Academy newsletter where they’ll receive regular emails encouraging them to sign up for the Masterclass during this promotion. 

Again, any purchases from people who have been tagged with your unique affiliate code will earn you a commission. 

Pro tip: the more you promote the webinar (sending more emails or texts, sharing it on social media, putting ads on your website, etc.) the more people will sign up for it, and the more of a positive impact you’re going to make on your audience and the more money you’re going to earn during this promotion.


The commission structure for affiliates

We deeply appreciate you sharing this promotion with your audience and helping us help more people confidently prepare for an uncertain future while creating more abundance and freedom in their lives. 

Because of this, affiliates earn a 50% commission on ALL sales generated.

We’ve run several promotions with affiliates for past workshops, summits, and other trainings. Our affiliates routinely net thousands of dollars in commissions, with some easily surpassing $7,500 in earnings from a single promotion

Our philosophy is:

We create powerful, life-changing content so that you can empower your audience and grow your business at the same time. Because the more people we help change their lives and increase their wealth, the freer and better off the world will be.

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The launch calendar for a successful promotion

Your Affiliate Director is Rebecca Powers at [email protected]

Below is a simple overview of what to promote and when to promote it to your audience for the best results (ie highest conversions and sales).

Recommended Promotion Plan

For maximizing income, commission, and impact with your audience:

The entire campaign will run from Oct 6th – Oct 29th

Moderate Webinar Promo Window (promote registration for the FREE webinar): Oct 6th – Oct 15th

Heavy Webinar Promo Window (promote registration for the FREE webinar): Oct 16th – Oct 18th

Webinar goes LIVE: Oct 18th @ 11:00 AM CDT

Moderate Webinar Replay Window: Oct 19th – Oct 25th

Heavy Webinar Replay + Core Offer (Masterclass) Promo Window: Oct 25th – Oct 29th

We have supplied swipe emails and more will be created throughout the campaign.


Most revenue generated (using our landing page).
Campaign ends June 1st, 2022

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Do you want to positively impact your audience while earning more money?

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