If you’d like to help your audience master the essentials of Bitcoin to become radically free and prosperous then you’re invited to…

Become an affiliate for
Bitcoin Basics for Boomers and beginners

Become an affiliate for Bitcoin Basics for Beginners and Boomers

A brand NEW training from 11-year cryptocurrency veteran activist, investor, speaker, and educator John Bush of Live Free Academy

Bitcoin Basics for Boomers and Beginners will show your audience:

In short…

The Bitcoin Basics for Boomers and Beginners course will give newcomers to this revolutionary technology the easiest and most action-oriented program to instantly understand its value and start using it immediately to increase their financial prosperity and sovereignty.

Do you want to help the beginners and boomers in your audience succeed with Bitcoin using time-tested methods from a recognized expert (while earning a nice commission for your efforts)?

John Bush of Live Free Academy is one of the premier educators in the cryptocurrency space

In 2014, John Bush traveled across the country with his family in the “Bitcoin Bus” to evangelize about the power of Bitcoin. 

Since then he’s appeared on numerous podcasts and shows including The Tom Woods Show, The Pete Quinones Show, The Mark Moss Show, The Survival Podcast, and more. 

Then in 2021, he created Live Free Academy.

Tens of thousands of students have taken his courses and workshops on using crypto for financial prosperity, wealth protection and growth, opting out of the central banking system, avoiding the social credit system, escaping smart cities and the surveillance state, and living the freest life possible. 


These top voices and organizations in the “Truth and Freedom community” consistently trust and promote Live Free Academy trainings as affiliates

The Survival Podcast


Grand Theft World

The Tom Woods Show

Do you want to become one of our trusted affiliates to help your audience live as free as possible by learning the ins and outs of Bitcoin?

The Unlock Your Sovereignty Webinar is our lead magnet for this campaign

The “Unlock Your Financial Sovereignty” webinar serves as an ideal lead magnet for affiliates looking to drive traffic to our main event, the “Bitcoin Basics for Boomers and Beginners” workshop.

Hosted by John Bush, a 11-year veteran crypto activist and expert teacher, the webinar is designed to debunk myths and provide irrefutable proof of Bitcoin’s potential for financial freedom.

It’s a free, 90-minute presentation that even offers attendees a chance to win free Bitcoin, making it an enticing and low-risk entry point for your audience.

Once attendees are engaged with the webinar, we have a robust email marketing strategy in place to guide them towards the workshop. This ensures a seamless transition and higher conversion rates, making it a win-win for both the audience and our affiliates. 

This strategy offers genuine value to attendees and has strong follow-up to nurture leads effectively. The webinar and workshop together form a comprehensive educational journey, empowering people to unlock their financial sovereignty through Bitcoin.

This makes it not just a marketing campaign, but a movement towards financial freedom that you’ll want to be a part of.

Do you have audience members who match the above criteria and want to help them take part in the Bitcoin revolution for liberty and sovereignty?

How it works being an affiliate for Live Free Academy

  • You will receive a unique affiliate link for our FREE webinar (lead magnet) and also for the workshop which will track the clicks and conversions of your individual audience members.
  • You will also receive “swipe assets” including banner ads, emails, and more below.
  • You will use your unique affiliate link to first promote the webinar and then the direct offer to your audience
  • Those that sign up using your affiliate link will be logged into our affiliate system – your unique affiliate tracking link will last for 60 days.
  • If anyone from your audience tagged with your unique affiliate code makes a purchase, you’ll earn a 50% commission on what they bought.

How the Bitcoin Basics offer is structured and the opportunities your audience will have to make a purchase (and the opportunities YOU will have to earn commissions)

The Bitcoin Basics for Boomers and Beginners Wokshop costs $297.

The campaign will begin with a free webinar that you will promote to your audience.

For most of the campaign, you’ll be encouraged to send emails, create social posts, and put banner ads on your website all geared toward the FREE offer of the webinars. (On this page you will find your own batch of emails, posts, and ads from us to use in your marketing when you sign up as an affiliate.)

These webinars will provide a ton of valuable education while effectively selling attendees on taking their education to the next level with the Bitcoin Basics for Beginners and Boomers course.

Plus, every person from your audience who signs up for one of these free webinars will be added to John Bush’s email list.

John is well-known for having one of the largest and most responsive lists in his industry.

Every single day during the Bitcoin Basics campaign, John will send emails to his list directing them to the conversion-optimized sales page for the Bitcoin Basics course.

Sales will be generated throughout the campaign, with the largest windfall of revenue usually pouring in during the last few days (most people wait until the deadline to buy).

Near the end of the campaign, you’ll be encouraged to send your audience directly to the sales page for the Bitcoin Basics course to maximize your commissions.

Commission structure for Bitcoin Basics (what you can expect to earn)

You will earn 50% of EVERY SINGLE SALE you make – one of the highest affiliate commission rates you’ll find in any industry.

The core offer is $297, which means you will earn $148.50 every time someone from your audience purchases it. 

Our top affiliates have been known to generate up to $10,000 or more from promoting our offers.

In general, the more you promote, the more you will earn.

Bitcoin Basic Dates for Current Promo Campaign:

The next Unlock Your Financial Sovereignty Webinar goes LIVE 3/21/24 @ 11AM Central

Shortly after the webinar wraps registrants will have three days to watch the replay. 

The offer window will go from 11AM on 3/21/24 to 3/25/24 at Midnight. 

Your Affiliate Director is Michael Singleterry at [email protected]

The Bitcoin Basics campaign launch dates

The launch will run from (8/28/23) – (9/23/23)

Your Affiliate Director is Michael Singleterry at [email protected]

The Bitcoin Basics promotion calendar for affiliates

Our next LIVE webinars take place…

Tuesday September 5th @ 6:00PM Central

Thursday September 7th @ 11:00AM Central 

Wednesday September 13th @ 11:00AM Central

Wednesday September 19th @ 6:00 PM Central

Thursday September 21st @ 11:00AM Central 

Below is a simple overview of what to promote and when to promote it to your audience for the best results (ie: highest conversions and sales).

Our affiliate partners typically make the highest commissions when promoting during the pre-launch period, as well as several times during the week of the webinar and workshop.

For maximizing income, commission, and impact with your audience:6

Moderate Virtual Promo Window (promote webinar):

(8/28/23) – (9/10/23)

Heavy Promo Window (this is THE time to strongly promote, especially virtual):

(9/11/23) – (9/19/23)

Direct Workshop promotion:

(9/20/23) – (9/23/23)

The Prizes for the top affiliates

Most revenue generated (using our landing page).
Campaign ends (END DATE)

Third Place
Second Place
First Place

Ready to become an affiliate for the Bitcoin Basics for Boomers and Beginners course (and earn good money by helping your audience learn about the most liberating financial technology in the world?



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