Live Free Academy Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Affiliate Program Policy

1. Overview Join our Affiliate Program and earn commissions by promoting our products and events. Our program is designed to support our partners in generating revenue while promoting our high-quality virtual products and in-person events.

2. Commission Structure

  • Virtual Products: Affiliates earn a commission of 50% on sales of virtual products.
  • In-Person Tickets: Affiliates earn a commission of 15% on sales of in-person event tickets.

3. Cookie Duration We use a 60-day tracking cookie. This means you will receive commission on sales from customers who click on your affiliate link and make a purchase within 60 days of the initial click.

4. Payment Terms Commissions are paid out quarterly. All affiliate earnings will be paid within 20 days following the end of each quarter, provided the commissions are at least 30 days old in compliance with our return policy. This ensures proper processing time for any returns or cancellations.

5. Return Policy In accordance with our return policy, commissions on returned goods will be deducted from the affiliate’s earnings. Only commissions that are older than 30 days from the sale date will be considered for payout, allowing for any potential returns within the return period.

6. Affiliate Obligations Affiliates are expected to promote our products in a professional and lawful manner. The use of spam or any unethical marketing practices is strictly prohibited. Affiliates must also adhere to our brand guidelines and values when representing our products and services.

7. Modification of Terms We reserve the right to modify any of the terms and conditions within this affiliate program policy at any time and without prior notice. Changes may include, but are not limited to, changes in the commission structure, payment procedures, and Affiliate Program rules.