How the parasites in Washington and the WEF plan to kill the economy, steal your money, and take away your freedom…

(And the PROVEN path to follow to protect your wealth, preserve your liberty, and come out of this economic crapstorm more financially secure and prosperous than ever before)

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1. How the banks get away with lending out 10x as much money in loans as they have on deposit and why it strongly drives inflation (17:55)

2. The three control vectors that the Great Reset is using to radically shape our world (40:29)

3. How the manager of the Bank of International Settlements will have “absolute control” of your money (43:24)

4. The power of your thoughts and how you can control them when you adopt a sovereign mindset (47:50)

5. The three necessary but often overlooked steps to devising your exit plan (58:19)

6. Why you should be like a “horse with blinders on” (01:02:37)

7. My investment framework for growing your wealth, taking control of your money, and keeping your assets out of the hands of the technocrats (01:10:59)

8. The ONLY tool that will enable you to do business online and outside the scope of the CBDC control grid (01:24:24)

9. How my first crypto transaction helped an unbanked agorist live outside the purview of the man (01:28:43)

10. The power of reciprocity in communities for resisting the financial reset (01:36:03)

11. How you can tap into a network of 34k+ solutionaries working tirelessly to create more freedom (01:43:26)