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But before you leave this page…
I have one more thing to share with you…

See, days 1 & 2 of the Exit and Build Land Summit II were the FREE days of the Summit.

Day 3 was a private day only for special ticket holders which went much deeper into a few core exit and build strategies and gave attendees a clearer action plan for actually moving to the country and building a life of freedom.

It featured:

  • A deep dive into strategic relocation – with Joel Skousen
  • Everything you need to know to start using permaculture right away – with Paul Wheaton
  • Strategies for community self governance, sociocracy, and legal structures – with Diana Leafe Christian
  • Entrepreneurship as a vehicle to buy property – with Jack Spirko, Nicole Sauce, and John Bush
  • How to Grow HALF Your Food, In Your Own Backyard, In Less than 1 Hour Per Day – with Marjory Wildcraft
  • How to create freedom cells and build an underground network of trusted allies in the fight for liberty – with John Bush, Derrick Broze, and Ramiro Romani

And Joel Salatin gave a private presentation ONLY to Day 3 attendees about NEVER bending the knee to your wannabe rulers, with strategies on how to exit their system and play your own game instead.

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