How to raise brilliant, resilient, and happy kids through homeschooling

(without tearing out your hair or doing it all by yourself)


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You will get THREE EXTRA BONUSES if you join the Workshop within 72 hours of the moment you signed up for the Free the Children Summit.

Here are the THREE BONUSES you may receive with the Homeschool READY Workshop

1. Healing Relationships and Forging Unbreakable Bonds - a special module from the Exit and Build Life Design Workshop

The Life Design Workshop revealed how to gain more freedom in every major area of your life, one of which being your relationships, including the one you have with your kids.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll hear in this module:

  • How to have healthy relationships with those who don’t believe the same “kooky” conspiracies you believe (I’ve ruined relationships by being a constant truther, and the advice I give here will help you maintain healthy relationships with people who hold different beliefs than you)
  • The ultimate “test” you can use to find amazing new friends who will lift you up rather than tear you down (it’s so simple but it works like gangbusters to root out the “negative nancies” from your life)
  • How to use the art of “nonviolent communication” to express your true thoughts and feelings, have a productive conversation, and “de-escalate” interpersonal conflict with ease
  • The best and most balanced method for raising independent children without spanking them (and why you should adopt this method if you want to teach your children that peace is better than violence)

2. Intimate and Vulnerable Chat About Homeschool w/ John and Bluebird - LFA members-only Meet the Experts session

I sat down and had an in-depth discussion with the wonderful and super knowledgeable Bluebird (my co-host of the FREE THE CHILDREN Summit and the lead instructor for the Homeschool READY Workshop). Bluebird gives one tip, strategy, tactic, life hack, and insight after another for being a rockstar homeschooling parent. Honestly, this is like a mini-workshop in itself.

Below is just a tiny taste of all the awesome advice Bluebird and I provide for busy and scared parents who want to make homeschooling work:

  • The hard realization that whoever your child is spending the majority of their time with will have the largest influence in their life (is that person going to be you or a teacher or someone else?)
  • Why you need to THROW AWAY any checklist of what your child is “supposed” to be doing or learning before age 7 (Bluebird will reveal exactly what you should and shouldn’t be doing during this critical time of development and what to do after they turn 7 to rapidly accelerate their learning)
  • Why YOU should NOT be your child’s teacher by the time they’re 12 years old and how your child should be learning at this point (plus, what you should be doing to help them become excellent self-educators from this point on)
  • How you parenting style and philosophy, your values, form the foundation of your home education style and philosophy (including how to determine your values and philosophy and how to choose the type of home education model that suits you best and will create the kind of adults you want your children to grow up to be)
  • Why YOU are more qualified than any teacher with a masters in education to teach your kids ANY subject (yes, including math, even if you’re terrible at it) and how to be a great teacher and “facilitator of knowledge” for your child even if you feel like you’re not that smart

How to Hack Your Habits and 10X Your Goals - LFA members-only Tips, Tactics, and Strategies session

I included this bonus because homeschooling requires a shift in your habits and goals, both for yourself and your kids. Homeschooling becomes a lot easier when you can maximize your productivity. Trust me, I know. I created this exclusive session from my own hard-won experience in optimizing my time, my habits, and my goals as an entrepreneur, father, and homeschooling parent.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover inside:

  • How to set motivating, achievable goals you stay excited to accomplish
  • How to “10X” your goals to transform your mindset about what you’re capable of and push you to achieve more than you imagined you could
  • How to craft a detailed (but simple) plan for making steady progress toward your goals
  • How to “hack your brain” to create an unstoppable vision of your new self to effortlessly manifest your desires
  • How to identify the negative, counterproductive habits holding you back
  • How to use the world-famous “habit loop” method to permanently BREAK bad habits and INSTALL new, positive habits
  • How to “tie” habits to goals to virtually make success inevitable

The Homeschool READY Workshop takes place
July 29th - 31st in Bastrop, TX

Join either IN-PERSON or VIRTUALLY in the
next 72 hours to get all three bonuses above

The Homeschool READY Workshop is for ALL parents no matter where you’re at in your homeschooling journey:

  • Never homeschooled before?
  • Afraid you might screw up (or screw up your kids)?
  • Feel too busy to homeschool?
  • Scared of doing it all by yourself?
  • Don’t think you’re “smart enough” to homeschool?
  • Tried homeschooling before and gave up?

You’re in the right place.

Most parents just send their kids off to public school to “let someone else deal with them.”

But not you…

The fact that you’re reading this right now PROVES that you love your children so much you’re determined to do whatever it takes to give them the best education possible

Despite your (valid) anxieties and fears around homeschooling, you want to at least try to make it work so that your kids grow up to be even smarter and more successful than your generation. (Isn’t that what all good parents want for their kids?)

  • You want your children to be able to think for themselves, be leaders instead of followers, and grow up with a spirit of liberty to live a life of freedom.
  • You want them to express their unique gifts and talents, and want to give them an environment in which they’ll thrive.
  • You want them to learn all the skills you were never taught in school (but should have): critical thinking, gardening, emotional intelligence, public speaking, personal finance, entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, and the life-long ability to teach themselves anything.
  • You want to foster a beautiful relationship with your children that’s supportive, loving, and fulfilling. You want your kids to bond with you. To look up to you and respect you.

ALL OF THIS AND MORE can be achieved through homeschooling.

And to be honest…

You MUST try to make homeschooling work…

Because you know…

Deep down in your gut…

Government schools are toxic, dangerous, and deadly

Children were (and in some places still are) forced to wear masks

Mask mandates for kids in school was one of the worst violations of personal liberty that came from the COVID “pandemic.” As one little girl described it to her school board:

“Children are suffocating. You don’t know what it feels like. It’s nonsense…God created us so we can be free people. And we’re not free here or at public schools.”

Gender ideology is being crammed down kids throats

Children as young as 4 are being coaxed and coached by transgender activist teachers into disregarding their biology and changing their gender based on their feelings (or the approval of their teachers), sometimes even behind parents’ backs.

Adults should be free to explore their sex and gender.

But children should be allowed to be children as they naturally develop through puberty into adulthood.

Racial tensions are being stoked through critical race theory

Caucasian children in schools across America are being taught that they are inherently racist because they were born with white skin. Meanwhile, children of color are told that they will forever be oppressed by a white supremacist system.

It’s important to study the dark history of oppression and racism against minority groups…

But we should strive to raise children who are empowered, who see reality and history clearly, and who want to improve the world without hating themselves or others.

Children are being conditioned to conform and blindly obey authority

John Taylor Gatto, a 25-year award-winning school teacher, left school to spend the rest of his career exposing its dark history and helping kids escape it.

He reveals – through intense research and many published books – that public school from its inception was designed to create docile, dumbed down, conformist, obedient citizens to be used as labor for corporations and soldiers for the State.

Schools are being attacked while police stand down

From Columbine to Sandy Hook to Parkland to Uvalde, mentally disturbed students are murdering their classmates.

Blame it on the schools, social media, American culture, psychotropic drugs, family life, or all of the above and more, the fact is that schools are extremely unsafe in the face of deranged shooters.

And the worst part is, as we’ve seen in Parkland and Uvalde especially, police will cower and wait and refuse to stop shooters as they attack children.

Parents don’t have a say in their kid’s education

The Department of Justice has labeled concerned parents as Terrorists. Former Virginia governor and Democrat, Terry McAuliffe, said parents should have no say in what schools teach. The Michigan Democratic Party made a public statement ridiculing the idea that parents should have a say in what is taught to their children.

The fact is, parents have very little control over what public school teaches, and many lawmakers, teachers, political groups, and even parents want it to stay that way.

Homeschooling is fun, effective, and healthy

Personalized education allows for natural learning

Kids prefer to learn at the speed, and in the style most appropriate for them, rather than being forced to learn the same things in the same way as everyone else.

Homeschooling allows your children to pursue subjects they’re most interested in and give them the time and space to discover what excites them the most and pursue their passions.

Plus, gifted learners don’t have to “slow down” to match their peers’ pace. And slower-paced learners can take their time without feeling pressure to rush themselves.

Homeschoolers perform academically better than government school kids

Research from the National Home Education Research Institute has shown that home educated kids typically score 15 to 30 percentile points above public-school students on standardized academic achievement tests.

And mean ACT Composite scores for homeschooled students were consistently higher than those for government school students from 2001 through 2014 according to ACT itself.

Homeschoolers have higher rates of emotional and mental wellbeing

The National Home Education Research Institute suggests that homeschoolers have higher measures of social, emotional, and psychological development than their government school peers.

The major reason homeschoolers measure higher in terms of peer interaction, leadership, and self-esteem is they’re more likely to engage in social and educational activities in their community, as opposed to government school kids who spend most of their time in school.

Homeschooling decreases bullying and peer pressure

Peer pressure is the #1 cause of children adopting bad habits such as smoking and drug abuse, according to various studies.

Encounters with bullying, harassment, and violence are much higher in and around public schools, too.

Homeschooling allows you to create a safe and supportive environment that’s best for learning and developing without negative influences.

Homeschooling allows you to instill your values on your kids

Educating your kids at home gives you the opportunity to teach them the principles of liberty, the ethics you want them to adopt, the behaviors you wish for them to model, and the ways in which they should interact with the rest of society.

If you’re religious, it allows you to share your faith with them and raise them in a value system in line with your beliefs.

Public school teachers are actively imprinting their ideologies onto their students behind parents’ backs. Homeschooling restores control over raising your kids.

Children become more independent and resilient through homeschooling

Children naturally learn essential life skills in a homeschooling environment: time management, self-motivation, and self-discipline. The nature of homeschooling requires kids to take charge, be intentional about what they’re doing, and seek answers independently when facing problems.

Plus, the National Household Education Survey found that homeschooling families have the highest level of community involvement of all school sectors. More time spent socializing in the community means more time to develop as a competent, confident, capable person.

But despite all the dangers of public school… and all the benefits of homeschooling…

I know personally how scary and stressful home educating your kids can be

Hey, John Bush from Live Free Academy here.

And I have a confession to make:

My homeschooling journey has been tumultuous.

I have two kids, a boy and a girl, aged 9 and 10.

I never enrolled them in government school (for the reasons listed earlier).

But I have gone through major changes and inconsistencies.

  • We did radical unschooling.
  • Then tightened that a bit with more structure.
  • Then used the Waldorf Homeschool Curriculum.
  • Then enrolled my kids in a Reggio Emilia like-minded private school.

Currently, they’re enrolled in a local homeschool coop with other parents and children.

It’s been quite a ride!

Part of the reason homeschooling has been so chaotic for me is because I went through a contentious divorce a while back and their mothers and I were not on the same page about their education.

Homeschooling works well when you and your partner, co-parent, or anyone else involved in your children’s education are all on the same page.

It’s hard when they aren’t on the same page.

Anyway, I tell you this because I want you to know:

You don’t have to have it all figured out to homeschool your kids!

You certainly don’t need a Master’s Degree in Education or any special skills.

Loving your children and being committed to giving them whatever they need to thrive and succeed is enough.

But still…

Homeschooling has been one of the HARDEST things I’ve ever done.

I can put on seminars that reach thousands of people around the world, I’ve started global activist networks and currently operate four businesses, but homeschooling my kids day in and day out makes entrepreneurship and activism feel like a walk in the park.

That’s why I partnered with the most qualified, most insightful, and most knowledgeable homeschooling expert I could find to share her secrets with you (and me)…

The Homeschool READY Workshop is led by Bluebird Solorzano - a mother of 4 homeschooled kids with decades of experience teaching in public school and private education

She will reveal how YOU ARE ENOUGH to give your kids a world-class education at home and teach you step-by-step how to make it stress-free for the whole family

(No qualifications, degrees, or special experience required)

Bluebird Solorzano has over 25 years of experience teaching English Language Arts, ESL, and American History in public schools (where she witnessed first-hand teacher burnout leading to poor education, the hatred toward school from students, and the idiocy of bureaucrats at the state level).

Her experience in government schools convinced her that putting her children into “the system” was NOT going to be good for their education.

Bluebird is also the former Director of Education for Sylvan Learning Centers where she helped students discover missing skills and create personalized skill building programs.

Her experience with Sylvan revealed that NONE of this is rocket science – any parent can do it – and these expensive centers were ripping people off.

After leaving Sylvan, Bluebird joined a small private school where she designed programs for elementary-aged children using homeschool curriculum.

It was there that she learned how to homeschool, across grades and skill levels, with a baby on her hip and one in her belly.

Bluebird’s education in homeschool deepened over the years.

She began to realize that EVERYTHING is school.

She had a 3rd child.

Homeschool began to look like a kitchen table stacked with books, kitchen walls plastered with homemade posters and kid creations, play dates and co-op days (in her words, “the happiest days of my life”).

She had a 4th child.

Her children continued to be homeschooled.

Over the years…

Bluebird’s kids have attended ACC in duo-credit programs, pulled up seats at the kitchen tables of various moms, had private tutors from the ages of 19-65, and now, attending ODA and being privately educated by the beautiful next door neighbor in her magical Shasta camper.

Bluebird has gathered her incredible experiences as a teacher, mother, homeschooler, and entrepreneur and poured everything she knows into…

The Homeschool READY Workshop

A 3-day event showing you a proven, flexible system for giving your kids a world-class education outside of government schools… no matter how many kids you have, how busy your life is, or how scary homeschooling might seem to you now

By the end of this workshop, you and your kids will be “READY” for homeschool:

  • Resilient (in the face of challenges)
  • Effective (in education and life)
  • Authentic (in expressing yourself)
  • Discerning (in critical thinking and decision-making)
  • Yearning (for more knowledge and a life well-lived)

This is the path to raising intelligent, thoughtful, insightful, kind, resilient, creative, loving, and confident children

Your ticket gives you INSTANT ACCESS
to the Homeschool Ready Workshop!

For those attending IN-PERSON…

You will get:

  • To meet and hang out with all of the parents and speakers at the Workshop
  • To visit Bluebird’s farmer’s market homeschool coop
  • Network and bond with other attendees
  • LUNCH provided on Days 2 & 3 – including farm-to-table meals
  • And a gorgeous view of the town of Bastrop

Here’s exactly what you’ll discover inside the Homeschool READY Workshop

Day 1 - Friday

Day 1 of the Homeschooling READY Workshop will be a relaxed introduction to the world of homeschooling, your instructors, and allow you to get to know everyone else.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Meet and connect with other parents pursuing the homeschooling journey to gain perspective and fellowship (you’re not alone on this journey)
  2. Gain a solid understanding of what it means to have a “good education” to guide ALL of your homeschooling efforts and relieve you of the stress of doing homeschooling “the right way” (hint: there’s no such thing as the right way, there’s just good education or bad, and once you understand what makes an education “good,” you won’t have to worry about doing homeschooling wrong ever again)
  3. Discover your own personal philosophy of education (you have one even if you think you don’t) and discover the philosophies of other parents to enrich your perspective and guide you toward the best educational model for your children

Day 2 - Saturday

Day 2 of the Homeschool READY Workshop will lay the groundwork for your homeschooling journey and map out the best places to start, the resources to use, and give you the motivation to stay on this path no matter what obstacles lie ahead.

Here’s what to look forward to:

  1. Hear the fascinating journey Bluebird took to become an outspoken champion of homeschooling and a fierce critic of public schooling (after spending decades “in the system”) and the lessons learned along the way that shaped her philosophy of education
  2. Dive many levels deeper into the philosophy of education (and your personal philosophy) to firmly set a foundation upon which ALL of your homeschooling efforts will be built (get this right and homeschooling becomes 10x easier and less stressful)
  3. The top 6 models of homeschool: what they are, why they’re so powerful, and how to choose the one that perfectly fits your abilities, desires, and child’s needs
  4. Dig in and uncover the amazing resources you never knew you had to give your children a world-class education (this proves homeschooling doesn’t need to be expensive, exhausting, or involve much extra work)
  5. Listen to parents who are successfully homeschooling their kids share personal stories, lessons learned, advice, and get the opportunity to ask them ANY questions to assist in your journey toward homeschooling excellence
  6. Why YOU are the perfect person to educate your child and should never doubt yourself again (this will get you fired up and motivated to tackle any challenges holding you back from being the homeschooling parent you were born to be)
  7. The 5 essential habits for a harmonious home (or, how to stay sane and happy while keeping your kids on track)
  8. How to integrate your daily home life with the “community school” to create an “organic education” that naturally leads to learning everywhere, all the time (and instills in your kids a life-long love of learning)
  9. Hands-on activities to create your unique learning space
  10. The simple, easy-to-follow time management system you can implement immediately to make homeschooling fit in your schedule (with plenty of time to get everything else done)
  11. The many ways (and many reasons why) older kids can teach younger kids (homeschooling children at various age levels together is a lot easier than you think, and can even lead to better educational outcomes and behaviors)
  12. Hear from parents who are involved in local homeschooling co-ops and other unique arrangements, their successes and challenges, tips and advice, and more
  13. Listen to a panel of representatives from EVERY school option in Bastrop County, Texas to see the possibilities for your children beyond homeschooling (this is still relevant for those living outside of Texas because it gives you a list of potential options to search for in your area)

Day 3 - Sunday

Day 3 of the Homeschool READY Workshop will give you a ton of advanced and little-known insights, strategies, and game plans for overcoming a variety of challenges to ensure that no matter what obstacles you run into, you’ll be armed with the knowledge and resources to persevere and succeed.

Here’s what to anticipate:

  1. Compassionate and practical tips and advice for homeschooling kids with learning disorders (dyslexia, ADHD, etc.) and specific ways to help them unleash their learning potential
  2. Discover the extraordinary link between gut health and learning (plus, get proven diet and lifestyle strategies for strengthening your and your child’s gut health now and long into the future)
  3. Listen to homeschooling parents reveal the activities they do when their kids are NOT learning (this is how you get more done and handle the tasks, chores, and projects you need to do outside of educating your kids)
  4. How to keep up with gifted learners and give them the support, resources, and challenges they need to thrive
  5. Why housework is an incredible tool for enhancing intelligence, discipline, a strong work ethic, a sense of responsibility, and persistence (plus the types of chores you should assign to your kids)
  6. Powerful methods for handling bad behavior, sibling dynamics, and setting crystal clear teacher-student boundaries
  7. Hard-won lessons for overcoming parent burnout (this will show you how to stay the course without running yourself into a ditch)

Do you want to give your kids the best education possible (while raising them to be free and independent)?

Then sign up for the Homeschool READY Workshop today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Venue Accommodations

Homeschool READY Workshop Dates
July 29th evening mixer, Full Weekend of Workshops July 30th & 31st, 2022 (Registration will begin morning of the 30th)

Workshop Time Schedule
July 29th We will begin with an evening mixer for both virtual & in person attendees from 6-9pm (no meals included)
Sat 10am -5pm
Sun 9-5pm

Where is the Venue?
The Workshop is taking place at Bluebird’s new business and meeting space –  Homespun Wisdom Crafty Goodness (1002 Chestnut St, Bastrop, TX 78602).

What hotels do I stay at?
We will be providing a list of hotels in the area, many of which will have discounted room rates. We are getting the discount rates arranged right now. See these hotels for an idea of where to stay:

Which Airport to fly into?
ABIA – Austin Bergstrom International Airport (24 Miles Away from downtown Bastrop, TX)

Tickets and Registration

Do we offer discounted Tickets?
We offer scholarships on occasion, but due to the meal costs and venue rental the ticket cost is firm for entry.

What is the Refund Policy?
If you require a refund, you must contact us no later than July 15th, 2022 (14 day before the Event).

How can I buy bulk tickets?
Please contact us via email: [email protected]

Event General Questions

Can I bring my baby/kids?
Due to limited spacing and livestreaming equipment, we will not be allowing children at the in person workshop.

Are there sponsorship opportunities for my business?
If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to [email protected]

Are there exhibitor opportunities for my business?
If you are interested in exhibiting at the event, please reach out to [email protected]

Are pets allowed in the Event?
No pets allowed unless you have a service animal.

Will any meals be provided with my Event ticket?
Yes, we will include lunch each day accommodating most dietary restrictions, ie gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian options, etc.

How many People will be at this Event?
We have up to 30 seats in person.

Are we allowed to record audio/video at the event?
No, recording or live streaming of the event is strictly prohibited. We encourage you to take pictures! Replays of the workshop will be available after the event through

Are there COVID-related restrictions about who can attend?
No, we do not have formal restrictions. You are free to make the judgment call but, understandably, please do not attend if you are sick or have a fever.