Special Guests Announcement!
Zuby will be performing and JP Sears will be sharing an empowering talk at TGRIV Texas in an intimate show exclusively for Texas ticket-holders
Special Musical Guest Announcement!
Zuby will be performing at TGRIV Texas for an intimate show exclusively for Texas ticket-holders

Join us in Bastrop, Texas on Jan. 18th – 22nd 2023 to experience the ONLY event on Earth dedicated to defeating the Great Reset agenda and restoring human freedom…

The Greater Reset 4: Co-creation

The Greater Reset 4:Co-Creation (TGR4 for short) is the fourth annual IN-PERSON and VIRTUAL gathering of the world’s most important and influential voices in the movement for human liberation sharing everything they know with YOU to create a free world together… right now

5 Days of Activation

JAN – 2023


Liberate Your Mind, Body and Soul

Heal yourself, heal the world.


Permaculture & Food Independence

The mother that connects us all.


Agorism and Parallel Networks

Freedom to exchange value.


Take Back our Tech

Technology for people, not rulers.


Building Free & Conscious Communities

Tear down the walls between us.


Liberate Your Mind, Body and Soul

Heal yourself, heal the world.


Permaculture & Food Independence

The mother that connects us all.


Agorism and Parallel Networks

Freedom to exchange value.


Take Back our Tech

Technology for people, not rulers.


Building Free and Conscious Communities

Tear down the walls between us.

The Central Texas in-person TGR4 event is being hosted by Live Free Academy and a crew of Central Texas Freedom Cell Network volunteers. 

The event is being hosted at the Bastrop Convention Center, the same venue where Live Free Academy hosted the highly acclaimed Exit and Build Land Summit II. (All of the pics on this page are from the Land Summit event)

You’ll experience 5 full days of mind-blowing wisdom and practical action steps to give you the knowledge and tools to create lasting liberty in your life and the lives of those in your community

But more importantly…

You’ll get to meet like-minded freedom lovers in physical space and time. Forge new friendships. Make invaluable connections. Grow your network. And get to see and feel real freedom in the real world with really awesome people.

TGR4 goes LIVE IN-PERSON in Texas and Mexico and online for a virtual audience on Jan. 18th – 22nd 2023

Want to be part of the action in person with us?

The “ruling elite” are working overtime to divide us to make it easier to conquer and control us

Lockdowns were used to restrict physical human relationships and gatherings.

When people are divided they’re easier to manipulate.

Herding people into primarily virtual social interactions on Zoom helped to usher in the “new normal” of staying away from others and having all your communications constantly surveilled.

The World Economic Forum, Bill Gates, and all their cronies in various governments and corporations used COVID and the policies that flowed from it to radically alter society and push ahead the agenda they had all along:

Total centralized control over everything you do.

The LAST thing they want is for you to get together with other human beings and plot your liberation from their matrix of control.

TGR4 will show you how to work together with others to achieve more freedom than you could ever attain on your own

The global elites have been able to dominate the planet by working together toward a common vision.

What if we steal a page out of their playbook and use it for human liberation rather than enslavement?

Imagine banding together with others who share your vision of a free world to create parallel systems for trade and commerce, use new tech for private communications, create massive food systems to feed a whole city block, and build intentional communities filled with many families that are linked up to other communities to provide mutual aid, security, and more!

Think of how quickly we could achieve lasting change by working together in the physical world.

If the elites want us separated, then we must…

Gather with fellow freedom-lovers IN-PERSON in Bastrop, Texas for The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation

It’s time to get out from behind your screen and get your butt down to Central Texas to hug, handshake, and swap germs with people who think like you to plot and plan ways to co-create liberty in our lifetime.

TGR4 gives you 5 days of epic presentations from 35 leading voices in the human liberation movement

In-person Texas speakers include:

Jack Spirko

Mark Moss


Alec Zeck

Nomad Brad

Texas Slim

Rebecca Powers

Glenn Meder

John Bush

Sean Hawkins

Dr. Ken Berry

River and Imanee

Ash Wiecek



We are super stoked to announce that rapper, influencer, podcaster, and entrepreneur, Zuby, will be performing and sharing his message of freedom and positivity LIVE and in-person for those in attendance of TGRIV Texas!!!!

JP Sears

JP Sears will be delivering an inspirational and motivating talk LIVE and in person at the Zuby concert! JP is a YouTuber, comedian, author, speaker, and a curious student of life. His work takes an unapologetic stand for freedom, free speech, and encouraging people to live free from fear. 

DJ Autonomous

Music bring the people together, and DJ Autonomous’ mix of old and new music will have everyone dancing. We are stoked to also have DJ Autonomous, AKA Joshua Hale, playing music in the main hall of the Texas event before and after speakers. He will also be opening the Saturday night concert. 

Mike Winner

Mike Winner will be shutting down the house with a very special DJ performance. Not only does Mike co-host the Alfa Vedic podcast with one of our speakers, Dr. Barre Lando, he also puts on one of the best music festivals in the freedom space called “Music and Sky”.


Mikki Willis

Mikki Willis will be joining us Wednesday evening for an exclusive screening of never before seen clips from his upcoming documentary Plandemic 3!!! Mikki Willis, who early in the covid-craziness released them most censored and highly viewed documentary ever, Plandemic, is the founder of Elevate; a production company on a mission, Elevate is one of the most prolific creators of socially conscious media. 

Mexico and online speakers include:

Derrick Broze

Del Bigtree

Tom Woods

Ramiro Romani

Dr. Barre Lando

More Texas, Mexico, and online speakers to be announced soon!!!

But TGR4 isn’t just a conference…
it’s a full blown experience

By joining IN-PERSON, you’ll receive:

  • Exclusive outings to local homesteads and food forests
  • Soul-moving live music
  • Fun comedy shows
  • Private agorist farmers markets
  • Social events to meet, chat, and connect with fellow attendees AND expert speakers
  • And much, much more!

You can also add a meal pass to your ticket which includes:

  • Farm to table meals sourced from local food producers in the Bastrop area
  • Enjoy the company of fellow freedom lovers as you feast on food made for sovereigns 
  • Locally sourced good ol’ fashioned Texas BBQ
  • Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options available

We will also have on-site childcare led by Natureversity, a local freedom-minded business. A Natureversity child-watch pass includes:

  • A team of professionally trained childcare specialists watching after your kiddo
  • Fun activates and games
  • Educational workshops focused on wildlife, nature, and survival
  • Arts and crafts projects 
  • And much, much more!


If you upgrade to a VIP TICKET you’ll receive:

  • Special front row VIP seating for the best viewing and listening experience
  • Private invitation to the VIP lounge to meet and hang out with all of the speakers and fellow VIP attendees (includes complimentary snacks and refreshments)
  • Unique TGR shirt not available anywhere else
  • Natural Health Gift Bag from John Bush’s company, Brave Botanicals: one ounce of kratom, five delta-8 gummies, and one 500mg CBD tincture
  • Exclusive VIP dinner with The Greater Reset organizers and speakers for an intimate dining encounter with some of the most prominent and influential voices in the movement for truth and liberty (VIP dinner during Land Summit pictured below)
  • FREE Meal Pass which includes lunch served fresh each day of the event from local farm-to-table, BBQ, and other high-end restaurants (Vegan options are available)
  • Insider access to John Bush’s Live Free Academy for SIX MONTHS (insane value!!!) which includes dozens of courses, workshops, and interviews covering cryptocurrency, homeschooling, entrepreneurship, homesteading, buying land and moving to the country, intentional community building, self-reliance, survival, and more

TGR4 is taking place LIVE in Texas and Mexico and will be streamed virtually for all those that can’t attend in-person

But we highly encourage anyone that can join us in-person to do so. Building freedom in the physical world with others is the BEST way to defeat our enemies behind the Great Reset. 

Want to participate live and in person?

The Greater Reset IV: Workshops

Psych K

The Power is Within You

8am-10am Wednesday Jan 18


In this 2 hour Activation Seminar, you will use what has happened in the world these last 3 years to assist you in awakening to create new positive ways of living here on Earth by discovering how to work directly with your subconscious mind with the tool of PSYCH-K to best assist you. This tool allows you to clear your path by reprogramming negative subconscious beliefs to positive ones you create with your wisdom in minutes. You move from fear to Love.

Vibrant Freedom (Cynthia Lamb)

Embody a Sovereign Mindset

5:15-7:15pm Wednesday Jan 18 

Set your intentions high and prepare to make a radical shift in any area you’ve been running fear or lack. We’ll take a deep dive into the old limiting programming, clear whatever has been holding you back, and rewrite the code to support your forward movement. This is an accelerated, experiential process for people who are ready and willing to look deeply within themselves. Vibrant freedom is available!

Sean Hawkins

Open Source Farming

5:15pm-7:15pm Thursday Jan 19

Certified SoilSmith and Teacher of Korean Natural Farming & JADAM regenerative agriculture. 3 years managing large indoor microgreen facilities. Greenhouse management certification. I currently teach Natural Farming in the Houston area at various locations including the Harris county library.

Texas Ready

Heirloom Seeds & Preparedness Gardening in the 21st Century

8am – 10am Friday Jan 20

Faced with food, seed and fertilizer shortages (and the very real possibility of future rationing), how can we move towards a position of food self-sufficiency in the garden? Lucinda will describe the Mittleider System, a method of gardening that will enable even a novice to be abundantly productive from their very first season.

Texas Ready

Food Preservation and Storage

5:15pm – 7:15pm Friday Jan 20

Growing food is great, but what do we do to cover the months when food production is minimal or non-existent? In this presentation, Lucinda will cover basic food preservation techniques including canning, dehydrating, freeze drying, pickling, fermentation and more. Food planning and storage considerations will also be discussed.

Strategic Home Defense

Homestead Security Workshop

8:30 – 10am Saturday Jan 21

The Homestead Security Workshop provides an in-depth dive into homestead location selection, security design and emergency preparedness. This workshop will provide countless tools and tips for securing your future.8:30 – 

Jack Smith

Digital Privacy and Security

5:15pm – 7:15pm Saturday Jan 21


How to get started with a secure and reliable computer. A closer look at your digital life and home network. This workshop will discuss where to start and what core knowledge you are going to need to be successful.

Scott Swain

Relationship Challenges for Freedom-lovers

5:15-7:15pm Sunday Jan 22

Come learn and share your experience and ideas around communication, social awareness, and presence. How does increasing our range and depth of acceptance lead to increased gratitude?

Based on Buddhism, Practical Empathy, and NVC.

Amy Voluntary

Blockchain & Crypto Meetup

Friday Saturday and Sunday 12:30-2pm in the Workshop Room.

Learn about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Newbies welcome! 


Kee Gong Early Activation with Keegan

8am everyday in the venue’s back courtyard
We’ll do some body-awakening exercises drawing from Qi Gong plus other potential movement and breath-focused modalities based on group interest. These might include influence from Shaolin Kung Fu, Kundalini Yoga, and/or Peace Sticks, a world peace ceremony and juggling-esque partner game for training as a “peaceful ninjas.” We can also include some vocal activation to empower your voice whether you’re a speaker on stage this year or simply sharing your perspective with our community. Come out early to start each day with invigorating embodied movement to put your best foot forward during this event! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Venue Accommodations

Greater Reset IV: Co-Creation Days
The event formally starts Wednesday January 18th and goes through Sunday January 22nd. However, there will be unofficial socials and events organized leading up to TGR and afterwards.

Workshop Time Schedule
The talks and stream will take place from 10:00AM to 5:00PM each day with a lunch break from 12:00 to 1:30PM.

Where is the Venue?
The Workshop is taking place at the Bastrop Convention Center (1408 Chestnut St. B Bastrop, TX 78602).

What hotels do I stay at?
We will be providing a list of hotels in the area, many of which will have discounted room rates. We are getting the discount rates arranged right now. See these hotels for an idea of where to stay: https://livefree.academy/bastrop-hotels/

Which Airport to fly into?
ABIA – Austin Bergstrom International Airport (24 Miles Away from downtown Bastrop, TX)

Tickets and Registration

Do we offer discounted Tickets?
We offer scholarships on occasion, but due to the meal costs and venue rental the ticket cost is firm for entry.

What is the Refund Policy?
If you require a refund, you must contact us no later than JANUARY 4TH, 2023 (14 days before the Event).

How can I buy bulk tickets?
Please contact us via email: [email protected]

Event General Questions

Can I bring my baby/kids?
We are partnering with Natureversity for a formal childwatch that will be held on site at the Convention center and feature enriching activities and fun for the kiddos. This will be a cost in addition to your ticket. Additionally, you can bring your children and we will have a kiddo room for them to play and let loose, however if they are young they will need to be supervised and if they are in the main hall and being unruly you will be asked to take them to the kiddo room.

Are there sponsorship opportunities for my business?
If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to [email protected]

Are there exhibitor opportunities for my business?
If you are interested in exhibiting at the event, please reach out to [email protected]

Are pets allowed in the Event?
No pets allowed unless you have a service animal.

Will any meals be provided with my Event ticket?
While meals are not included in the ticket price, we do have a ticket upgrade that includes lunch on site each day. You will be able to specify any meal restriction you have at checkout.

How many People will be at this Event?
We expect to have 400+ people.

Are we allowed to record audio/video at the event?
No, recording or live streaming of the event is strictly prohibited. We encourage you to take pictures! Replays of the workshop will be available after the event through livefree.academy

Are there COVID-related restrictions about who can attend?
No, we do not have any restrictions. Please do not attend if you are sick or have a fever.

Community Activities Surrounding the Event

What else is happening before, during, and after the event
There will be community organized parties, workshops, farm tours, meals, and more taking place surrounding the event. Once you get your ticket you will be invited to a Telegram group where much of the activities will be organized and discussed.