If you’d like to help your audience get plugged into a global community of freedom-loving folks building local and online support networks and counter-economies, then you’re invited to…

Become an affiliate for The Freedom Cell Challenge

This is a BRAND NEW 5-day challenge from John Bush of Live Free Academy.

It will walk your audience step-by-step through using the Freedom Cell Network to connect with real people in their local area, form communities with them offline and online, develop a counter-economy to trade goods underground, and work together to provide safety, mutual aid, and strength in numbers even when all hell breaks loose in 2024.

The Freedom Cell Challenge goes LIVE February 19th-23rd

The challenge is free for your audience to join, but they’ll be offered an exclusive training course during and after the challenge. Affiliates will receive 50% commissions on all sales of this exclusive course as well as 50% commission for anyone that buys the Challenge VIP Experience.

How it works being an affiliate for Live Free Academy

  • You will receive a unique affiliate link for the free and paid offers of our promotion to share with your audience which tracks the clicks and conversions of the leads you send us.
  • You will receive “swipe assets” including banner ads, emails, and more in your affiliate account after you become an affiliate so you can immediately start promoting the offer using proven marketing material
  • Leads that sign up for the free offer using your affiliate link will be logged into our affiliate system – your unique affiliate tracking link will last for 60 days. Which means if leads purchase an offer within 60 days of signing up, you’ll receive a commission.
  • If anyone from your audience tagged with your unique affiliate code makes a purchase at any time within 60 days, you’ll earn a commission. (note, this does not include our membership program)

How the Freedom Cell Challenge offer is structured and the opportunities your audience will have to make a purchase

(and the opportunities YOU will have to earn commissions)

The Freedom Cell Challenge will have two opportunities for your audience to go deeper with us:

  • Freedom Cell Challenge VIP Experience ($57)
  • Freedom Cell Leadership Mastery Course ($157)

The campaign will begin with the FREE five-day Challenge that you will promote to your audience.

For most of the campaign, you’ll be encouraged to send emails, create social posts, and put banner ads on your website all geared toward the FREE challenge. (You will receive your own batch of emails, posts, and ads from us to use in your marketing)

The Fhallenge will provide a ton of valuable education while effectively selling attendees on taking their education to the next level with the Freedom Cell Leadership Mastery course.

Plus, every person from your audience who signs up for the FREE Challenge will be added to John Bush’s email list.

John is well-known for having one of the largest and most responsive lists in his industry.

John will send regular emails to his list directing them to the conversion-optimized sales page for the Freedom Cell Mastery Course.

Sales will be generated throughout the campaign, with the largest windfall of revenue usually pouring in during the last few days (most people wait until the deadline to buy).

Near the end of the campaign, you’ll be encouraged to send your audience directly to the sales page for the Freedom Cell Leadership Mastery course to maximize your commissions.

The Bitcoin Basics promotion calendar for affiliates

Our next Free challenge takes place…

Thursday September 21st @ 11:00AM Central 

Below is a simple overview of what to promote and when to promote it to your audience for the best results (ie: highest conversions and sales).

Our affiliate partners typically make the highest commissions when promoting during the pre-launch period, as well as several times during the week of the webinar and workshop.

For maximizing income, commission, and impact with your audience:

Moderate Virtual Promo Window (promote webinar): (8/28/23) – (9/10/23)

Heavy Promo Window (this is THE time to strongly promote, especially virtual): (9/11/23) – (9/19/23)

Direct Workshop promotion:  (9/20/23) – (9/23/23)

Do you want to help your audience use all the tools of the Freedom Cell Network to “find their tribe” locally and online, join and grow the counter-economy, and thrive during the uncertainty of 2024 (while earning a nice commission for your efforts)?

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