One-on-One Consultation

Looking for one on one support with John Bush and/or Rebecca Powers?

You’re in the right place.

Cryptocurrency, entrepreneurship, and the pursuit of freedom can be overwhelming, we understand.

John has 20 years of experience in activism, alternative institutions, and how to opt out of the matrix.

He is an excellent listener and knows the right questions to ask so he can fully understand exactly how to best advise you on the best path forward.

Rebecca is an expert in land purchasing and community development.

She played a major roll in the creation of one of the world’s largest tiny home communities and is well versed in the finance and property acquisition process.

Helping you to carry your intentional community vision forward is one of her biggest passions.


John and Rebecca are equipped with the knowledge and experience to advise you in the following areas…

  • Cryptocurrency (John Bush)
    • how to setup a wallet and send and receive cryptocurrency
    • how to safely buy cryptocurrency
    • how to privately acquire and transact in cryptocurrency
    • strategies for building and protecting wealth through crypto
    • understanding altcoins and how to acquire, store, and transact with them
  • Financial Independence and Entrepreneurship (John Bush)
    • breaking through limiting beliefs and adopting a success mindset
    • making the leap from employee to entrepreneur
    • overcoming the obstacles to starting a business (don’t have time, raising kids, dont have money, etc.)
    • taking your business to the next level
  • Exit and Build Strategies (John Bush)
    • understanding the institutions responsible for the tyranny and control we face and how to avoid them
    • voting with your feet and moving to political jurisdictions with more freedom and security
    • how to build resilient communities of like-minded individuals that have each other’s back
  • Buying Land and Building Community (Rebecca Powers)
    • property acquisition process
    • picking and planning your homestead
    • building intentional community