Want to help your audience acquire land, build homesteads, and create or join intentional communities of liberty-minded folks?

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It’s the largest gathering of homesteaders, permaculturists, and community builders revealing how to establish bountiful homesteads, self-sufficient communities, and radical freedom in the country surrounded by “your people”

It goes LIVE on May 17th-19th at the Bastrop Convention Center

PLUS, May 16th & 20th are Farm Tour days (optional for Land Summit attendees)

The previous Land Summits have been smashing successes since 2021

The Exit and Build Land Summit 1 completely sold out!

Over 18,000 people registered to watch the Exit and Build Land Summit 2 online and over 450 people attended the event LIVE in Bastrop, Texas (more than 4x the number of attendees from the first summit).

The Exit and Build Land Summit 3 almost topped the Land Summit 2 numbers.


Some of the biggest names in permaculture, regenerative farming, homesteading, and more routinely speak on our stage

Joel Salatin, Geoff Lawton, Paul Wheaton, Curtis Stone, Michael Edwards, Joel Skousen, Jack Spirko, Nicole Sauce, Cynthia Tina, Derrick Broze, Jim Gale, Patrick Wood, Lee Nestor-Bigtree, are among just a few of the outstanding speakers who have shared their wisdom at The Exit and Build Land Summit

The Exit and Build Land Summit 4 has the potential to ACCELERATE your audience’s self-sufficiency, liberty, and prosperity unlike any other event

In a nutshell, this is how we’re facilitating freedom in the country surrounded by friends and family.

The Exit and Build Land Summit 4 will provide:

  • Hard-won, high-level, PROVEN strategies, tools, and resources for living free in the country from a diverse range of speakers
  • The chance to go on off-site Farm Tours and training sessions on May 16th & 20th
  • Exclusive, hands-on workshops from select speakers training you in practical skills you can use immediately after the conference to improve your prosperity
  • The networking opportunity to shake hands, share drinks, and form powerful relationships with many of the speakers and all of the attendees in between talks and workshops and during nighttime parties
  • The exclusive Intentional Community Matchmaking Session

And so much more!

Rita went from feeling alone to creating a 7-acre homestead and intentional community (while finding several like-minded friends in the process) after the 2021 Land Summit

“We went from not wanting anyone on our property to creating our own little intentional community. We currently have 2 full-time members and have 2 more making plans to arrive soon.

We made friends with other like-minded people, which in these times, is gold. It helped crystalize “who” our people are. Suddenly we went from feeling isolated and overwhelmed on our 7-acre property to having true friends who are willing to help us daily.

Come find your people at the Exit and Build Summit! You don’t have to do it alone. Be open to receiving new ideas on how to make your goals and dreams happen. All these great minds in the same room, magic happens and you will crush all the barriers stopping you right now.”

Do you want to help your audience live their dreams in the country?

How The Exit and Build Land Summit 4 will maximize revenue on our end for high commission checks on your end

(This is the customer journey all leads go through when entering our funnel)

All new leads must enter their name and email before checking out. 

Leads are IMMEDIATELY given the option to join us IN PERSON in Bastrop, Texas (recommended) or to watch the Land Summit virtually from the comfort of their home.

Leads are given 3 opportunities to make a purchase:

  • An “Exiter” In Person Pass (the standard package) $397
  • A “VIP Builder” In Person Pass (all the exclusive perks) $997
  • A Virtual Immersion Pass $157

NOTE: In-Person Tickets are currently on early bird pricing ($297/$797)

We also have a “Free Pass” option that lets attendees view the first day and half of day 2 of the Land Summit for free. However, they don’t get replays or special bonuses. 

For those that opt for the “Free Pass”, we follow up with them via email and no-pressure sales calls to convert at least a portion of them to get a Virtual Immersion Pass.

The Commission structure for being an affiliate of the Exit and Build Land Summit 4

We deeply appreciate you sharing this promotion with your audience and helping us help more people confidently buy land, build homesteads, and grow communities. 

Because of this, affiliates earn a 50% commission on EVERY VIRTUAL sale generated and 15% commission on every in-person ticket.

We’ve run several promotions with affiliates for past workshops, summits, and other trainings. 

Our affiliates routinely net thousands of dollars in commissions, with some easily surpassing $10,000 in earnings from a single promotion

Our philosophy is:

We create powerful, life-changing content so that you can empower your audience and grow your business at the same time.

Ready to share this empowering event with your audience?

How it works being an affiliate for the Exit and Build Land Summit 4 (everything you need to know)

  • You will receive a unique affiliate link which will track the clicks and conversions of the leads you send to us. 
  • You will also receive “swipe assets” including banner ads, emails, and more in your affiliate account after you become an affiliate.
  • You will use your link to promote the Exit and Build Land Summit 4 to your audience – this is the ONLY thing you have to promote.
  • Those that sign up using your affiliate link will be logged into our affiliate system – your unique affiliate tracking link will last for 60 days.
  • If anyone from your audience tagged with your unique affiliate code makes a purchase, you’ll earn a 50% commission on what they bought.

Live Free Academy’s team of marketers and copywriters have engineered a sophisticated marketing system to persuade and influence a large portion of participants to get one of the paid offers. 

The more you promote the event (sending more emails or texts, sharing it on social media, putting ads on your website, etc.) the more people will sign up and the more money you’re likely to make.

Want to make a positive impact on your audience’s lives and your bank account?

Promote the Exit and Build Land Summit 4 to your audience using these marketing assets

The launch calendar for a successful promotion

Below is a simple overview of what to promote and when to promote it to your audience for the best results (ie highest conversions and sales).

Our affiliate partners typically make the highest commissions when promoting during the pre-launch period, as well as several times during the LIVE viewing, the replay weekend, and the bonus and cart-close period.

Recommended Promotion Plan

For maximizing income, commission, and impact with your audience:

We are LIVE and launched for in-person tickets. 

The launch for virtual will run from March 18 – May 15th

Heavy In-Person Promo:

NOW – May 5

Moderate Virtual Promo Window (promote in-person tickets and lead magnets):

March 18 – May 5

Heavy Promo Window  (this is THE time to strongly promote, especially virtual):

May 6 – 16

Event Launch (the summit takes place 17 – 19 with in person farm tours 16 and 20):

May 16 – 20

Replay Availability (free replay will be LIVE a week after event):

Approximately May 27 – 28

Secondary offer promo window

May 23 – June 3rdth

We have supplied graphics and swipe emails and more will be created throughout the campaign.

We’re giving away PRIZES to the top affiliates!

Most revenue generated (using our landing page).
Campaign ends June 1st, 2022

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