Welcome to Day 5 of the Exit and Build Health Summit



“How to keep your brain healthy and sharp and your body working well into old age (learned from years of being hit and choked in the UFC)”

With Kyle Kingsbury | Kyle Kingsbury Podcast


“How to naturally boost your testosterone using free methods and inexpensive supplements”

With James Benefico | Organic Muscle

“Why all health starts in the mouth and why you should guard against dangerous dental procedures such as root canals”

With Dr. John E. Augsburger | BioDentist

Sponsor Spotlight

With Prepared Provisions

“How to use light therapy to heal yourself and reverse the effects of aging”

With Renita Brannan | Renita Brannan

“The best approaches to naturally curing cancer without chemo or invasive surgeries”

With Ryan Sternagel | The Anti-Cancer Revolution

“The ingredients in most processed foods ruining your health and exclusive news about a secret AI health tool that could revolutionize the industry”

With Mike Adams | Natural News

“Near death experience research that will make you believe in an afterlife and why modern AI systems are nothing more than programmed propaganda machines”

With Alex Tsakiris | Skeptiko

Are you ready to go beyond just learning about health … and do what it takes to actually build a healthier, stronger, sexier body?

Then you’re invited (for a limited-time) to join…

The 30-Day Health Challenge

Ryan Minniti, the host of The Exit and Build Health Summit will personally guide you and dozens of other people through 30 days of fat-busting, muscle-building, health-improving workouts and eating plans for 30 days to get you in the best possible shape as quickly as possible. 

  • You can do this challenge on any diet (carnivore or vegan or anything in between).
  • You can participate at any fitness level (the exercises and routines provided are adjusted to suit you whether you’re new, experience, or advanced when it comes to working out)
  • You’ll only be asked to workout for 30 minutes a day
  • You’ll be shown what to eat and what to avoid for maximum nutrition
  • You’ll discover how to buy delicious health foods on a budget
  • You’ll be given a secret calorie calculation specifically for you to ensure you either lose weight or gain it (depending on your goals)
  • And you’ll be included in a new online fitness community to get the support, accountability, and fellowship you need to get the body and lifestyle you deserve

If you join the 30-Day Health Challenge by Monday, December 18th at 10 AM central you’ll get the…

FAST ACTION BONUS: One FREE bottle of Fierce Immunity (Only 100 bottles available)

This exclusive immune-boosting supplement that normally costs $58 but is yours today for $0

Fierce Immunity was manufactured by truth and freedom loving scientists in partnership with JP Sears and Mikki Willis. 

It contains a breakthrough formula to deliver superior bioactive compounds to naturally support a strong immune system.

And it’s completely non-GMO, gluten-free, GMP-certified, made in America, and third-party tested for purity.

We only have 100 bottles to give away for free. Once the supply is gone, this fast action bonus disappears. 

And even if we don’t give away all of these bottles, this bonus still disappears on Monday, December 18th at 10 AM central time.


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