The 60-Day CBDC Exit Plan

A PROVEN step-by-step, first-of-its-kind framework for completely opting out of the CBDC control grid in just 60 days BEFORE it takes over society. You’ll discover how to join parallel economies, use alternative currencies, build underground businesses, create empowering communities, and separate your life and money outside of the central bank and social credit financial system.


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I’ve dedicated the last 20 years of my life to engineering a PROVEN escape plan from central bank and government control systems

I’ve literally spent HALF of my life working tirelessly to create liberty where there is tyranny. 

To restore our right to privacy, return to sound money, break the dependence on the global supply chain, grow wealth without it being devalued (or stolen), connect with like-minded people, produce food locally, form underground free markets, and more. 

And you know what? 

I’ve gotten pretty good at it!

I’ve made several breakthroughs in the “science of living free.”  

  • I’ve traded goods with pre-1965 silver coins at farmer’s markets instead of Federal Reserve-controlled cash (and educated others on how to do it)
  • I’ve traveled from Philadelphia to Texas in the “Bitcoin Bus” with my family only using Bitcoin throughout the entire journey to show its practical economic power and educate others along the way
  • I’ve created the Freedom Cell Network to organize local groups of like-minded people to trade, provide mutual aid, share resources, and build parallel economies (and growing it from a few thousand to over 40,000 members worldwide)
  • I’ve started a natural health business and successfully stayed in business using alternative payment systems despite being targeted by the Obama administration and having my bank and PayPal accounts permanently shut down
  • I’ve moved from a 299 sq. foot tiny home to a 10-acre homestead producing my own food in the country and converted my homestead into an intentional community with other like-minded people living and working on the land to raise each other up
  • I’ve invested loads of my own money into unorthodox assets that are under my control and can weather severe economic storms

Plus so much more!

I’m telling you all this to prove that I’ve done my time in the trenches.

I’ve gone from a Ron Paul libertarian protesting in the streets and changing laws in Austin, Texas to a liberty-creating agorist and entrepreneur changing lives around the world. 

I’ve consistently made progress in the science of living free outside of the New World Order. 

My superpower, if you will, is figuring out how to find the loopholes, hack the matrix, and cleverly maneuver around every system of control they throw at me… 

And then show you EXACTLY how I did it so you can do it, too.

Now we’re in the age of CBDCs and I’ve applied everything I know to solve this problem.

CBDCs are the greatest threat to human liberty in history … but I figured out the secret to breaking free

CBDCs will… I’ll show you how to…
Have 100% control over your money to freeze or delete your funds, restrict purchases, or close your account permanently Earn and acquire a variety of currencies, including certain cryptocurrencies and precious metals, that no bank or government can control
Track, trace, and spy on everything you buy, everywhere you go, everyone you interact with, and destroy your right to privacy Buy and sell goods and services privately and anonymously (and even use specific cryptocurrencies for secret transactions)
Punish you financially for supporting the wrong cause, holding the wrong beliefs, or violating the Social Credit System Safely stay off of government radars and maintain your right to believe, buy, and do what you want
Force you to receive wages, salaries, and even government payments (i.e. welfare and social security) in the form of CBDCs Start simple side hustles that earn you an extra couple hundred bucks (or more) each month
Make you to cash out your retirement account in CBDCs Invest cash now (or even invest CBDCs later) into assets and income-producing vehicles under your control
Expose your digital wallet to hackers and data thieves Move your money and assets into secure accounts
Incentivize neighbors, family members, and friends to spy and snitch on you in a Soviet-style Social Credit System Move from crowded and dangerous cities and suburbs into peaceful communities of freedom-loving folks in the country
Lock you into an inescapable economic system that every business and individual must trade in Create and join parallel economies to buy tools, food, clothes, supplies, services, and anything you can think of outside of the CBDC system with like-minded people

The MASTER KEY to opting out of CBDCs is the “Inside/Outside Strategy”

All of us are “inside” of the system in one way or another. 

Including me. 

But all of us can also have a secret life “outside” of the system. 

The Inside/Outside Strategy. 

More than likely, we’ll have to pay mortgages, bills, taxes, and other things in CBDCs eventually. 

Opting out of CBDCs doesn’t have to mean living a life outside of them completely. 

That’s just not feasible or worthwhile for most people. 


The Inside/Outside Strategy that I, myself, am following allows you to have one foot in the controlled economy and one foot in the parallel counter-economy. 

Over time, you can grow the parallel economy stronger than ever and use it more often than the controlled economy to preserve the lion’s share of your privacy, freedom, and prosperity. 

You’ll be plugged into vibrant communities and marketplaces where you can buy food, goods, services, and more from freedom-minded people without the government or the banks seeing or stopping your transactions. 

You’ll always have the CHOICE and OPTION for living a life of radical freedom outside of the CBDC system. 

You’ll be able to trade for the things you want anonymously and privately.

And the more of us that participate in this system, the more robust and influential it will become until we’re using it more than the controlled economy. 

That’s how we take immediate and practical steps to liberty and keep pushing closer to 60, 70, 80, or even 90 percent or more of our economic lives taking place in the private, underground counter economy that no bank, government, or corporation can control.

The 60-Day CBDC Exit Plan is the ONLY proven system crafted from 20 years as a veteran activist and entrepreneur showing you step-by-step how to build an entirely separate life (economies, currencies, and communities) outside of the CBDC control grid for maximum freedom in just 60 days

Here’s EVERYTHING you’re getting today:

Module #1 - The Framework For Freedom: take your first steps out of CBDCs and into the parallel economy

Module #1 walks you slowly and deliberately through each step of the “exit plan” and gives you a complete roadmap and big picture view of what opting out of CBDCs really means. 

Ultimately, you’ll discover how to start using the “Inside/Outside Strategy” in every area of your life. 

And you’ll be given the guidance you need to prepare and overcome a CBDC reality so that you can embrace a new life of sovereignty and prosperity.

You’ll discover:

  • The life-changing mindset shift that opens you up to a brand new world of freedom all around you
  • A complete breakdown of the revolutionary “Inside/Outside Strategy” for a freedom lifestyle that no government or bank can take away from you 
  • How to design a new lifestyle around liberty and prosperity without getting stuck or stopping halfway (change can be hard, but my methods it easy and natural)
  • How to identify opportunities all around you for naturally and easily opting out of the mainstream financial and economic system and moving to a parallel system. 
  • The most important steps to building the parallel economy in your life 

And much more!

Module #2 - Alternative Currencies and Underground Income Streams: build wealth in the parallel economy

Module #2 shows you how to acquire and use a variety of alternative currencies that the government and central banks can’t control. 

You’ll learn how to start side hustles and businesses in the parallel economy and the easiest ones to start up right away to make money on and off-grid. 

And you’ll also be shown the best assets to invest in that protect and grow your wealth even during financial crises. 

We get into precious metals and other trading goods. But a large chunk of this module is dedicated to cryptocurrencies, which I know can be very overwhelming and confusing to many people. 

I want to assure you that we’re going to go very slowly through this technology to ensure that everyone gets it and can use it, whether you’re an 8-year-old or an 80-year-old. And I’ve actually trained both of those age groups on cryptocurrency. 

You’ll discover:

  • How to safely and securely set up and use cryptocurrency wallets
  • How to acquire cryptocurrencies privately, anonymously, and legally without revealing your identity 
  • How to use Bitcoin, Monero, and a variety of other cryptocurrencies
  • How to buy virtually anything you want with cryptocurrency
  • How to earn cryptocurrency by setting up the right payment systems for your goods and services
  • How to acquire and use silver and gold coins for trade (the ones to use and the ones not to use)
  • Where to invest your 401K, annuities, or other assets to keep them safe from CBDCs
  • The simplest side hustles you can start immediately and scale up to a few hundred (or a few thousand) extra bucks per month

And so much more!

Module #3 - Communities and Commerce: form trade lines, underground markets, and colonies of freedom

Module #3 reveals the art of connecting with fellow freedom-lovers online and offline, finding “your tribe” in your local area, establishing powerful communities and trade lines, and building a true parallel economic system.

This is where the “Inside/Outside Strategy” becomes fully real and tangible. 

You’ll discover:

  • Tools, resources, and techniques for finding existing parallel economies or gathering people together to create your own
  • How to form communities with people you trust and establish proper rules and regulations to govern yourself, keep everyone safe, and protect your privacy
  • How to setup local underground marketplaces where members of your community can trade goods and services 
  • The best online marketplaces run by and for freedom-loving people who want to do business outside of the CBDC system
  • How to find top-notch suppliers, businesses, and entrepreneurial individuals to get the things you want in the parallel economy
  • The best way to buy, produce, and trade your own food with your community
  • How to use precious metals, cryptocurrencies, and barter systems to create a robust parallel economy that meets everyone’s needs

Plus a whole lot more!

Module #4 - Massive Action Plans: apply what you’ve learned, break through obstacles, and forge ahead toward lifelong freedom in the face of financial tyranny

Module #4 is all about taking ruthless, massive action no matter what setbacks, challenges, or circumstances stand in your way. 

The purpose of this module is to keep you on track, motivated, and persistent in your pursuit of radical freedom outside of the CBDC system. 

You’re going to hit snags. You’re going to falter. You’re going to lose momentum. You may even start wanting to give up because things seem a little “too hard” or “too uncomfortable.”

That’s precisely why this module is all about making sure you get back up on the horse if you’ve fallen off, or you kick yourself into high gear if you’ve been making progress and start to slow down. 

You’ll discover:

  • How to set and achieve your biggest goals faster than ever before
  • How to change your habits so that success becomes natural
  • How to face and conquer your fears
  • How to get out of your comfort zone and love it
  • How to connect and network with people to fast-track down the road to freedom

And so much more!

Plus, I’m going to do a GIANT Q&A and consulting session for everyone. Bring all of your questions, everything you’re worried about, and anything you need help dealing with and I’ll give you whatever you need to push through and reach your full potential in the parallel economy.

A private invite to an exclusive community on the Freedom Cell Network

Community is the secret to being truly free and prosperous in any system, especially outside of the mainstream banking and financial system. 

This private community can become your best source of ongoing knowledge, networking, and development as a liberated person in the age of CBDCs. 

You’ll be surrounded by like-minded people helping you overcome challenges, reach your goals, and stay free. 

I’ll be involved with this group and available to answer questions and interact directly with the community. 

But the best part of this community is, you’ll be able to directly form friendships, business partnerships, trading networks, and more with people just as committed to opting out of the CBDC system as you are.

BONUS #1: Sal the Agorist - NFT's, Tokenization & the Counter Economy

An exclusive interview from Live Free Academy with Sal the Agorist – podcaster, founder of an agorist 3D printing company, host of The Agora podcast, and fierce advocate of cryptocurrency and counter-economics.

In this interview, Sal reveals:

  • What exactly “crypto tokens” are, how they work, and why they’re extremely valuable in the “crypto ecosystem” 
  • What non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are, why they were created, why they matter, and why you should take them seriously (yes, they’re used for far more than selling ridiculously expensive digital art)
  • How to purchase an NFT step-by-step
  • How NFTs and other crypto tokens have the power to revolutionize the way people hold property titles, access private spaces, and even organize society
  • How to get involved in the NFT market for fun and profit

And plenty more!

BONUS #2: LOOTZ | Pirate Chain - Crypto, Privacy & Strategy

An exclusive interview from Live Free Academy with Lootz – the creator of the leading privacy-focused cryptocurrency next to Monero, Pirate Chain. 

In this interview, Lootz reveals:

  • The difference between a “transparent chain” (Bitcoin) which shows every single transaction ever made, and a private or “anonymous chain” (ARRR) which conceals your activity permanently
  • Why Pirate Chain is 500,000x more anonymous than Monero (hint: it’s all in the way their blockchains effectively hide your transaction amongst many others)
  • How to anonymously buy ARRR step-by-step without the government or anyone else being able to spy on your transactions
  • The best wallet to securely store and manage ARRR for beginners
  • What to do if you feel like your computer is being monitored and you want to maintain anonymity with your cryptocurrency (it’s super simple and just involves a separate computer)

And more!

BONUS #3: The Private Acquisition and Transfer of Cryptocurrency

This is an exclusive training from Live Free Academy that isn’t available anywhere else. 

Inside you’ll discover:

  • How to acquire cryptocurrency privately without revealing your identity
  • Why KYC (Know Your Customer) rules open you up to cybersecurity risks and identity theft
  • A step-by-step walkthrough to setup an account on the #1 platform for trading cryptocurrency peer-to-peer with others
  • The top private cryptocurrencies and how they work to hide your identity and conceal your transactions
  • A killer privacy tool for surfing the internet and hiding your IP address (not a VPN)

Plus much more!

This is the ONLY proven system created by a 20-year veteran activist and entrepreneur showing you step-by-step how to create a private, prosperous, and free life outside of the CBDC control grid

In just 60 days

Module #1 - The Framework For Freedom: take your first steps out of CBDCs and into the parallel economy


Module #2 - Alternative Currencies and Underground Income Streams: build wealth in the parallel economy​


Module #3 - Communities and Commerce: form trade lines, underground markets, and colonies of freedom​


Module #4 - Massive Action Plans: apply what you’ve learned, break through obstacles, and forge ahead toward lifelong freedom in the face of financial tyranny​


BONUS #1: Sal the Agorist - NFT's, Tokenization & the Counter Economy


BONUS #2: LOOTZ | Pirate Chain - Crypto, Privacy & Strategy


BONUS #3: The Private Acquisition and Transfer of Cryptocurrency


Private community


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