The Exit and Build Alternative Investment Bundle

A collection of the top trainings from inside the Live Free Academy vault showing you how to protect your money from being devalued by banks, corporations, governments, and economic downturns … the best unorthodox investments to make to grow your wealth long-term outside of the rigged system while maintaining control over your assets … and how to create real, unbreakable financial sovereignty


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Traditional retirement investments such as 401Ks are easily controlled and manipulated by the financial elite for their benefit and your ruin

That’s why “THEY” want you to invest in them. 

The Federal Reserve could disrupt the stock market today with just the rumor of a change in the interest rate let alone actually making a sudden change. 

Well-established banks can suddenly go belly up and be absorbed by large competitors. 

When you place the money you work so hard to earn into a 401K, you’re feeding into a rigged casino of gamblers making bets on winners and losers which directly affects how much money you’ll be left with in retirement. 

Even if it seems you realized gains in your retirement account, in reality, the cost of living is going up because inflation is raising the cost of living.

When the federal government announces yet another spending hike and carelessly (or purposefully) pisses away billions or even trillions of dollars, it’s your purchasing power that feels the pain.

Most retirement accounts are in large part dependent upon the whims of the stock market, which is in large part dependent upon the whims of the bankers and financial manipulators.

In my opinion, the whole thing is a damn fraud.

I made it my mission to ONLY invest in proven, unorthodox, and virtually uncontrollable assets that protect and grow my wealth long-term WITHOUT exposing me to unnecessary risk and market manipulation - investments that can weather any storm

I’m talking about real assets with real-world utility and functionality. 

Assets that serve and uplift people and communities. 

Assets that are reliable, safe, and easy to enter and exit. 

Assets that virtually ANYONE can start investing in right away. 

I’ve found and used a variety of proven assets that have delivered immense returns year after year. And I’ve put a significant amount of money into assets that I expect to earn me a pretty penny in 10-20 years that most people have never considered adding to their portfolio. 

But I’m following PROVEN strategies learned from some of the best alternative investors and wealthy freedom lovers to protect the value of my money from inflation, invest in assets that will continue delivering long-term gains, and set up my financial life and future to resist economic turmoil, manipulation, and tyranny. 


I’m going to give ALL of it to you.

The Exit and Build Alternative Investment Bundle is a collection of 5 of the best trainings in Live Free Academy providing proven strategies and assets for financial sovereignty and prosperity

Meet the Experts session: The Top Alternative Retirement and Investment Opportunities Under YOUR Control

This is a super unique MTE session because instead of just ONE guest, I brought on FOUR unique financial experts to give their best insights, strategies, and hacks for retiring with more wealth than you currently have by making the smartest investments now (and by making intelligent investments even after you retire). 

You’re going to hear from:

  • Tim Fry, owner of Roberts and Roberts Brokerage all about precious metals
  • John Haar from Swan Bitcoin all about investing and earning on Bitcoin
  • Mike Cobb, owner of ECI Development all about property investment and overseas living
  • David Fabry from Resiliency Ranch all about real estate and other forms of “real” assets

These 4 experts are going to reveal the best of what I call “uncontrollable investment options.”

We’re going to break down the top investment opportunities available to everyone with a little bit of wealth, giving you as many options as possible to wisely place your money in assets that protect your wealth, grow it long-term, and protect your financial future.

Meet the Experts session: Catherine Austin Fitts - Forging financial freedom in an unfree world

Catherine Austin Fitts is one of the world’s leading experts in the financial industry, the economy, and building and using your wealth to live free. 

She’s designed and closed over $25 billion of transactions and investments to date and has led portfolio and investment strategy for $300 billion of financial assets and liabilities.

She’s also one of the top voices sounding the alarm against the CBDC control grid. She even appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show recently to educate millions of people about the dangers of CBDCs. 

You’re going to discover:

  • Why the ultimate solution to financial tyranny (and authoritarianism of all kinds) has nothing to do with money and everything to do with THIS (if you don’t have it, then nothing else you do will matter)
  • The hard-to-swallow truth that eventually we will have to resist tyranny directly (which is why you should concentrate your time on building up the resources recommended outside of the existing financial system to have the best fighting chance at prosperity)
  • The 6 key pillars to building unbreakable wealth (and why they must all be developed and integrated together)
  • Why you don’t need an investment strategy, you need a WAR STRATEGY, because we’re at war with powerful globalists trying to destroy us (start acting and investing like it)
  • The best risk mitigation strategy (it has nothing to do with your investments or assets and everything to do with the most dangerous force in the world: other people)
  • The only true assets that actually matter (this is the source of “living equity,” everything else is extra)
  • 2 ways wealth is easily destroyed (and how to shield your fortune from these terrible fates)
  • The best possible advice for dealing with true evil in the world
  • Why forming a conspiracy with other people is the key to the globalists’ control over the world (and why it’s also the key to individual and communal sovereignty)
  • The three countries where Catherine would put her holdings of precious metals today if she hit the lottery and bought a bunch of bullion
  • Why even a Bitcoin skeptic such as Catherine sees extreme value in Bitcoin (and the #1 best use case for investing in it)
  • The 3 leading causes of death (hint: it’s not obesity, heart disease, or cancer and we all have it and we all have to get rid of it to survive and thrive)
  • Why Catherine Austin Fitts doesn’t have a single dime in IRAs or 401Ks 
  • Why you should NEVER invest in numismatic coins
  • Essential advice for anyone investing in real estate to ensure you don’t lose your money (now or in the future)


Tips, Tactics, and Strategies session: Four Critical Investments

Merriam-Webster defines “invest” this way:

1: to commit (money) in order to earn a financial return.

2: to make use of for future benefits or advantages.

3: to involve or engage especially emotionally.

In this TTS session, you’ll learn that investing in traditional financial vehicles such as the stock market is far from the only way to “earn a financial return.”

In fact, the #1 investment I’m going to show you today has nothing to do with money, yet, if you invest in this daily, weekly, monthly, and for the rest of your life, you will out-earn and out-perform most people around you. 

Plus, this is the one investment no one can ever steal from you. If you lost everything today, this investment alone would allow you to make back all of your wealth and more. 

The 2nd investment allows you to “earn a financial return” and grant you “future benefits or advantages.” 

That’s because it puts you in the driver’s seat of your life. 

It allows you to break free from corporate control. 

And it gives you the means to resist business mandates, lockdowns, and other economic restrictions. 

The 3rd investment is one that I’m deeply involved in, including emotionally. 

It’s provided me with immense financial returns in the short-term, and because I’ve been invested in it for so long, I’ve reaped incredible advantages from when I first invested and these benefits just keep increasing. 

The 4th investment I’ll reveal is the one I believe has the most potential to completely liberate you from the technocracy growing around us. I recently made this investment, and already my life and the lives of my family have forever changed for the better. Honestly, I can’t believe it took me this long to make this investment.

Adopting a Sovereign Investment and Wealth Strategy (from survival blueprint)

This is a “grab bag” of the most powerful and PROVEN wealth-building strategies and principles I consistently put into practice with my own money. 

Everything you learn in this training comes from the most powerful module of The Great Financial Reset Response Masterclass. 

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How to invest based on your current income levels and the exact investments I recommend depending on where you are financially (struggling, one the come up, or well off)
  • The most important investment you can ever make in your life (and why you should keep investing more time and money into it for decades to come)
  • Don’t want to “eat the bugs” or feast on lab grown meat? Invest in THIS and never worry about food shortages again
  • The #1 BEST crypto investment strategy that takes only a few minutes each week or month to “manage” for consistently growing your stash
  • Why you should NOT invest your money into anything except THIS and only THIS until you earn enough to comfortably pay all your bills with ease and have extra money to play with (critical investment advice for the young and hungry out there)
  • Clever financial vehicles that provide more liquid cash to invest in the things you want and need without having to take out loans from banks
  • Why people are the greatest untapped asset most people are undervaluing and underinvesting in (and what you should do to tap into your network and community to grow your wealth and prosperity)
  • How to become your own bank, earn interest on your money, and then lend to yourself (a mind-blowing method for financial sovereignty)
  • What you should invest in BEFORE you buy crypto, gold and silver, or anything else (do this first and then invest in anything else)
  • The best investments to make in a real asset that provides recurring monthly income while helping people who have fallen on hard times or have low incomes or need help surviving an economic downturn

Plus much, much more!

Bitcoin Investment Strategies

I’ve learned and used many traditional investing principles and a few “unorthodox” rules for consistently increasing my crypto gains safely and securely over the past 10 years.

This is a collection of the top cryptocurrency investment strategies and tactics from The Crypto Empowerment Masterclass for growing your assets, minimizing your losses, and never getting rekt when investing in cryptocurrency.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Why “slow and steady” will win the race (i.e. more gains with fewer losses) rather than making hefty, hasty trades on random cryptocurrencies for quick profits that can quickly wipe out your investment
  • The specific financial moves to make right now to position yourself for long-term success in the cryptocurrency market
  • John Bush’s ultra-secret “dip technique” for making huge gains super fast
  • The #1 BEST crypto investment strategy that takes only a few minutes each week or month to “manage” for consistently growing your stash
  • John’s picks for the top cryptocurrencies to invest in immediately (and why you should avoid the rest of cryptocurrencies like the plague)
  • Why one of the most popular cryptocurrencies may be part of the New World Order (what it is and why it still may be a good idea to invest in it)
  • A risky but potentially profitable cryptocurrency to add to your portfolio if you don’t mind taking some risk
  • The ONLY cryptocurrency to buy no matter what its price valuation is
  • Conservative, safe, and secure crypto investing tactics for minimizing your risks to the lowest level possible
  • The easiest method for purchasing and trading crypto then withdrawing it to your own wallet that’s 100% under your control
  • The best wallets to use for locking down your crypto in an impenetrable vault that only you can access

Plus a TON more!

The Exit and Build Alternative Investment Bundle contains the 5 best trainings showing you step-by-step how to protect and grow your wealth and secure financial sovereignty through proven assets the ruling elite do not want you to own

Here’s a recap of everything you’re getting

Meet the Experts session: The Top Alternative Retirement and Investment Opportunities Under YOUR Control


Meet the Experts session: Catherine Austin Fitts - Forging financial freedom in an unfree world


Tips, Tactics, and Strategies session: Four Critical Investments


Adopting a Sovereign Investment and Wealth Strategy


Bitcoin Investment Strategies​


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