The Orange Glove Experience

A 2-day LIVE and IN PERSON immersive bootcamp at the Live Free Academy HQ in Bastrop, Texas where John Bush and his hand-selected group of experts will personally coach you ONE-ON-ONE to master the essentials of Bitcoin and Monero to build long-term wealth, trade in parallel economies, and break free from the central banking system + a TON of extra training, special perks, a private group, and an adventure around Bastrop that you won’t forget


First-come, first-served. Meaning, the earlier you schedule a meeting and get approved for The Orange Glove Experience, the more likely you’ll get to secure a spot. The longer you wait, the more likely you’ll miss out on this offer.

For beginners who want John Bush to PERSONALLY teach them everything they need to know about using Bitcoin for financial sovereignty, personal freedom, and economic prosperity then prepare yourself for…

The Orange Glove Experience

A 2-day LIVE and IN PERSON immersive bootcamp at the Live Free Academy HQ in Bastrop, Texas

John Bush and his hand-selected group of experts will personally coach you ONE-ON-ONE to master the essentials of Bitcoin and Monero to build long-term wealth, trade in parallel economies, and break free from the central banking system

The Orange Glove Experience includes:

2 full days of in-depth instruction in buying, selling, storing, using, trading, and investing in cryptocurrency like a pro

You’ll actually know more and be able to do more with cryptocurrency than most “crypto influencers” after this bootcamp

John Bush’s complete, uncensored crypto investing playbook

John has used this day in and day out to grow his crypto stash into a small fortune (very few people know the full details of this plan, but you’ll get EVERYTHING revealed to you with nothing held back)

ONE FULL YEAR subscription to Live Free Academy

You get access to ALL the courses, workshops, exclusive interviews, and special trainings John Bush has created by himself and in collaboration with others for the last 2 years on entrepreneurship, productivity, homesteading, prepping, survivalism, off-grid living, investing, making money, and so much more + all the NEW trainings he’ll create over the year of your free subscription

Every single training on Bitcoin, Monero, and cryptocurrency John has ever created

$1,000 worth of Bitcoin deposited right into your wallet from John Bush

During the workshop, John will give everyone $1,000 worth of Bitcoin without going through any rules, regulations, or government identity verifications

Exclusive Telegram group

You’ll be invited into a Telegram group JUST for those in this experience, giving you intimate access to John Bush and the other attendees to share knowledge and experience, support each other, overcome obstacles, and achieve your goals

FREE lunch catered to the Live Free Academy HQ each day

One FREE fun and fancy dinner at a killer spot in downtown Bastrop, Texas

You’ll be treated to a night on the town with John Bush and his team to hang out, relax, and spend the night discussing crypto, freedom, and anything else that comes up. This is your chance to get to know John on a whole other level and soak up as much knowledge and wisdom on living a life of liberty that you can from him and the rest of his team.

New friendships with the other participants of the experience

Everyone who participates in this experience is on the exact same journey as you and likely shares many of your values. You will form real relationships with people who want to support you in your mission and work together for one another’s liberation. In many ways, these connections are more valuable than all the training you’re getting. Ultimately, in my experience, it’s close connections with other freedom-loving people who truly are the key to living a life of liberty.

Additional time to learn much more than you’re expecting

Throughout your time at Live Free Academy HQ, you’ll have the chance to pick John Bush’s brain about virtually anything else you’re interested in.

And since this experience is about wealth-building as much as it is about freedom-building, you’ll get to learn about much more than you bargained for. That’s because the training will go from discovering the ins and outs of Bitcoin to applications of Bitcoin for uncensorable free trade. Or from the basics of Monero to applications of Monero for anonymous buying and selling in underground markets.

The “hidden” lessons in the Orange Glove Experience will teach you how to integrate what you learn in these 2 days with many other freedom strategies for creating maximum liberty in your life.

Plus, you’ll be able to ask John or his team any question about anything throughout the trip – a privilege NONE of his other students have ever had.

Crypto accounts, wallets, networks, groups, savings accounts, and more setup for you

Not only will you learn a ton about Bitcoin and Monero, you’ll get a lot done. You’ll have an entire infrastructure setup for you to trade, grow your crypto wealth, buy and sell with others, safely store your stash, and more.

The Orange Glove Experience is an IMMERSIVE bootcamp that’s ACTION-oriented and will go WAY BEYOND Bitcoin Basics for Boomers and Beginners (and allow you to learn more…easier, faster, and without any frustration or confusion)

Bitcoin Basics is the prerequisite and the perfect starting point for all of you. 

But the Orange Glove Experience will accelerate your understanding of Bitcoin, Monero, and cryptocurrency in general more than you would ever get in an online course. 

That’s because John Bush is going to (literally) hold you by the hand to carefully guide and coach you through everything he has to teach you. 

You’ll be DOING the work alongside John as he instructs you in real-time. Watching over your shoulder. 

You won’t have to worry about making any mistakes. John and his team won’t let you fail. 

You’ll practice everything you learn with John and his team to ensure you absolutely “get it” and feel 100% confident in your knowledge and skill. 

You won’t have to worry about ever getting stuck, overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, or quit on yourself. We’ll help you resolve any issues that come up as soon as they happen. Again, we won’t let you fail. 

And you’ll learn 10x faster in person than you will online. 

It’s inevitable. 

There’s nothing else for you to do but learn and apply. Learn and apply. 

And since you’ll learn so much faster than normal, you’ll have the chance to learn much more than the mere basics. 

John is preparing an exclusive curriculum just for attendees of this bootcamp that goes way beyond what he’s teaching in his workshops.

Here’s how to secure your spot in the Orange Glove Experience (ONLY 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE)

Not anyone can just sign up.

Not everyone should sign up.

We have to make sure YOU are the right fit for this. And we want to make sure that what we’re offering is the right fit for you.

So here’s how to get in.

  1. Click here to schedule a call with Ryan Minniti, the VP of Sales at Live Free Academy.
  2. SHOW UP to the call you scheduled and have a relaxed, informative conversation with Ryan about all the details of the experience, the when and where, how much it will cost, what to bring, and more
  3. Receive an offer from Ryan to join the experience
  4. Accept the offer

That’s it.

But since it’s first-come, first-served, the sooner you book a meeting, get an offer, and accept it, the more likely you are to secure one of the spots.

We already have a lot of interest from current clients who want to take advantage of this opportunity. THIS WILL SELL OUT.

So don’t wait…