The Permaculture and Food Self-Reliance Power Pack

A collection of the best interviews and presentations from two of the world’s leading experts in permaculture, sustainable living, homesteading, and food self-reliance – Geoff Lawton and Paul Wheaton – revealing extraordinary ways to redesign your property and land for maximum food production regardless of your climate and geography using tested and proven methods used for decades to transform hundreds of properties around the world.


What is permaculture?

Permaculture is a portmanteau of permanent agriculture and permanent culture.

It’s the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems. It is the harmonious integration of landscape and people — providing their food, energy, shelter, and other material and non-material needs in a sustainable way.

Bill Mollison, the founder, envisioned it as a way to change the way we approach the world, our homes, our food production, and our relationship with the Earth. 

In essence, it’s a method to change the world for the better because it can be applied to every area of life. 

Geoff Lawton says that most people define the world by what they don’t like, don’t want, and would like to change. 

Permaculture empowers us to define the world by what we love, what we want, and what we’re creating for our betterment and the betterment of the plants, animals, and humans around us. 

Permaculture even has the power to change humanity into the most beneficial element on the planet, rather than being a destructive force.

Who is Geoff Lawton?

Geoff Lawton is a world renowned Permaculture consultant, designer and teacher. 

He first took his Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course in 1983 with Bill Mollison, the founder of Permaculture. 

Geoff has undertaken thousands of jobs teaching, consulting, designing, administering and implementing, in 6 continents and close to 50 countries around the world. 

Clients have included private individuals, groups, communities, governments, aid organizations, non-government organizations and multinational companies under the not-for-profit organization.

He’s considered to be the world’s greatest living permaculturist.

Who is Paul Wheaton?

He’s been called the “Duke of Permaculture” by Geoff Lawton and Sepp Holzer – two world-renowned permaculture experts and the “Bad boy of Permaculture” by Occupy Monsanto. 

He’s an absolute genius when it comes to permaculture design. 

He’s helped improve and spread the use of Rocket Mass Heaters to help more people ditch costly energy bills and reliance on energy companies and provide their own energy using nothing but wood. 

He’s the author of the book, “Building a Better World in Your Backyard, instead of being angry at the bad guys.”

He’s a frequent guest on documentaries and has given numerous TED talks. 

And he founded the largest online community for permaculturists, And runs Wheaton Labs, a community of inventors and tinkerers pushing the limits of permaculture and self-sufficiency. 

The Permaculture and Food Self-Reliance Power-Pack combines the knowledge and training of two of the world’s greatest permaculturists into one giant masterclass

Paul Wheaton - Permaculture Technology and Principles

I sat down with Paul Wheaton to record a private “Meet The Experts” session only for Live Free Academy members. It’s a wide ranging discussion about all things permaculture, energy self-reliance, self-sufficient technologies, and Paul’s history of becoming one of the greatest living permaculturists and homesteaders today. 

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The unbelievable new method for heating your entire home with just small sticks of wood (more efficient than any fireplace, wood stove, gas heater, or electric heater and virtually anyone can build or buy one – this is guaranteed to blow you away)
  • The telltale sign that you’ll never be able to grow food in your soil (something you’ll find all across suburban and urban American)
  • The best no-till gardening method that’s not permaculture (start doing this immediately for growing healthier crops producing nutrient-rich soil)
  • How herbicides hide inside most bags of mulch and hay and will ruin your food (and the #1 way to get truly organic matter to lay down in your garden)
  • Paul’s warning to never ever use THIS in your garden for any reason (it doesn’t matter that many permaculture greats advocate for it – don’t use it!)
  • The best type of garden bed to build that requires zero irrigation or tilling and how to assemble them to grow so much food you never have to worry about shortages or inflation again
  • How to effectively train wild birds to eat tent caterpillars off of your trees to naturally get rid of this destructive pest 

And tons more!

Paul Wheaton - Permaculture Thorns: Building Permaculture Community

Paul Wheaton has spoken at all 3 Exit and Build Land Summit events. 

His speech at the 2nd Land Summit was one of the most impactful he’s done because it’s not just about permaculture principles and growing food. It’s about creating a community around your permaculture. 

He shares a ton of amazing insights into making communities work, reducing conflict among members of your community, and building a special place for people of similar interests. 

Most communities fail. Paul has seen them fail. But he’s seen them succeed. And he’s made one that’s extremely successful. He shares TONS of insights you won’t hear from anyone else based on his real-life experiences and knowledge. 

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The secret to improving the world by eating an apple
  • Why most permaculture communities FAIL and the top reasons for their downfall
  • Why adding just one or two new people to a community dramatically shifts the dynamics of the community and how to manage a variety of relationships without going crazy
  • What to do when community members prefer to sit on their butts and do nothing while you slave away (it’s harsh, but you have to do it to restore sanity and productivity on your farm or homestead)
  • The leading cause of community member burnout (don’t do this to your people and they’ll happily stick around)
  • The obvious lesson for building a stronger permaculture community with less drama learned from observing workplaces

And much more!

Geoff Lawton - Building a Sustainable Lifestyle

Geoff Lawton gave one of the most beloved and powerful presentations for The Exit and Build Land Summit III. It was a favorite among attendees. And he did it virtually from his home in Australia. 

Right out of the gate, Geoff paints a gorgeous picture of how permaculture can truly transform the world and turn humanity into the most beneficial force on the planet rather than one of the most destructive. 

And then he just launches into an in-depth mini-training on the essential foundations of permaculture property design, giving tip after tip and insight after insight. 

Then he answers a ton of audience questions which is probably the most valuable part of the presentation because he provides detailed, actionable advice for specific issues for nearly an hour. 

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The true secret to being able to exit a bad situation and build a new life of self-reliance and why our culture of specialization (knowing a lot about one thing) is actively PREVENTING most people from creating a new life of freedom (but Geoff tells you how you can change this for yourself immediately)
  • Why you MUST understand these 3 components of where you property is on Earth to design a permaculture garden and routine that maximizes the use of the natural environment and your productivity
  • The 2 critical things that will dictate how sustainable your lifestyle and permaculture project will be (once you understand this, you’ll be able to easily figure out the home you want, the garden you want, the plants and trees you want, what to do with the landscape, etc.)
  • How to “pattern a property” to maximize natural water storage 
  • Why the first step in developing a property for permaculture should be to figure out your “access points” to everything you need and will use 
  • How to design a property to prevent forest fires from destroying your life
  • How Einstein’s theory of energy helps explain the climate change crisis (and what’s really changing the climate)
  • How the UN has failed poor people around the world (and how to actually fix poverty)
  • The real definition of “wealth” and how permaculture makes us wealthy in the truest sense of the word (and why we must harness and control this wealth to make the world a better place)
  • Why the richest countries have the most infertility clinics (and the simple solution to this crisis)
  • Why we need to create a “permaculture pandemic” 
  • The 3 best places to start when you’re a complete permaculture beginner 

And plenty more!

Geoff Lawton - Answers to your permaculture questions

I sat down with Geoff Lawton for an extended Meet The Experts session exclusively for Live Free Academy members. 

He was one of the most requested interviews from members and this particular interview is one of the best out of all the Meet The Experts I’ve done. 

Geoff was incredibly generous with his time and knowledge, spending just under two and a half hours answering one specific permaculture question after another, giving a masterclass in how to redesign your property and food production systems for maximum output. 

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Why weeds are GOOD
  • Why Geoff is an ANTI-agriculturist and believes it’s one of the key destroyers of our planet and people (a brutal takedown of modern food systems we take for granted)
  • The problem with “regenerative agriculture”
  • The huge mistakes cattle ranchers are making and why it’s harming their land (and how to fix it)
  • The big secret to permaculture that makes the entire system thrive (hint: it has to do with optimizing the use of sun and energy)
  • How to create soil that holds the essential nutrients for growing delicious food for 20 years or more (modern soil lasts a couple years at best)
  • Geoff’s uncensored thoughts about the UN, aid programs, corruption, and how to genuinely help the poorest in the world
  • Why you don’t need to know every last details about permaculture (as long as you get THIS right, everything else will fall into place)
  • A deep dive into maps of real properties and Geoff’s insights into land that you should buy or stay away from and how to begin designing a permaculture paradise based on the layout of land
  • How permaculture can even transform desert areas of Saudi Arabia into food producing powerhouses
  • How to travel the world visiting permaculture retreats (everything you need to know to go on a trip of a lifetime)
  • How to reforest a desert area using camel manure

Plus much, much more!

Here’s a recap of everything you’re getting in the Permaculture and Food Self-Reliance Power-Pack

Paul Wheaton - Permaculture Technology and Principles


Paul Wheaton - Permaculture Thorns: Building Permaculture Community


Geoff Lawton - Building a Sustainable Lifestyle


Geoff Lawton - Answers to your permaculture questions


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