Resilient homesteads, intentional communities, and ecovillages spread throughout the countryside, all connected by a common desire to create a better world.

That is our vision at
Exit and Build Property Solutions

Our aim is to bring together financial supporters and interested buyers so we can purchase large swaths of land and develop homesteads and communities for the benefit of all parties involved.

We have a strategy for long term success with the ultimate goal of offering decentralized finance options for like-minded liberty lovers and developing master-planned eco-communities that are off-grid and independent from centralized systems.

Our plans are as follows:

Phase I

  • Build internal systems, consult w/ real estate professionals, and develop best practices
  • Vet prospective financial partners and bring on first partners
  • Acquire large parcels of land, build infrastructure, subdivide and sell parcels, build rental opportunities

Phase II

  • Hold and own select parcels from Phase I properties and build off-grid rental homes, producing cash flow for the business and providing housing for community members

Phase III

  • With capital, resources, and connections from Phase I & II, launch in-house financing with a mix of traditional and decentralized financing options

Phase IV

  • Develop master-planned eco-communities and neighborhoods catering to liberty-minded individuals and families

Our plans are ambitious and no doubt will take immense work, collaboration, and financial resources.

We are confident that by bringing together the right partners and executing with appropriate levels of persistence and action, we will make our vision a reality.

We invite prospective collaborators to connect with us by filling out an application so we may determine if you are a good fit for this endeavour.

Click the appropriate button below (if you are interested in both supporting financially and buying land, please fill out both forms), fill out the application, and you will hear from us shortly.

Thank you for your interest in working with Exit and Build Property Solutions. 

Together we will usher in a new era of freedom and prosperity where our human family lives in harmony with one another and with the earth. Let’s do this!!!

In liberty,
John Bush & Rebecca Powers

NOTE: For prospective financial supporters, know that filling out an application is in no way a commitment or obligation to participate in any opportunity put forward by Exit and Build Property Solutions. Bear with us as we conduct our due diligence to ensure the success and integrity of this business venture.

Exit and Build LLC – 515 Hwy. 71 West Ste. A Bastrop, TX 78602

Our Business Plan

Exit and Build Property Solutions is the brain-child of John Bush and Rebecca Powers who have long desired to create a replicable model that enables the proliferation of ecological neighborhoods and intentional communities.

As they became more deeply embedded in their respective professions, Rebecca the Sales Manager of one of the world’s largest tiny home communities and John an educator and consultant on cryptocurrency among other freedom oriented topics, they quickly came to realize there was a major demand for exiting the big cities and owning land in rural areas. In John’s work as a cryptocurrency consultant, he spoke with many clients that were looking to invest their money in inflation proof assets and many of them had a big interest in real estate.

Understanding the immense demand for land ownership but recognizing the hardship many face in trying to achieve their goals, they decided to launch Exit and Build Property Solutions and help people in overcoming the obstacles that arise when trying to buy land and start a homestead.

In the beginning, property acquisition and development will be mainly in the Central Texas area. The ranch and farm house flips and initial subdivisions will serve the purpose of turning a profit and amassing capital to make more substantial land buys.

As the company subdivides and sells parcels, it will hold and develop portions of the properties with the intention of using that land to build groups of eight rental homes. These homes will be park model tiny homes or other simple yet elegant dwellings. Exit and Build Property Solutions will strive to keep the clusters of rental homes 100% off-grid utilizing solar micro-grids and other cutting edge sustainable practices and technology.

The ultimate goal is to provide housing and land ownership to individuals and families in the freedom community so they may thrive outside the authoritarian and centralized systems so prevalent in major cities. One problem however is that legacy banking and financing options are often out of reach for many people, especially those that do not follow mainstream norms.

In order to meet this growing need, as the company expands it’s financial holdings, it will explore decentralized finance as a possible lending mechanism whereby the company holds a conservative basket of cryptocurrencies which are then supplied to a decentralized finance application as collateral for loans which will in turn pay for property acquisition and development projects. In this regard the company and those working alongside it will ultimately decouple from the banking institutions all together.

As Exit and Build Property Solutions finds greater success it will lean into the development of master planned eco-communities and neighborhoods that are 100% off-grid and equipped with extravagant amenities and landscapes.

The properties and neighborhoods developed by Exit and Build Property Solutions will in time become a resilient network of sustainable and sovereign communities that are connected with trade routes, employment networks, renewable power systems, and social services and decision-making mechanisms. In this regard, participating communities may one day decouple completely from status quo governments and centralized systems.